Jinse Dao Dragon Slot Machine

Jinse Dao Dragon Slot Machine – The Jinse Dao series is one of the series categorized as Lightning Link / Dragon Link and Ultimate Fire Link as part of the same genre. But the bonus difference is where the game stands out.

So, just like I did with the previous game tree. Here is a summary of the game comparison. And what is the difference between games and bonuses?

Jinse Dao Dragon Slot Machine

When the game started, the Hit & Win section was not as clearly written as it is now. Although the Dragon and Phoenix versions do not have the Hit & Win symbol on the first reel, they work in the same way as the latest games.

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If you get a bullet on the first reel, the Hit & Win feature will start. The reel may or may not extend to three lines. The reels will then stop one row at a time. If you get 1 orb on reel 2, the feature continues and you win the orb. This continues on each reel until you find orbs on all four reels. Or have a wheel without a ball In this case no further prizes will be awarded.

For those who love Link games, this is like a speed circle happening all at once. You can win ahead like this.

Some games, like the new Monopoly Money Grab, also advertise Hit & Win, but they work differently in the Jinse Dao series, at least at the time of this writing. Everything works the same for this base game.

The difference between these games is the difference in the bonus wheel. Each game has its own bonus wheel. which are designed to offer different bonuses. to ensure that each game is unique. See how each team calculates their bonus.

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The first two use reels that include between 5 and 20 free games, including four progressive games. The free games work the same way as the base games. Because the Hit & Win feature is still available in bonuses. And in fact, it can appear multiple times in bonuses and special bonus wheels.

For this version The number of free spins remains the same. 6 free spins are awarded for each free spin, however the number of extra balls can range from 40 to 400 – more balls means a higher chance of hitting Hit & Win, so flexibility and stability are built into the game.

In this case, the ability to frequently win the Hit & Win feature on the bonus wheel will remain. But the number of balls you can collect depends on the number of balls. The chance to get upgrades is still an alternative to free games.

The Fu Lion and Horse version uses the flexibility of the multiplication method. The number of free games remains the same for all wedges with 6 free games (eg the Ox/Tiger version), so flexibility and volatility come with a multiplier.

Jinse Dao Dragon Slot

In addition to the progressive jackpots found on all reels. You can win 6 free games with a 2x-10x multiplier on a reel that moves with every spin. If you have the Hit & Win feature and the winning orbs are included in the multiplier wheel. Orbs will also multiply. So it could mean a strong win if things go well.

Both seem very rare now. So the videos available are not that common, but RandomSlots has three horse slots in this video. (but only features without a bonus wheel) and there’s also a paytable for those who want to take a closer look:

My name is Joshua and I am 30 years old working in technology as a day trader. And I occasionally play casino games in my spare time. Know Your Chances will express my desire to understand the ways. where to play slots gambling casino offers and instructions and how to win Jinse Dao Dragon is a theme that takes players to China and its famous dragon race.

This 5×3, 243 payline slot uses expanding reels and moving orbs to trigger the prize reels to trigger four jackpots.

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Raised reels are one of the main features of the game. Glowing orbs can trigger a 20x multiplier when the reels expand.

There are no wild symbols in this name. Instead, players will find scattered yin and yang symbols that can trigger one of four free spins or jackpot prizes.

Reveal three Yin and Yang scatter symbols to unlock the Wheel of Fortune. In this way, players can win between five and 20 free spins or jackpots.

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Jinse Dao Dragon And Phoenix Both Pay Out

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Dragon Slot Machines

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Jinse Dao Dragon Slot Review [free Play Demo] 2022

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