Legit Survey Websites That Pay

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If you’ve tried making money online before, you’ve probably come across paid surveys. In fact, there’s a good chance you’ve had a bad experience with them.

Legit Survey Websites That Pay

Below we’ll take a look at some of the best survey sites and apps where you can get paid. We’ll also answer common questions like what paid surveys are, whether they’re legal and safe, how they work, and more.

Best Survey Apps/websites That Pay In Kenya

Varies by site/app Minimum age is 13. Surveys are available on all platforms including web, iOS and Android. State requirements vary. No special skills are required.

It varies based on your data. Paid surveys are not a regular source of income. Opportunities may arise several times a month, or several times a day.

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Make Money With Paid Online Surveys

NOTE: Read on for more details and other ways to get paid surveys! Also, keep in mind that the experience may vary from survey site to site. Be sure to try it yourself!

Paid surveys are a motivational research tool used by companies, brands, researchers, universities, and more. To gather information about a specific target audience or to receive feedback on products, services or marketing strategies.

Because survey responses help brands make more money in the long run, ordinary people around the world (like you and me) can be rewarded with rewards like free products, gift cards, and even cash. Participate (i.e. share their opinion).

Example: A laundry detergent brand might conduct a survey and distribute it to grocery stores/laundries to gather ideas on how to improve their product.

Best Apps To Sign Up And Get Money [best Instant Bonuses]

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Survey sites are the leading distributors of paid surveys. They help brands and businesses source the right respondents and assign incentives/payments to compensate respondents for their time.

These survey sites provide direct surveys of companies/brands/researchers/etc. ourselves. This generally results in more reliable tests (i.e. fewer rejections) and higher pay. However, there may be fewer surveys for these types of devices, so registering with multiple sites is recommended.

GPT (paid) sites have different ways to make money, including paid surveys. However, their paid surveys usually come from third-party market research companies (like TheoremReach, YourSurveys, etc.). This means you are working for two different brokers, which usually means a lower salary. Many users report that the surveys on the GPT website are of high quality.

Best Survey Sites For Making Money

Still, a GPT site is a good choice. They generally have more paid surveys, and some even say they have a better survey experience on GPT sites than on survey sites. Be sure to try it yourself!

Micro job sites are similar to GPT sites in that they offer different ways to earn money, but unlike GPT sites, businesses, individuals, and researchers post micro jobs directly on these sites. Surveys aren’t always the most numerous on these types of sites, but they are available and usually pay well.

However, like most online content, the survey site is not completely scam-free. Therefore, it is important to provide your email address and other personal information for research before registering to use the website/app.

If you’re using a new site that isn’t listed here with Swift Pay, you need to be extra careful (you can also contact us if you have questions about a specific site).

Best Paid Survey Sites To Make $100+ Per Month

Even on legitimate survey sites, security standards vary. Everything you like depends on how you protect your information.

If you’re the Ron Swanson type who likes to stay as far away from the web as possible, browsing the site might not be the right profile for you. Nearly every online and paid search engine will ask you to share at least some non-personally identifiable demographic information, such as your gender, zip code, occupation, living status, marital status, etc.

Other websites or surveys may ask for your name, date of birth, street address, phone number and other potentially identifying information.

Want to share. But the less willing you are to share, the fewer poll/survey sites you can participate in.

Best Survey Sites & Apps (ultimate Paid Surveys Guide 2022)

Additionally, each survey site uses and shares user information slightly differently, which is another reason why security standards vary from site to site. That’s why we’ve analyzed and broken down the privacy policies of every Swift salary survey site we reviewed.

Bottom line? Surveys are just one way to earn extra money when you’re bored surfing the web or watching TV. They aren’t about getting you a full-time job or getting rich.

However, there are some successful survey takers who can earn hundreds of dollars per month completing surveys. However, they often have specific strategies (some hints at the end of this article).

Even so, if you’re willing to work hard, you might as well spend your time and energy in another job with higher earning potential. Paid surveys cost extra to complete, so I only recommend them if you don’t want to overwhelm your brain.

Yougov Review: A Legit Survey Site?

Qmee is one of the cheapest survey sites paying $0.01. Besides paid surveys, they also offer other ways to make money. For example, you sometimes get 5-6 cents per site from Google or other search engines if you download their browser extension. They also get paid games, cashback and daily surveys.

Prolific has one of the highest hourly rates for survey sites. Pay at least $6.50 per hour per survey completed on the site. However, there isn’t enough survey volume, so don’t expect to make $100 a week.

Swagbucks has been around since 2005. It is one of the most popular and popular bonus sites. You’ll find many different opportunities and rewards on this site.

NOTE: To receive the $5 bonus, you must earn 2,500 swagbucks within the first 60 days of signing up. This should be achieved in about 1 survey per day, but you can get there faster by focusing on your daily to-do list. For more tips, read our Swagbucks guide.

Best Survey Tools & Software In 2022

Cointiply is a GPT site and cryptocurrency exchange site with a lot of research walls. They are also one of the few sites that offer cryptocurrencies. Unique income opportunity and definitely worth checking out.

Clickworker is a very small job site with occasional high paying surveys on the site. If you want to get out of the paid survey space, Cointiply has other great paid options and access to another good job site that pays $5-$8+ per hour.

Surveys are unique, there are no payment requirements, and there is a flat rate of $0.50 to $1.00 for all surveys. You can pay in cash immediately after completing the survey. You can expect to receive about 1-3 surveys per day, most taking only 10-15 minutes to complete.

Eureka Surveys was originally designed as a survey application, but is now available on the web. It’s still new, but it’s growing fast and has a great UX and design. Also, DQ is $0.02, better than nothing!

Learn How To Get The Most Out Of Paid Surveys & Gpt Sites

Toluna is great because it’s half exploration site, half social media column. You can chat with other members, ask questions, vote in polls, and more, all while getting paid. They also offer games, and just released an app to make money while traveling.

PaidViewPoint is great (one of the best survey sites IMO) because surveys are usually short, easy and fun to complete. Usually they are never rejected.

At the beginning, the attribute score will be relatively low, so the investigation will be a bit slow, but as your attribute score increases, you will get more investigations and better rewards.

PaidViewPoint has two different types of surveys that you want to make sure you understand:

Best Free Online Surveys

Pinecone Research is owned by NielsenIQ, a well-known market research company founded in 1923! The group accepts new users occasionally, so it’s very exclusive and high quality.

It’s worth trying to join because there’s no minimum payout, a guaranteed $3 per survey, and physical product trials available. You will receive recurring payments with no minimum payment.

YouGov is another

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