Lord Of The Ring Gollum

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Lord Of The Ring Gollum

2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the Lord of the Rings film trilogy. In honor of these enduring classics, we explore all aspects of Peter Jackson’s trilogy, from J.R.R. Tolkien’s essentials of the film’s greatest scenes and moments, and the continuing influence of The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King on modern pop culture.

How Precious! We’re Getting The Lord Of The Rings

The sound era began in 1927, but it’s unclear where it would have been without Andy Serkis’ performance as Gollum in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

And its sequel, The Return of the Lord. Jackson wasn’t the first to use motion capture in a feature film, but he was the first to use it well, and Serkis’ performance as Gollum is so compelling that it may help birth a new genre of acting and filmmaking. However, two decades later, it is difficult to explain or understand what it means to talk about this new type of performance, which is not alive, but not alive at all.

The year 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of The Lord of the Rings films, and we can’t imagine checking out the trilogy in one story. So every Wednesday of the year we’ll be going there and back, exploring the whys and wherefores of films that have endured as modern classics. This is the year of the ring.

‘ DVD release. At first, all we see of Serkis in the documentary is a dramatic blur of fights with Elijah Wood’s Frodo and Sean Astin’s Sam. We check out Jackson filming Gollum’s entrance into the film. Gollum has tracked down Frodo and Sam and is now attacking them, hoping to finally get his hands on his precious, precious ring. Serkis bounces around the stage as Wood and Astin pull and push him. He is wearing white, with a tie. It looks like a discount Moon Knight or maybe an angry caterpillar.

Gollum Smeagol The Lord Of The Rings Cgi Creature Render Fantasy Art

“I’m playing the character of Gollum,” Serkis told the doctor. “The character of Gollum, as a computer-generated character, obviously falls into many different departments. But I think what I do is provide a side of it, an emotional interest behind the character, the physicality and, most importantly, I think, the voice.”

On one level, Serkis is simply describing what all actors do: using their body and voice to embody and convey a character’s mind and emotions. But many players do all these things at the same time. Serkis will have to do all these things separately, not alone.

In a way, Serkis drew an outline during filming that he, Jackson, and the cameramen at Weta might succeed later. Because motion capture technology was still in its infancy, Serkis did nothing during filming

It will eventually make it to the final product. For Gollum, Serkis and the animators at Weta Digital split the “playable side” into its parts and put them back together like Frankenstein’s monster. That the result is so believable, so deeply emotional and human, is surprising given the complexity, the essence of its construction.

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Jackson shot each Gollum sequence twice: once with Serkis doing the character’s movements once without him. Later – many months later – Serkis recreated his stunts in a motion capture studio. Surrounded by 25 cameras in a blue studio so meticulously maintained that crew members were forbidden to bring water bottles into the room for fear their reflections would spoil the video, Serkis wore a special costume that allowed him to control his movements with digital golems. , and a special visor that showed him how his movements would look in the already recorded video. He then recreated his physical movements and actions to form the basis of a potential animated creature.

By today’s standards, the “doll” was unusual. Gollum represents a little more of Serkis’ moves than most people remember today. As Bay Raitt, one of the 18 actors who created Gollum, explained to Animation World Network, “There is absolutely no facial movement data on Gollum. The only motion capture data is for his body, legs and arms.”

Gollum’s arms, legs and, most importantly, his facial expression were later animated, using Serkis’ performance as a photographic reference. Gollum’s face contains 875 shapes, which the animators used with 64 controls to create his many expressions. Sometimes the animators modified Serkis’ performance, changing his look or face to better suit Jackson’s needs. Serkis also stopped by the Veta offices to help animators and model gestures or facial expressions they were having trouble understanding.

Serkis is on a sound stage re-recording his performance as Gollum in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Image: Alamy Stock Photo

Wall Art Print The Lord Of The Rings

We’ve all seen these movies so many times over the past 20 years that it’s hard to get the point across. Previous attempts to use motion capture gave the world Jar Jar Binks and Sinbad: Beyond the Veil of Nists, a performance so disgusting and heartless that one couldn’t help but yearn for the climax of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. Gollum is different – he’s clearly alive and important to the success of Jackson’s Lord of the Rings adaptation. He is the only multi-dimensional character in the story, and the battle for his soul, a soul long lost in the Realm of Power, supports the stakes of Frodo’s struggle. Looking at the sad, emaciated body of the former Smeagol, we see what could have happened to Frodo if he hadn’t been careful.

Even the action of The Lord of the Rings depends on Gollum. As Gandalf said in the first film,

, Bilbo’s decision to take pity on Smeagol and spare his life “can decide a man’s fate”. This, however, sets up Frodo’s statement

That “perhaps he deserves to die, but now that I see him, I pity him.” Frodo and Sam’s journey to throw the ring into the fire of Mount Doom is led by Gollum, and it is Gollum who ends up destroying the ring and dying in time. Frodo survives his journey through the ring because of the mercy he shows Gollum, even though that mercy almost cost him his life several times.

Is Being Compared To Gollum The Ultimate Insult… Or Precious Praise?

The entire arc only works if the audience understands and empathizes with the refusal of most of the characters to kill Gollum when given the chance. Gollum is distrustful, evil, cruel, violent, deceitful and weak. In George R. R. Martin’s novel, it will have a subplot that depends on the duration of the life. In The Lord of the Rings, his survival evokes our struggle to cling to our better nature in our darkest and most urgent times, a struggle we began as a nation in the war on terror just before it was defeated.

Serkis and the team at Weta Digital made Gollum uncomfortable by emphasizing his different nature. He looks ugly and walks like a wild beast, but the expression on his face is that of a deep person. He is disgusting and lovable at the same time. Sweet and childish, she is a lustful lover and a ruthless killer, the victim of her worst desires. He often bends over with full body disgust, so disgusted and frightened that he doesn’t even look at who he’s talking to. Serkis’ voice work is excellent. His vocal choices for Gollum are extreme, but he gets a great range out of them, full of small microtonalities and grace notes. It’s the most polished and successful performance in the film, even if it’s made up of 20 different people.

When he was cast as Gollum, Serkis was unknown to many viewers. He was a stage actor in England, touring the country in productions of Brecht and playing a drawn-out version of The Fool opposite Tom Wilkinson’s King Lear. He appeared in only a few films, the most famous being Mike Lee

. His stage training and experience is clearly evident in his physical and vocal presence and his willingness to overcome natural stylistic boundaries in his performance.

Why Gollum Was ‘the One’ To Change The Fate Of The Lord Of The Ring Series?

The clarity and breadth of his options make him well suited to express the needs of animation in a way that other actors are not. 2004 film by Robert Zemeckis

Featured a motion capture version of Tom Hanks that was so amazing it helped inform the concept of the mysterious valley. Serkis, on the other hand, has become almost synonymous with animation, taking on the roles of monkeys and bears and whatever he is as a “genetically sensitive male”. One of his biggest successes came with the failed Ninja Theory

, one of the first video games where characters interact with complex, visual subtext. In 2011, Serkis founded Imaginarium, a production company

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