If You Build It They Will Come Meaning

If You Build It They Will Come Meaning – But honestly, when I implemented the model, I had some doubts about one aspect. I never really understood (or did I?) how a young student could learn a repertoire of reading and/or writing strategies and then “magically” remember and apply them those during work periods. At the beginning of my workshop, I asked, “Wait. No work? No homework? No specific instructions to go back and try (insert mini-lesson strategy here)?”

I wonder how younger students can be so focused and goal oriented during independent time. Like most people, I was afraid to let it go.

If You Build It They Will Come Meaning

Now, I see many of the teachers I work with face the same anxiety. However, like the field of dreams, if it is built it will come.

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I recently visited a third grade classroom where magic happens! The class was in the middle of a mystery book club unit, and after the mini-lesson, the students returned to their desks with their “silent creatures” (little craft ponies equipped with paws and eyes) to read.

I was immediately amazed at how quickly the students moved from the carpet to independent reading. Two students (who were in different book clubs – I noticed because they had different books) sat together on the carpet and created duplicate Venn diagrams in their notebooks to begin comparing the characters they were reading. The other two meet the teacher at his desk for a quick little group. All? They returned to their seats, opened their notebooks to the next new page, and began to read.

I begin reading over the students’ shoulders as they pause (when they decide they are ready) in their reading to stop and record their work in the reading notebook. What I saw was amazing! Students freely choose several reading responses to use in their notebooks. What surprised me the most was that the students didn’t just write once. Most students chose to do at least two different types of thinking that day. For example, some predict and then choose to make a comparison of characters. Others create questionable graphics and write about character traits. But everyone is reading…and think!

This teacher, through patience and deep faith in the seminary model, created what we all strive for. His routine and waiting worked!

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Starting in the middle of the left page, this student does six separate thinking strategies (all dated 2/24/16). Write about the similarities of the books, create comparative Venn diagrams, describe secondary characters, name how the characters differ, summarize and create character networks, and try to include textual evidence.

When I spoke with this student, he told me that writing in a notebook helped him read “from good to great.” Sometimes I didn’t understand something, but then I wrote about it and it became clearer. He explained that he chose what to do based on what Ms. G had previously told them. There is no menu of activities you can choose from to stick to each reading notebook or list on the board what needs to be done next. The strategy was introduced to all students in the class and they used the knowledge independently.

I moved over to another student sitting next to Ms. G’s main painting and apparently copied the painting into her notebook. I asked him what he was doing. He motioned to the chart and told me that he got the questions from the chart and answered them in his notebook. And him! I remembered that I was one of the people who had started the Venn diagram earlier and wondered if I had abandoned that task for this one. I asked him about Venn diagrams. He turned the page and said, “There it is. I’m not done yet.” And after a few moments of pause, “But I think I can use the answer to this question…” He returned to the answer based on the anchor chart question, “…to finish filling out my chart.” He returned to his Venn diagram immediately and enthusiastically. I didn’t say a word.

After picking my jaw up from the floor, I immediately went to praise Ms. G.  She got it right! Your children are independent readers and thinkers and do all the things we want students to do in the workshop model! I am very excited!

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So I tiptoe around with a smile on my face and let them go about their business. I believe in the good work we are doing and the value of the workshop model. It’s possible! It had been built and they had come.

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In everything my students and I do together, we try to find ways to use reading and writing to make the world outside our classroom a better place for all of us. Renewable slush fund recovery

In Australia, the fact that the large-scale RET has been reduced once (from the annual target of 41,000 GWh to 33,000 GWh) ensures that no retailer will enter into a long-term electricity purchase agreement with a grid power team. wind; and therefore no commercial banker will lend money to new wind farms (see our post here).

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Faced with the inevitable fact that there will be a huge shortfall in wind power capacity when the annual target rises to the mandatory requirement of 33,000 GWh, PM, Malcolm Turnbull is aware of the politically toxic scenario ahead, when energy users decide – Low. LRET: collects $3 billion a year in federal energy taxes on top of their already punitive energy bills: half of which will go to wind energy equipment as REC subsidies; and the other half will be collected as a fine, payable to the federal government (see our post here).

Not that it will prevent the collapse of the LRET and the wind industry with it, but Malcolm is determined to reorganize the various renewable energy funds controlled by the federal government.

While issuing subsidized and taxpayer-guaranteed electric or solar credits may result in increased capacity, this does not solve the buyer boycott, where retailers have no incentive to maintain the LRET and every reason to help his ban.

Malcolm’s move is a “Field of Dreams”: “build it and they will come,” except the dealer has no intention of playing ball; and the cool heads in the room saw it: playing low politics, with other people’s money.

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With the announcement of the Clean Energy Innovation Fund (CEIF), Malcom Turnbull killed several birds with one stone. he has

But unfortunately, it’s not all smoke and mirrors. Malcolm, as a merchant banker, had learned from the Goldman Sachs hymn book how to leverage equity investments with credit.

With a strong government guarantee for the investment, lenders will provide financing for the Clean Energy Innovation Fund. In this way, CEIF can attract loan funds of perhaps four times the value of $100 million per year in government capital.

So we created our own version of a subprime guarantee that, even with renewable subsidies, could not justify a loan from a prudent banker.

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With the government offering subsidies through renewable programs more than three times the price of commercial energy, as well as investment capital subsidies through the CEFC and CEIF, what could happen?

Perhaps the sheer power of the government controlling the energy market and its preferred energy sources will make renewable investments with negative added value safe. But we are putting most of the country’s investment resources into unproductive places.

At least that is the diminution of the productivity of capital that is so important to the better paying jobs we all seek. Add to that the penalty that companies will have to pay for the most valuable energy being forced, and we’re going to need the high-tech revolution that Malcolm boasted about in his Innovation Statement a few months ago.

In another sharp look at Malcolm’s latest attempt to save the LRET, the editor of The Australian has this to say.

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As much as Malcolm Turnbull wants to differentiate himself from Tony Abbott, the prime minister has limited options to do so. His predecessor’s border protection and national security policies are important, as is the re-establishment of the Australian Building and Construction Commission, a potential trigger for a double dissolution.

While Mr Turnbull may campaign on same-sex marriage, the plebiscite later this year is also Abbott’s decision. Mr Turnbull must finally make his mark on taxation, taxation, labor relations and federal reform. But to get an immediate fix, he decided to put his own stamp on climate policy, overturning Abbott’s plan to ban clean energy.

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