Make Your Own Computer Game

Make Your Own Computer Game – Here you will find the latest technology news for children. We love following the great new inventions on Kickstarter and looking for announcements about the latest toys and tech gadgets for the upcoming Christmas holidays. You’ll also find our take on kids’ tech stories in the media.

Our reviews of children’s technology products are designed to help you decide if a toy, gadget or set is right for your child or family. There are lots of great things out there, but is it the right choice for the child or teen you’re buying for? We will help you make the right choice and get the best value for money.

Make Your Own Computer Game

Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends gather. We create gift lists to help you make the right choice for children’s technology that will help them develop the right skills for the future. We explore the best coding toys and games, crafting/creating tools and kits, STEM/STEAM related gifts, programmable robots, electronic kits and gadgets for kids and teens in the tech age.

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Be smart with technology. Here we will publish all our ideas and projects using technology for creativity and working with children. You’ll find everything from making a lemon battery to a Minecraft glow-in-the-dark sword. Our designs are tried and tested on our own children or at events we organise, so we are sure you will have fun with the children at home. Some of our projects use specific technological gadgets that we provide you with links to purchase.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. In recent years, he has been focusing more on these areas of study. We also like to include art and design, so we often talk about STEAM (A stands for art). At Tech Age Kids, we believe coding is the new literacy, and kids need to understand how technology works, practice making skills and grow their curiosity to create a better future for us all.

Coding is increasingly recognized as an important skill for children to learn. Some learn how to code at school or at a coding club, but it’s great to have support at home too.

We think it is very important for children to learn about electronics and learn how to make circuits and write code to control hardware. Younger children can start with conductive play dough. For kids who like to combine crafts and technology, littleBits are great. And we love SAM Labs wireless electronic components because they make it easy for kids to create IoT inventions. Many electronic kits for children have support for the Arduino microprocessor environment. One of our favorites is the DuinoKit Jr. Arduino is a great skill for older children and teenagers to develop.

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We at Tech Age Kids love robots, especially the programmable ones. We have a lot of them and write reviews and projects that use them. Our guide to buying programmable robots for kids is a good place to start if you’re not sure what’s available. The RobyBot Meccano robotic dog is one of our favorite projects and has been with us at many events. Our LEGO Ozobot trailer is perfect for kids who love LEGO and robots.

We encourage the creative use of technology but this needs to be balanced with the development of physical skills such as paper making, carpentry, clay modelling, technical drawing and soldering. If children do not develop these skills as they grow, physical art projects can be more frustrating than fun. The maker community uses the term “craft” as a broad term that encompasses all types of craft skills or craft activities. The ability to do things can lead to lifelong hobbies or even careers. It’s great to be able to take a project from an idea in your head to an object that does something. We are particularly interested in exploring products that combine maker skills with technical skills such as electronics, while others focus exclusively on physical maker skills, which are still important to modern manufacturing.

Bloxels is a physical pixel board with an app that kids can use to design their own computer games. We supported the Bloxels Kickstarter project. The campaign was originally due to launch in time for Christmas, but we were not surprised when there was a short delay until after Christmas. Our kit arrived soon and we have already had a chance to try it on.

My kids are 7 and 9 and they both love playing games and building a world, whether it’s physical LEGO or virtual Minecraft. My youngest is especially obsessed with pixel art in all forms. The Bloxels looked just like their type.

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They both code their own simple games in Scratch, so we didn’t like Bloxels because of his ability to “make it easy” for kids to create games. More about being able to focus on game design and being able to create games on their tablets and sitting on the floor surrounded by their toys instead of using a laptop with Scratch.

The Bloxels Builder app allows kids to create their own platform games. This surprised me as I was expecting a dungeon style game with interconnected rooms as described in the original Kickstarter. However, this is explained in the response on the Bloxels Kickstarter page. The new approach allows kids to design much more play assets than just a room layout, and the side view platform makes it easier to design art. Makes sense, although I’d like to see the original concept too, but playing so many games like this as a kid might be part of nostalgia! My kids forgot about the original concept when the Bloxels arrived and were very happy with the platform style.

You don’t need to create an account to get started, which means kids can start creating right away. The whole concept of creating the game is quite easy to understand. It seemed harder than we thought we would have to figure out our first game, but after a few hours (most of which were spent designing characters) we got the hang of it, and it sure is watching some tutorial videos helped.

To get help from the app you need to perform an authentication check every time to access content hosted on the web. We have no idea what this confirms, certainly not the age, as any kid old enough to play Bloxels would be able to beat him. We have completed the search for another device usage.

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My kids loved the idea of ​​making their own games. They started creating their own characters. After mastering the basics, they enjoyed the freedom to put as many ogres as they wanted on the board and create huge areas of lava.

Then they started thinking about creating more meaningful games. I like the way they think about a game that has players (which may not be them) and they have to apply the game to their players. This is great for design thinking and starting to understand usability.

The Bloxels Builder app is available for iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire. This is great to see because it is frustrating for families when their tablets are not supported.

You create characters, terrain, game layouts, and other objects by placing colored cubes on a black 13 x 13 game board. You bring your creations into play with your device’s camera. It’s a bit of a complicated process. The board should be on a white background and you should avoid reflecting on the board. Sometimes there are errors in the way the app sees your creation and you have to rescan it several times. But we always succeeded in the end.

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Bloxels app is free and you can create games without a game program. I was a little worried that the program would be a waste of money and my kids might end up using the app. However, they prefer to create both on the board rather than in the app. I think the board will give the app a long life because my kids will use it to create some pixel art and then they will want to put it in the game.

The board and the colored blocks are well made and a good size. The box is divided into compartments, which encourages my older son to organize them by color. The younger one had better throw them out!

The board works really naturally and creates animations that are used a lot in Bloxels. Just physically moving the pixels you want to change works well. Unless you want to change the design by one pixel in a certain direction.

But for simple changes it worked well and my children picked up quickly on the concept and started to create animated characters.

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Bloxels games are platformers to collect power-ups and coins, attack enemies and avoid hazards. You can also include text information to add a storytelling element to the game.

Have basic game mechanics

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