Is Cricut Maker The Best

Is Cricut Maker The Best – What are the differences between Cricut machines? Which Cricut Machine Should I Buy? I’m sharing an overview of the 3 different types of machines that Cricut makes today and their individual features to help you choose the machine that’s right for you!

On YouTube, I have a series with my friend Alexis Loo that we call ‘Silhouette VS Cricut’. We usually take on different types of projects or different machine jobs and we all make a video of our group (I’m the Cricut Group, if you haven’t guessed by that title!) and you’ n take a Silhouette. We often get questions about which machine you should get to do certain things. It seemed the time had come to take this question and give it a video (and a blog post!). If you prefer to watch it in video form, I’ve included the video below, but if you want to read, you know your daughter wrote it all 🙂

Is Cricut Maker The Best

I want to be completely transparent with you. All of these machines have been sent to me over the years that I have worked with Cricut on various projects.

Cricut Maker Vs. Explore Air 2: Which Is Best? (2023)

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So in this post, I discuss three different types of Cricut machines that Cricut currently sells and compare them based on their features and cutting power. Now, I ignore old machines that are no longer available. That means no description of Cricut, Cricut Create, Cricut Personal, Cricut Imagine, and Cricut Mini. Why? Yes, older machines do not work with Cricut Design Space, they work with cartridges. This means you have to buy a physical cartridge with the design elements and use that design set when the cartridge is plugged in. Kind of like old school Nintendo…but it does.

Cricut currently only works with Cricut Design Space, which is software you can download and work with online or offline. You can use their free images, buy some of their images, use their subscription images and fonts (Cicut Access), use their fonts or shapes to create your own images, and upload your own images and fonts to create your own designs. I have a few tutorials on the Cricut Design Space, but I’m thinking of doing a general introduction – if that’s something you’re interested in, leave your questions in the comments!

If you are upgrading your machine and you have one of the old machines with cartridges that you want to continue using, it is important to note that the Cricut Explore family of machines (Cicut Explore, Cricut Explore Air and Cricut Explore Air 2) all with a cartridge slot so you can plug it in and use it.

Which Cricut Machine Is Best For Making Labels?

Ok so the most obvious difference between the Cricut Joy and the other two machines is definitely the size. Very nice and small! The Cricut Joy can only cut a single image up to 4.5 inches wide, but can cut 4 inches long or re-cut up to 20 inches long. The Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker families can cut up to 12″ x 24″. So the larger machines are good for larger projects, but they can’t cut as consistently as the Cricut Joy.

Why? Cricut Review Family and Cricut Maker must have cutting mat. Maximum length is 24 inches. The Cricut Joy can cut some materials (Cicut Smart Vinyl) without a mat. These rolls come in 20 foot lengths.

That was the deciding factor for me. Let’s talk about the tools each machine can use. The Cricut Joy comes with a nice blade and can be replaced with some Cricut Joy pens. This means that the Cricut Joy can cut materials such as vinyl and paper and can also write.

The Cricut Explore family of machines has 2 different tool areas. You can use one blade and one writing tool for these. The blade that the machine comes with is a regular Fine Point blade. It can, like the Cricut Joy, cut a variety of vinyls and papers. You can also replace the fine point blade with their new foil tip, scoring tool, composite fabric blade or deep point blade. The Deep Point Blade can be used for hard materials such as magnets, chipboard, foam board or cardboard.

The Ultimate Guide To Cricut Maker 3

Cricut Maker takes cutting tools a step further thanks to its customizable tool system. It also has a second tool slot that works with Cricut markers and pens. This means that in addition to the blades and tools that the Cricut Explore can use (the same tools are compatible with the Cricut Maker), you can also use a large variety of tools with chalk covers that will change the way of the blade when cutting. This allows the machine to cut multiple materials with the flexibility of different tools. Because it changes the direction of the blade, it can make clear cuts on both soft and hard fabrics. He can cut wood and leather with a knife blade, he can cut many types of fabric and metal around, he can twist, drill, carve and carve with certain tools as well… he has different abilities.

You can see all Cricut Maker related blueprints and tools here, those marked with an asterisk are also compatible with the Review:

Let’s talk about buttons. I know, it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but as a user… it’s mine! The Cricut Joy doesn’t actually have buttons. You plug it in to turn it on and when it’s ready to charge, you’ll get a flashing light. Place your mat or clothes next to the pickup and it will pick it up for you without pressing the load button. a piece of cake. You start your cut by pressing GO inside the Cricut Design Center – it’s very helpful. As a mom of kids who like to help me craft, it’s really nice not to have a stop button or free little fingers to help.

The Cricut Explore Air 2 has a lot of buttons. In fact, it only has a few but it has one big click. This dial is very visible so you can set things on your machine, but it’s very easy to forget. and destroy your project. What I have done many times – oops! This machine also has built-in tool storage on the top and side of the machine (for blades and pens).

Unboxing Cricut Maker 3 + Setup Guide

The Cricut Maker has the same storage as the Cricut Explore family of machines, but removes the open button and dial. You simply open it by lifting the cover and selecting your material from the Cricut Design Center. I love that I can’t ruin my project by forgetting this dial! It also has room for your phone or iPad if you use Cricut Design Space on your cutting machine. It’s useful, but to be honest I don’t use it much.

Ok, so you take this information, which machine is the best? Well… it depends on what you want to do. Let’s summarize.

The Cricut Joy is small and the price tag reflects that. This makes it portable, easy to store and still very practical. This machine can cut and draw and is great for standard labels, long stickers (remember the 4ft cut capacity!), and cards. It has a specific card making mat that will only cut the front of the card. Another thing to note is that it cannot print and then cut projects. It’s really good for what it’s intended for – small projects (like mugs, cards, labels, etc.).

The Cricut Explore family of machines are more expensive than the Cricut Maker, but they are also very capable. Why do I always say ‘family’? The Cricut Explore has been upgraded several times over the years, coming out as the Cricut Explore, then the Cricut Explore Air, and now the Cricut Explore Air 2. The big difference between the Cricut Explore (one) and The Airs is not Bluetooth enabled, which means you have to use a cable from your computer. . The Cricut Explore Air is the machine I have and have shown in the video, to be honest there aren’t too many differences between the Air and the Air 2 that I can find to report back to you . It’s fast – but if you’re looking for a used one and you can find an Explore Air for a better price than a used Explore Air 2, I wouldn’t hesitate, it was a great machine.

What Cricut Machine Is Best For Me?

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is the most popular machine and for good reason – it’s reasonably priced and compact.

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