Learning To Walk After Broken Leg

Learning To Walk After Broken Leg – On August 1, 2017, my orthopedic surgeon removed the 50% WB (weight bearing) restriction. He gave me no other instructions, just physical therapy 3 times a week for 6 weeks. He said he would see me again in 7 weeks. By this time, I had learned my rest and recovery plan, but even when I was released to FWB (Full Weight Bearing), I knew I would not throw aside the crutches and continue what I had known before. Traumatic life is wounded.

It turned out that I had to learn to walk again. When I say teach myself, I mean teach myself. Sure, I go to physical therapy once a week, but my physical therapist never taught me how to walk again. If I want him, he doesn’t. He doesn’t need that because I’m trying to teach myself. I always seem to be ahead of myself when it comes to physical therapy because I work on stuff at home and work hard between PT sessions. I believe that is why he only wants to see me once a week. I said I hate PT. But I showed up anyway!

Learning To Walk After Broken Leg

Talk about another annoying person. I am excited to be walking 8 weeks post op but that day when I leave the surgeon I start counting the weeks until my next appointment and realize I will be at 50% WB for the same amount of time I was NWB (Non-Weight Bearing). Reacquaint yourself with those tears. Why shouldn’t I be happy with what I got?

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An old friend had to cheer me up again. “Honey, you need to build a lot of muscle. Use this time to strengthen your legs so that when you can walk it won’t be a big deal. Focus on the here and now.” I don’t like to admit it. That, and don’t want to act 2 years ahead, but I know he’s right.

Basically, 50% WB means I can stand and distribute my weight evenly, but when I walk on crutches, I can’t put more than half of my body weight on the injured leg. Then began my more intensive physical therapy and weight training. I had a lot of spa treatments in the first few weeks. Very nice to walk in the water. My boyfriend came home from work and we went to our pool and he helped me practice.

I carry a lot of crutches in and out of the house to increase my stamina. I put a lot of weight on the injured leg, going from heel to toe and finishing with the good leg. My trips also started to increase and I focused on building my leg muscles. Don’t get me wrong, time is still slow, but much faster than when I was stuck on the couch in the early days and weeks after surgery.

During those early weigh-in days, I suffered from severe foot and ankle pain. to find out. Because after a few weeks of not using anything, you’d be surprised how quickly all the muscles under your chest can atrophy after a few days of use. I have to work hard to recover and use all my muscles. I also suffer from severe lower back pain. When you walk with a limp, your gait becomes unsteady. In your fifties, old hips never were.

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Every few weeks I sneaked in a few steps here and there to see if I could walk on my own without crutches. I had to force myself to step with my injured leg. It is very heavy. I literally walk with my arms outstretched like Herman Munster and feel more like dragging my feet than walking.

I wish I could videotape those first terrifying steps. Of course I cry because I want to go back to normal walking. This is disappointing. I’m only going to try a few steps because I know I’m not fully charged yet. I had a strong urge to test the waters, but I didn’t want to take too many risks. I know my body and its limitations.

Then on September 10, Hurricane Irma arrived. At this point I noticed a red dot about the size of a quarter on my tibia. It is not long and does not look like a mosquito bite. I am extremely paranoid about anything that appears on my feet or scars. I am afraid of infection. Of course I googled hell staph carnivore infections and sure enough. If it extends over the next few hours, I know I’m probably screwed. Fortunately, my flesh was still intact the next morning.

I still don’t know what it is. So one day I got out of the shower and was putting on lotion and in the mirror I saw a big red spot on the side of my left breast. What the hell happened? Am I allergic to the metal in my feet? I finally found out that I was taking a glucosamine chondroitin supplement, which I thought was rare and maybe I had an allergic reaction to it. I stopped taking it and watched the spots.

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If the universe hasn’t played enough jokes on me, maybe it’s not over yet. The scars continued, but with a vengeance on the torso and back. Also stop adding. I finally called my PCP and checked.

“Well, I noticed that the red spot on my leg wouldn’t go away.” He looked at the spot on his lower calf, then examined his torso. With no more than 20 seconds to spare, he matter-of-factly said, “Get dressed and meet me in my office. I know what this is all about. Don’t worry, you’re not answering hardware. We’ll get you. All set.”

I went to his office and sat. He told me, “You have all the classic symptoms of pityriasis rosea. The spots on your legs called herald spots are typical of this rash. I’m going to give you a steroid shot today and then I’m going to give you Medrol. Dose Pak. It should clear up after that.” He wrote down my name for me and told me to Google it when I got home. What! I wouldn’t have been googling if he hadn’t said that.

As he was working on my script, I asked him, “How do you think I got this? Is it contagious?” They said it’s a virus, it’s not contagious and it’s a very common rash. Send me a message. I am a nurse and had never heard of it before.

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I try to hold back the tears but they flow so easily these days. “What’s wrong? Are you upset?” I replied, “I’ve had really bad trauma and surgery and I’m very emotional and stressed.” He assured me that the rash would subside and if it didn’t, we would do more tests.

I started taking a steroid pack and felt a difference within days, but it took a few more weeks for the ugly rash to go away completely. If they say it’s not contagious, I don’t know how I got it. I did my research and I read that cold symptoms sometimes precede the “herald patch”. I remember having a bit of a sore throat one day and a runny nose for a few days. After about a week, red spots appeared on my legs. I think my immune system is so weakened from using all its resources to heal my broken bones that it has nothing left in the tank to fight off a viral outbreak. I am in and out of hospital and my doctor is also in hospital. Maybe I got a virus on the way to the hospital. Thanks to your immune system!

Finally September 19th passed and I went back for my 15 week post op visit and I had

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