James Bond Casino Royale Sunglasses

James Bond Casino Royale Sunglasses – Persol sunglasses look sleek and trendy and, as Bond shows, work well with both formal and casual outfits.

Persol 2720 Havana Crystal Sunglasses with Green Lenses are the Persol sunglasses that we have seen Bond wearing.

James Bond Casino Royale Sunglasses

, The first is the Persol 2244-S, brown lens, color code 834/3, which Bond wears when he arrives in the Bahamas and meets M at the Only Club.

Item: Persol 2720 Sunglasses From “casino Royale” (2006)

We first see her wearing the 2720 when she accompanies Vesper Lind to a restaurant in Montenegro for her first date with Rene Mathis. Bond gave her a charcoal brioni suit, a light blue striped brioni dress and S.T. Dupont 5172 Diamond Head Square Button and Macclesfield Pattern Blue and White Tie.

We later see him dressed again on the Spirit yacht, arriving in Venice in chinos and a gray melange Riviera T-shirt by Sunspell. Like Persol, Brioni, and Omega, Lindy Heming is the brand that made it from the Brosnan era to the Craig era.

Read an interview with Lindy Heming and her work on the James Bond films in From Tailors With Love: The Evolution of Menswear Through the Bond Films, available on Amazon.

Despite the limited number of 007s, I bought mine several years later. So I have the standard Persol box and accessories. These include a black leather cover (which I damaged skiing years ago) and a brown Persol cleaning cloth.

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The sunglasses wrap around themselves, meaning the lens completely covers the eye and the sides block sunlight. I think he’s an excellent choice to lead. They reminded me of the Renault Ford Mustang Spectacular Specs.

In terms of form. The Persol design has a sleek and modern look and, as Bond shows, works well with both formal and casual clothing.

From reading festivals to skiing in Andorra and a pool in the Canary Islands (probably not recommended by Persol), I’ve worn mine with confidence. With Formal Wear, Smart Casual and Ultra Casual. They can work with almost any outfit you can throw at them.

They are also good solid glasses; I don’t think I need to be overly careful with them as they survive falling on my face or sticking one hand up my shirt much better than others. I also love the way it looks and think the style suits my head shape.

James Bond’s ‘spectre’ Sunglasses Are Super Slick (and Available To Buy Right Now)

My problem with them is that they feel heavy on my nose. It makes them fall on my nose so they don’t feel safe. Also, the armor pushes a bit on my temples and can cause some discomfort. I think it’s because of the MEFLECTO system, which consists of four small cylinders built into the arms of the glasses that slide over my face. But this is not always the case. Now, this may have something to do with size. Given James Bond’s lifestyle I understand they come in two sizes, perhaps the second size would be better?

Mine was 60mm and from a quick google search other options were 57mm. Although this would probably stop the glasses from slipping off, I imagine they would be too tight. The problem came from my head moving. I shake my head a lot when I walk. Up, down, left and right depending on what I’m looking at or who I’m talking to.

And when I’m driving, I don’t move my head much, mostly looking ahead, occasionally looking at the outside mirror and the rear mirror. This meant I didn’t trip on my nose and I didn’t fall off my hand pushing my temples. Everything makes sense again.

As a result, I haven’t worn these glasses for a long time. So I wore them recently to see why not. Too bad I don’t wear them anymore.

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They are beautiful glasses that should be worn more than worn. As I had a problem with my Tom Ford Henry glasses, went to the optician and after some minor adjustments they made them perfect. I plan to visit them to see if anything can be done.

Daniel Craig as James Bond Images courtesy of thunderballs.org – used here under the fair use principle. Be sure to read more reviews from Daniel Gaster. Follow Daniel on Instagram.

By Br007ker |2021-12-02T11:31:14+00:0019th July 2021|Agent, Casino Royale, Daniel Gaster, Persol|Comments are off on Casino Royale – James Bond Wears Persol to Meet Vesper and Mathis Sunglasses. The power to turn almost any man cold. Although sunglasses did not become a staple of James Bond’s style until the second half of the Pierce Brosnan era, they are now an integral part of the character’s look, as well as an easy opportunity for product placement. Bond has worn many different styles of sunglasses over the years, following trends and returning to the classics.

This article looks at everything from glasses worn by James Bond to glasses worn as masks.

A Guide To James Bond’s Sunglasses And Eyeglasses

In this article, I frequently refer to Bond Lifestyle, which has been the main source of information about James Bond glasses for nearly two decades. The James Bond File also published a comprehensive article on James Bond sunglasses, which I also used as a reference.

In his gray plaid suit and trilby. These round cat glasses feature a thin medium brown plastic frame with gray lenses. The cat eye style was popular for both men and women in the 1950s and 1960s and in earlier films

Jack Lord’s Felix Leiter wears a cat-eye style with oversized frames and a long, exaggerated shape. Cat glasses have since been accepted as a feminine look. The slim frames give these glasses a sleek look that goes well with a suit.

The makers of these glasses are unknown. Some have argued that it is Oliver Goldsmith’s “Consul”, but the Consul’s bezels are more of a wayfarer shape than a cat’s eye.

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Bond wears a Cool-Ray Polaroid N135, styled by Carey Mitchell. They are rectangular black wanderer style sunglasses with gray lenses and wide temples. This style is often referred to as the Wayfarer, after the Ray-Ban Wayfarer produced in the 1950s, although the Wayfarer name is trademarked. Wayfarer style sunglasses have thick plastic frames in a rounded trapezoid shape that curves towards the temples and is a style that appeals to almost everyone. These glasses have a timeless look that defined the look of Bond glasses for over four decades until Daniel Craig popularized the new Bond look.

The plastic frames on Connery’s sunglasses don’t look particularly subtle, which makes them better for dressing up than wearing them down, so they’re perfect for the beach. These glasses have gray lenses and two pins on the hinges.

These were recreated by Currie and Paxton as “Sean” models and Barton Pereira as “007 Thunderball”. Both examples look better than the original worn by Connery.

George Lazenby’s first glasses as James Bond are the yellow Knight driving glasses, which he wears with his suit and stand while driving the Aston Martin DBS.

Bond, James Bond: The Iconic Spy Throughout The Years

, Tom Mulhall, owner of DBS, identified them as Nighthawk driving glasses. They are designed to reduce glare by filtering out blue light. Although reports of their effectiveness are mixed, they are the kind of innovative technology James Bond liked to try out in the 1960s.

Blofeld tells Bond, “007 needs some props to turn into a preacher,” when Bond breaks his glasses to impersonate Sir Hilary Bray.

Bond used glasses as a mask for the first time. Worn by Sir Hilary of George Baker, according to one heraldic scholar, these oval-framed tortoise shells give Bond an appearance that is both old-fashioned and scholarly. The frames are rather fragile, with rather narrow temples and two pins on the hinges.

, In the beginning of the Roger Moore Bond film, he wears ski goggles instead of the usual ski goggles to go skiing in Siberia. The sunglasses are Bogner Eschenbach 7003 90, which are supplied by the same brand that makes their ski clothes. They’re a large, square style with a thin white plastic bezel, black metal temples, and a black bridge. Gradual rose colored lens.

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James St wearing a half mask. John Smith, Bond wears light brown, clear, round-rimmed glasses with a key bridge, brass forehead band, thin temples and brown lenses. These glasses function primarily as gadgets, as the adjustable polarized lenses help Bond see through the glare from the window. they are pills

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