Last Night's Big Bang Theory Episode

Last Night's Big Bang Theory Episode – Day” marks the 200th episode of the long-running series, which is set in the city and references several local landmarks.

… The city of Pasadena has not only represented advanced education and pop culture sophistication, but also to countless fans around the world, “Bazinga!” is also a house; So now I, Terry Torneck, Mayor of Pasadena, on behalf of the City Council, congratulate and thank the cast, producers and crew.

Last Night's Big Bang Theory Episode

As it turns out, I’ve lived in Pasadena for most of the past 30 years, so I thought I’d offer a little guide to some of its landmarks.

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We start at Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment. Because the producers delimited the geographical purpose; The listed address, 2311 N. Los Robles Avenue, does not exist (Los Robles ends at Woodbury Road in 2000), and if it did, it would be about three miles north of the visible City Hall. their windows. By the way, Pasadena City Hall is better known for its role as Pawnee City Hall.

, although it has also appeared in many other TV shows and movies, it often appears as the capital building of several countries (at

Outside the window, you can see the dome of Pasadena City Hall, an important landmark of the building’s location.

I pretty much knew where the apartment was supposed to be, which side of the city hall dome we could see, and which buildings surrounded it, but I couldn’t figure it out without the help of Google. According to a 2012 forum thread posted by “JamesPMiller” at, a view from the top floor window of the Community Bank parking lot at 790 E. Colorado Blvd., southwest corner. of Colorado and Hudson, about six blocks east and one block south of City Hall. This photo was taken with a telephoto lens so it looks very close to the town hall. The show sometimes points to a Chevron station across the street from their apartment, but the closest Chevron station in Colorado is on Hill Street, about a mile away.

A ‘big Bang Theory’ Tour Of Pasadena

To complicate matters a little more, in the episode where Howard and Bernadette get married on the roof of the apartment building, the satellite image is shown in the episode of the apartment building at 215 S. Madison, about three blocks east and four blocks. to the south is the City Hall. The image has been heavily edited, some buildings have been changed, a parking lot has been added and part of the highway has been removed.

According to some of the articles on the forum linked earlier, the interior of the building’s lobby and stairwells is modeled after the Brookmore Apartments on the west side of City Hall at 189 N. Marengo. Brookmore was once an old building in a bad neighborhood, home to students, aspiring artists, and even some Caltech professors. It has benefited from the revitalization and gentrification of Old Town Pasadena in recent years and is now known as “comfortable living”. If we listen to the view from the town hall, which was chosen strictly for its photogenic appeal, Brookmore, it was like a 90s building where the gang hung out.

The Raj Apartment (“Raj Mahal”) is filmed in a converted watch factory; Most of Pasadena’s older industrial sites are located south of Old Town on Raymond Avenue, Arroyo Parkway, or Marengo Ave. East Pasadena also has old industrial buildings, mostly north of Colorado Blvd and east of Allen Ave, but they are. more modern, from the 60s and 70s; In the show, Raj’s building is said to have been completed in 1951. It is also a brick building, suggesting that it is close to the old city; Hopefully it’s on one of the above routes between Del Mar and Glenorm.

Decorated with “Jewish mother kitsch,” the Wolowitz family home looks like it was built in the 30s and decorated in the 70s.

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Howard and Bernadette now live in the house she grew up in, somewhere in the hills of Altadena, an unnamed town north of Pasadena. This brings him closer to his work at JPL, the famous jet development laboratory. We see a small porch and a living room, a house probably built in the early 1900s, based on a Craftsman Colonial layout with a vaguely Victorian stair railing. There are many old houses like this all over Altadena, but it should be north of Woodbury and west of Lake Avenue.

Bernadette’s apartment looks like a product of the 60s or 70s because of the antique kitchen and the large picture window. To me it looks like the post WWII buildings on the west side of the lake between Green and California. I’m going up north to Del Mar with Hudson.

Amy’s apartment looks about as old as Bernadette’s (not surprising since they’re actually the same group), but it’s been renovated quite a bit recently. I put it in a building on California Street near El Molino Ave.

Until recently, Penny worked as a waitress at The Cheesecake Factory, located in the historic Dodsworth Building at the corner of Colorado and Fair Oaks. The decor looks nothing like the set used in the play, leaning more towards the faux-Cederan style featured in the flashy casinos of Las Vegas.

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Bernadette and Penny both work in biotechnology companies, Bernadette as a researcher and Penny in sales; Amy also works in biological research. Pasadena’s most prominent biotech companies are part of the Pasadena Bioscience Collaborative, a business incubator in East Pasadena. There are also many companies located in South Fair Oaks near Huntington Memorial Hospital, once known as the “Biotech Corridor of Pasadena.”

The boys spend a lot of time at Stuart’s comic shop, The Comic Center, which burned down at the end of season 7 and was later rebuilt; Now, according to the website dedicated to the store (thanks, Wayback Machine!), it’s “on Greene Street near PCC and CalTech.” As it happens, Green Street Hill Ave. It ends at the western border of Pasadena City College, which is two blocks north of CalTech. It rises again on the east side of the campus. As it also happens, there is a comic book store on the north side of the Green near Hill Street; Comics Factory has been operating in Pasadena for almost 20 years and has also served as a base for craft stores.

Stuart’s biggest competitor, Capitol Comics, may be at another Pasadena comic shop, Collector’s Paradise, 319 S. Arroyo Parkway.

For all your model train needs (you have model train needs, right?), visit the original Whistle Stop in Pasadena. Sheldon does.

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Sheldon’s second favorite place after comic shops is his favorite model train store. Whistle Stop has been part of the Pasadena scene since 1951 and is now located at 2490 E. Colorado Blvd.

The characters eat a lot of takeout and sometimes eat at the Cheesecake Factory, but their favorite restaurant is the CalTech dining hall. The real Chandler Hall is much nicer than the messy cafeteria depicted in the show.

In the first season’s 14th episode, “The Einstein Approximation”, the gang visits Moonlight Rollerway, a roller coaster located in nearby Glendale that has been featured in several TV shows and movies.

In at least two episodes, “The Wheaton Recurrence” and “The Scavenger’s Vortex”, they visit a bowling alley; The longitude and latitude coordinates given in the last episode are for Bolmore Pasadena, which was called “300 Bowling” when the episode was filmed.

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“The Irish Pub Formulation” features Pasadena pub Lucky Baldwin; There are two locations, one in Old Town at 17 N. Raymond and the other in East Pasadena at 1770 East Colorado Blvd. The same episode mentions the retro-cool Bob’s Big Boy on Toluca Lake, 10 miles west of Pasadena. Lucky Baldwin is named after a local 19th century landowner whose farm eventually became the town of Arcadia. She reportedly earned the nickname after returning from an extensive world tour to find that her property had quadrupled in value in her absence, but other accounts suggest it may have been due to her uncanny ability to escape through a bedroom window before finding an angry man. was more. that. him

I’m sure I’ve missed dozens of other places. If you know someone, please add them in the comments.

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