Hubspot Email Marketing Best Practices

Hubspot Email Marketing Best Practices – I remember it like it was yesterday… It was the first day of April 2014, when one of my colleagues rushed to my desk. “Wow! What is this increase in Internet traffic with us? Is this a new DNS attack?

We were working at DigiCert, an internet security services company at the time, and due to the nature of our business, we were regular targets of DNS attacks. In our marketing department we had a TV screen showing a Google Analytics report embedded in our website traffic. If traffic starts to pick up, we know and can act quickly.

Hubspot Email Marketing Best Practices

We navigate to the Traffic Sources module of the analytics dashboard. Much to our dismay, all the traffic was coming from an email source…but no emails were sent that morning. did we get

An Insider’s Look At The Hubspot Crm

Send an email. Most of our customers have received emails from us about our affiliate program. After a few minutes of investigating, I discovered the problem. When we train someone at my company, we advertise and only link to content from our partner’s ads. We made the mistake of activating the account on a future schedule and not canceling it.

I arranged for my team to write an apology email to the victims and then do a walk of shame on the other side of our house. It is my responsibility to inform our CEO of this error. Fortunately, everyone on the team understands that… mistakes happen.

In the email we sent to these criminals, we played an April Fools joke, but we were honest. Email “Happy April Fool’s Day!” We’d like to say this email is an April Fool’s joke, but it’s not. I miss you. Please accept our sincere apologies. Then we will explain our affiliate program if anyone wants to join.

Everything is good for us because He is good. A few new groups joined our affiliate program and some people laughed… but it was one of the biggest business mistakes I ever made. It was scary at the time and embarrassing to think about.

Hubspot’s Positioning And Repositioning

Of the top three marketing automation platforms, HubSpot, Marketo, and Eloqua, HubSpot is the fastest growing and most popular in terms of new users. According to Datanyze, 93,000+ were added to HubSpot last month (end of August 2019).

But what makes HubSpot good? Why is it one of the best buying and selling sites? Ease of use is HubSpot’s biggest strength. While ease of use is a strength, it can lead to consumer complacency—a pitfall to avoid in email marketing.

Since that fateful April Fool’s Day in 2014, I have been a strong advocate for best practices.

HubSpot Academy is an excellent training course. I attended the HubSpot Academy and took their certification. There are many good things – almost too much. For example, this email analytics article has over 30 best practices.

Email Marketing Best Practices For Generating Sales

With thousands of hours of experience with Eloqua, Marketo, and HubSpot, I’ve created my own list of email marketing best practices. However, over the years, and as HubSpot itself and email marketing methods have changed and evolved, I need to expand this list. The content I share here is intended for HubSpot users. They are also very technical. For example, having a call-to-action is very important, but sales training is more generic and not the same as #martech advice, so avoid those generic ideas.

Instead of telling you a long list of best practices, I’ll give you my best tips. If you can apply these tips to your daily email marketing strategy, you’ll see huge improvements – I promise!

Apply these @HubSpot best practices to your #emailmarketing strategy every day and you’ll see a big improvement. Click to tweet 1. Test, test, test.

As of July 2019, the top five email providers are Apple, Microsoft, and Google. In fact, Gmail alone accounts for 81 percent of email opens. However, each of the top five vendors offers email differently, and there are still plenty of vendors using it.

Hubspot Marketing Hub Review

Email testing is important. Testing is more than just making sure your email is targeting the right audience; It is also important to review and test the layout, subject lines and content.

After composing an email in HubSpot, there are several buttons at the top of the window that you can and should use.

HubSpot excels at email testing. This screenshot from HubSpot shows you how easy it is to track your emails across different email clients.

We have emails that take forever to load on our phones. This seems to be the case with most HTML emails sent by marketing agencies. Consumers are very thoughtful, especially when it comes to email.

Hubspot Cta Best Practices To Increase Conversions

A lot of research has been done on the size and length of an email before it gets slowed down and ends up in spam folders. maximum email Given that many high-resolution images weigh more than that, this can be difficult.

In a previous life, I was a web developer. Coding is my life. I was taught to “minify” my code before starting. Minifying code means removing all unnecessary whitespace – extra space, line breaks, etc.

Users can do the same with their own photos, whether they’re photos on a website or email.

You can use Photoshop’s “Save to Web” function and choose all the settings correctly to hopefully get a smaller image. The thing is, no matter how good your choice is, it won’t be as cheap as it could be.

How To Create Marketing Email Templates In Hubspot

I have received large images from designers in the past and recently uploaded them to TinyPNG. I also showed these designers the results and asked if they could identify the image as pre-TinyPNG or post-TinyPNG, but they couldn’t.

Note: The only hint here is if you have a .png with a heavy gradient. Sometimes gradients are defined by the background color, which can interfere with your design. In this case, I recommend keeping it in an apartment.

Nothing screams “newbie” in email like a “text only” email with an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the HTML. Email marketers have tried hard to make the email look like it was sent directly from the customer, but there are dead giveaways at the bottom of the email. Below is an example:

This scene isn’t the worst I’ve seen. In most cases, the unsubscribe link will be a different color or it will be centered and the rest of the text will remain clickable.

Want To Answer Your Burning Email Marketing Questions With Hubspot?

Setting up an unsubscribe link that doesn’t seem like it should be there can be tricky, but it’s worth the effort. Below is an example I created for my employer where the unsubscribe link is actually set and appears to be sent to every email sent by the user.

Large marketing organizations have designers on staff to help create email messages. While this is great in many ways, it can present a serious drawback in email.

When launching a new email template, a good VP of Marketing will first approach the designer, explain their vision, and ask the designer to create it. So the designer opens up Photoshop and starts working his magic. Then they give that magic to their email marketing team and ask them to create a template. After hours or days of work, things fall apart when a well-meaning email client tries too hard to follow the plan – they cut corners and there’s no “tool” with inline CSS to do that.

The problem is that it doesn’t work. When you log into HubSpot and send some test emails, some of them turn out to be fake. The bad thing is that the old HTML and CSS styles are now deprecated in the browsers commonly used for email (see section below), so try to make the old styles play well with the tool’s HTML content in HubSpot. more difficult

The 7 Best Free Email Marketing Services In 2023

Use HubSpot’s inbound marketing tool. Click and Click is simple and works great for creating designs that appeal and deliver directly to all email clients.

Top Tip: It’s hard to communicate with your designer the limitations that come with using a point-and-click design tool like HubSpot’s Template Builder. So instead of giving you plans that you can translate into reality, give them

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