Little Shop Of Horrors Cleveland

Little Shop Of Horrors Cleveland – Seymour (actor, Andrew Faria), Audrey (actor, Sarah Masterson) and Mr. Musnick (actor, Aled Davis) make their debut at the Great Lakes Theater following a major revamp of Little Shop of Horrors. Hanna Theatre, Playhouse Square runs through October 9. (Photo: Ken Blaze)

, Ohio — Was “Little Shop of Horrors” always this good? As I sat in the Hanna Theater for the opening night of Great Lakes Theatre’s 2022-23 season, this thought crossed my mind.

Little Shop Of Horrors Cleveland

Prior to that, my experience with Howard Ashman and Alan Menken’s 1982 Off-Broadway musical was limited to the 1986 film directed by Frank Oz. I was a kid at the time and a huge Steve Martin fan. So imagine my reaction when his character meets a terrible fate less than an hour into the movie. Shocked, I did something I had never done before. I got up and left.

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The award-winning “Little Shop of Horrors,” now at the Playhouse through Oct. 9, does require a wicked sense of humor. . Mushnik’s Flower Shop and its employees: the villainous owner Mr. Mushnik (Aled Davis); Audrey (Sarah Masterson), a saleswoman who has an abusive relationship with a dentist; and Seymour (Andrew Faria), a botanist with Audrey’s secret love.

Mr. Mushnik, struggling with Skid Row, is ready to exhibit the unusual factory Seymour found in Chinatown when two of his employees come up with a plan to attract customers. It works, and Seymour and the flower shop become an overnight sensation. But there is one thing. Seymour named Audrey II (voiced by Elia Dawson, directed by Chad Ethan Schohet). The plant, which looks like a cross between a Venus flytrap and an avocado, requires human blood to grow.

Suddenly, Seymour can see everything he wants: fame, love, success. So make a deal with the devil. Feed Audrey II and the plant, which grows exponentially and starts talking, will give her everything she wants. The first course on the menu: Audrey’s sadistic boyfriend, Orin Scrivello, D.D.S., played by Alex Siek.

Seymour soon throws the torn body parts into the giant doll’s mouth, wondering if he did the right thing or not. Sounds funny, right? Maybe in the hands of another director, but not with Victoria Bussert. It offers a more intimate feel than previous incarnations and keeps the production grounded by getting honest and entertaining performances from the cast.

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For example, Faria keeps Seymour likable despite his questionable actions, while Davis perfectly portrays Mr. Mushnik angry. The two actors share a cute Bloom and Bialystok-esque moment in Mushnik and Son.

The chorus—Chris Lyons as Chiffon, Savannah Cooper as Ronnette and Sydney Alexandra Whittenburg as Crystal—keep the audience moving as they sing and dance to bops like “Skid.” Qatar (Downtown), “The Faithful Shall Inherit” and of course the title track. Lyon in particular shows off an impressive set of pipes.

Dawson and Shohet teamed up to bring Audrey II to life as this super cute and evil version of the Genie from Aladdin. Their rendition of “Git It,” the show’s version of “Friend Like Me” (also written by Menken), is fun and over the top (in a good way).

Audrey’s boyfriend Orin Scrivello DDS (actor, Alex Siek) screams in Great Lakes Theatre’s Little Shop of Horrors, which runs through October 9 at the Hanna Theatre, Playhouse Square. Chris Lyons as Chiffon, Sydney Alexandra Whittenburg as Crystal.

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Meanwhile, the multifaceted Syiek steals every scene, whether she’s playing a crazy-eyed dentist or several other roles.

But the star is Masterson, whose cheery exterior, Audrey interior, will touch you. Maybe it’s Hannah’s intimate background or the hint of hope in her sad voice, but her rendition of “On the Green” nearly brought me to tears. (Lecturer: It happened.)

To sum it all up is a statement that we use caution every now and then, whether you call it what you will, caution, the price of fame, or just not with the universe —. “Little Shop of Horrors” may have a more horrific plot than your typical musical, but the production, complete with incredible performances, is also full of heart, humor and, er, killer. sound track.

If the show is any indication of things to come, Great Lakes Theatre’s 61st season is another good indicator.

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Great Lakes Theatre’s production of Little Shop of Horrors runs at the Hanna Theatre, 2067 E. 14th St., through Oct. 9. Tickets, $15 to $89, are on sale at

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The Cleveland Play House doesn’t often stage musicals, and when it does, most tell the stories of legendary singers like Mahalia Jackson, Woody Guthrie and Five Guys Moe.

This CPH brain trust is exceptional in choosing a music major. It’s rare when they boldly draw the lines and stage something as incredibly witty and funny as Howard Ashman and Alan Menken’s Little Shop of Horrors.

Video: Watch The Cast Of Little Shop Of Horrors Perform On The View Video

The show grew from the seeds of Roger Corman and Charles Griffith’s 1960 low-budget non-musical about a humble Skid Row florist named Seymour who discovers a mysterious man-eating plant that magically changes his life. his acquaintances.

The musical comedy ran “Off-Broadway” for five years in the 1980s, became an all-star feature film in 1986, and had a brief run on Broadway in 2003.

Most importantly, CPH doesn’t appeal to “camp” and relies on “interest” rather than the words “stimulate and entertain” in its Tony Award mantle and mission.

So Amanda Dennert was called back to Cleveland to direct, choreograph and record Little Shop of Horrors.

In ‘little Shop Of Horrors,’ Now On Stage At Porthouse Theatre, The Plant Wins The Day

In 2007 Denert directed CPH’s stunning and understated production of My Fair Lady as well as the brilliantly intelligent, intimate and dark production of Man of La Mancha. His recipe for success at Little Shop of Horrors is a box office hit—just like these live shows: gather exceptional New York talent, mix it up, and serve it up piping hot.

While many musicals rely on talented singers, Little Shop of Horrors features talented singers. The excellent action adds dimension to the already interesting characters, adds more substance to the musical numbers, and adds a rich layer of complexity to a show that is often produced without it.

Seymour Ari Butler is a likable badass whose leadership qualities are more effectively portrayed through social insecurities and vulnerabilities than easily identifiable but overly stereotypical short cuts. It’s Seymour who is genuine and approachable, allowing Audrey to slowly gain a sense of confidence through admiration, and the mind-melting power of the alien plants also seems real.

Lauren Molina as Audrey, Seymour’s co-worker and love interest, doesn’t let herself be defined by the color of her figure or her thigh-high skirt. Instead, the actress adds a poignant vulnerability to her character’s low self-esteem and compassion for a comedy that tears you up time and time again. As Audrey dreams of a life off Skid Row, with her stunning solo of “Somewhere That’s Green” and her stunning rendition of “Suddenly, Seymour,” she tugs at your heartstrings as she realizes her dream won’t end well. man.

Original Motion Picture Cast Of Little Shop Of Horrors

Joey Taranto is funny as Audrey’s sadistic dentist friend and eventually as plant food. Even though Orin, like Taranto, had to play amazing walking roles, which Taranto played flawlessly, the actor never loses sight of the director’s high creative vision for the show and saves everything. on inspection.

And aside from the all-too-easy Mr. Mushnik, Seymour’s boss, Orin’s antics, Audrey’s charms, and the cannibal’s tongue (or is that a quote?), Larry Kahn—a wonderful veteran actor with incredible comic timing—never let him go.

In addition to choosing the best actors to sing, Denert also found musicians

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