Newest Slot Machines In Vegas

Newest Slot Machines In Vegas – The future of casino gaming is showcased every year at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas. Slot and table game manufacturers are putting their devices out there for the industry to see, many of which are so new they haven’t even made it onto the casino floor. Industry heavyweights like IGT, Aristocrat, Konami and Scientific Gaming shared the expo floor with up-and-coming slot concepts like Gamblit, GameCo and Synergy Blue.

We had the opportunity to walk the expo floor at G2E and wanted to share the latest slot trends and technology you can see on casino floors in Las Vegas and around the country.

Newest Slot Machines In Vegas

3D slot machines, which are sprinkled all over the casino floors in Vegas, give a visual view of the objects on the screen without the need for 3D glasses. The graphics can take a while to get used to and the 3D-ness can usually be adjusted to increase or decrease the effect. As a general rule, it is recommended to decline 3D-ness if you have had more than 5 drinks.

Las Vegas Casino Slot Machine Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

4D Machines is basically a slot game with 3D images but with additional sensory components such as rumbling seats, the ability to “feel” floating graphics or the feeling of energy entering your fingers when displayed on screen in bonus games. with

IGT has brought many 4D titles to G2E such as Wheel of Fortune, Jumanji, Ocean Magic, Ghostbusters and Sphinx and the line up continues to grow. Expect to see more slots on the gaming floor featuring impressive 4D effects.

Konami demonstrated SYNK’s facial recognition software that will allow players to earn rewards and receive targeted offers without the need for a plastic reward card. Coming from a player who forgets his card at the machine 1.7 times per visit, this is welcome news. Typically, future players can have the option to register their face at the casino and collect prizes at machines and tables just as you unlock your iPhone – with your face.

We have come a long way from the days when customers were forced to stand in the hands of bandits. A strong profit motive is in place to keep you comfortable and give you the best experience on the machine. Seating options are becoming more comfortable. Check out this chair on display from Merkur Gaming, a high quality seat with a cup holder and a blue button to spin the reels. No need to reach from your chair to the slot machine.

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We are so lazy now that we need a “rotate” button on the chair. No need to lean forward. love

Another player convenience item that slot games often offer is a USB charging port, but Aruz Gaming goes a step further with their Muso Triple-27 slot which is the first to offer a wireless charging pad (pictured below). is

Set your phone to the left of this slot and you’ll top up your battery.

Casinos of the future may be cashless. Solutions like Global Payment Gaming Solutions VIP Mobility allow players to load their slot machines or buy chips in table games with their mobile phones. As a gamer, any technology that allows me to avoid the $9.99 ATM fee or the inconvenience of carrying cash.

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Casinos also benefit because cashless technology allows them to reduce costs associated with handling physical money and helps them fight fraud and money laundering.

A new concept, skill-based games still take up more square footage on G2E than the actual casino floor. Players are slow to switch to new game types and, in our opinion, never really ask to start. Casinos have also been slow to commit to skill-based games because the slower pace of play means less money is made than their traditional counterparts.

Skill-based slots are seen as a way to attract and engage a younger crowd that has been turned off by traditional reel slot games. While skill-based slots are often popular games like PacMan, Astroids, and Deal, or No Deal that should appeal to the target market, we believe there are still many barriers to the game type.

Remember, millennials are less interested in gambling because skill-based gaming is seen as a solution. Skill-based slots are meant to mirror video games, however, video games can be beaten while skill-based slots are not. Even the most skilled players will encounter home advantage.

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In fact, many skill-based games trigger a “gambling event” when you do something good (shoot a spaceship, win a race, collect coins, etc.) which is basically a slot spin that every The event takes place in the background. choose . In hindsight the slot spins are profitable or not, but there will be a built-in house edge. Usually, playing the game well often triggers “gambling events” or slot spins in the background. The better you play, the more spins you will hit on the slot machine.

We see skill-based games as just another interactive method rather than actually being skill-based, leading to the conclusion that the game is beatable. These games are great fun and may have a future on the casino floor, but may not with their target audience.

Other slot games have multiple stacked, side-by-side, rotating or large screens to draw players. Screen quality continues to improve, with many slots now equipped with 4K HD screens.

Beyond the game screen, many manufacturers take the display around their games to the next level with the aim of drawing players in. Below are some of our favorites:

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This still image of the display from AGS does not fit on the video screen around the slot unit.

Bonus games featuring the “That’s the Key” game were featured on the expo floor at G2E. Everyone is jumping on the success and popularity of this game feature and it doesn’t seem like it’s going away anytime soon.

Wheels and leads attract people like a 300 watt bulb attracts butterflies. It’s impossible to walk 10 steps on the expo floor at G2E without seeing multiple reels and progressive jackpots. They are going nowhere fast.

Overall, G2E exhibitors showcased many exciting new technologies. We’ve come a long way from the early one-armed bandits who didn’t carry a chair.

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I’m a former software vendor Vegas fan. Although the craps table is my favorite haunt, I am drawn to exploring new attractions, shows, restaurants and outdoor activities around Las Vegas with the goal of sharing my experiences.

Ultimately, I want to help people plan better trips and save some money in the process. The global gaming community gathers annually at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas to network, attend educational sessions and stay up-to-date on new gaming technologies. The heart of the show, however, takes place in the expo hall where slot machines, table games and other products focused on the gaming industry showcase the latest and greatest.

With new gadgets being showcased every year, new slot titles always get a lot of attention and this year is no exception. Below, we share our favorite new slot machine titles making their way onto the casino floor.

The game show format is popular with slot players and IGT is taking advantage with some interesting slot titles. At G2E, IGT launched its new Jeopardy slot game with the help of James Holzaur, winner of over $2 million dollars at the Real World Game Show.

New Slot Titles On Display At G2e

Another look at the popular game show from IGT that fans of the show will definitely be looking for. IGT’s Jeopardy and $25,000 Pyramid represent a great compliment to their Price Is Right and Wheel of Fortune slot games now on the casino floor and on Megatower hardware as pictured below.

The popular board game and movie is now a 4D slot machine courtesy of IGT. 4D slots combine a 3D display, complete with symbols and animations that appear to float in front of the player, ambient sounds and chairs that vibrate along with the game. The term “immersive” gets thrown around a lot in the gaming industry, but this is just a 4D slot.

Mr. Miyagi, Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence adapted the new slot game and is sure to appeal to anyone who loves the film franchise. Manufactured by Everi, this game features a horizontal rotating screen, 2 USB ports and a progressive jackpot that can be won if you get certain letters full screen. The game can be played in either “Walk On” or “Walk Off” mode with “Walk On”, each costing slightly more.

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