Online Chess Tournaments With Cash Prizes 2021

Online Chess Tournaments With Cash Prizes 2021 – The events of 2020 have devastated the economics of elite sports, and while online gaming is relatively safe, eSports has also taken a serious hit. However, this does not mean that the best and brightest stars of competitive games are starving.

Earnings for the top 50 esports players are down 80%, from $55 million in 2019 to $11 million in 2020, according to a study by Seattle-based bookmaker Unikrn. This is partly because most of the games have reduced their prize pools. , although some fell more dramatically than others.

Online Chess Tournaments With Cash Prizes 2021

, which offered almost 90% less prize money; In 2020, it increased by only $7,884,451 compared to $71,598,129 in 2019.

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However, the pen proved mightier than the sword, well, gun, when it came to the 2020 number one contender. Norwegian Grandmaster and reigning World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen (aka DrNykterstein) was the world’s highest paid eSports player. last year; he won a whopping $510,587 on Chess24 for his unparalleled skills.

The 30-year-old, whose classic score of 2,882 is the highest in the game’s history, was joined in the top 10 by 33-year-old American grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura, who won just $325,000. two

The player who took home the biggest solo prize of the year: a whopping $300,000 from Magic World Championship XXVI with a top ten finish.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the US was the highest grossing country in the world, with 4,291 players splitting $21.2 million among them. The rankings also continued to be dominated by young players, with an average age of 22.7 years in the top 50, while seven teenagers made the list, taking home a total of $1.7 million.

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Meaning, but not necessarily chess. Magnus Carlsen is a fantastic champion and dominated the circuit for several years, helping the sport to become more widely known.

“[P]andemic has impacted eSports prize money, with a 76% drop between 2019-2020. That said, it’s great to see players still taking advantage of major tournaments around the world and organizers doing their best to put on the best shows. maybe for the fans.”

Update (Jan 13): The article has been edited to correct the fact that Magnus Carlsen is 30 and not 31. WowChess, an online chess app launched in India and available for download from its website – sites. The COVID pandemic has impacted offline tournaments, where thousands of chess players, including children, compete year-round, and the entire chess tournament industry has come to a standstill. WowChess brings this offline behavior to the online space.

WowChess is revolutionizing the chess industry by enabling online tournaments. It enables chess players all over India (now and eventually the world) to play chess tournaments in different game formats like arena blitz, ball, puzzles, storylines, etc. with a chance to win prizes. WowChess has distributed prize money of over Rs.6 lakh and has hosted over 1500 tournaments to date.

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Built in India for Indian chess enthusiasts and players, the app aims to be the premier chess tournament provider in the country. WowChess users spend an average of 48 minutes a day playing chess through their app. Program user registrations grew by 30% each month.

WowChesss offers free tournaments with national currency and entry fees. The app offers about 25 tournaments every day. It is the only chess app in the world that allows players to enter tournaments and win prizes for an entry fee.

Welcome to a blog created with techies in mind. is an Indian and global blog dedicated to providing the latest updates from the world of technology, social media and gadgets, including the latest tech news, reviews, comparisons and more. We are pleased to announce the Rapid Championship, our most elite event yet. The first “RCC” debuts with a $650,000 prize pool. This 25-week extravaganza kicks off on February 12 and ends with a dramatic finale on August 28. Only the best of the best game, the top 100 in the world, the top 10 women and the top 10 juniors get a table.

With only the strongest players on the pitch and a slower time control, fans can only expect high quality. Many top grandmasters such as Fabiano Caruana, Anish Giri, Hikaru Nakamura, Wesley So, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Levon Aronian and others are expected to regularly participate in this event.

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Caruana, seen here at the 2021 Rapid and Blitz World Cup, is one of many stars expected to play. Photo: Maria Yemeljanova/.

Participants may also broadcast this event under controlled conditions (no chatting and other strict fair play requirements). This presents a unique opportunity to give viewers a rare insight into a high-level game, especially in the fast-paced time format. 10+0 is the most popular time control, but it is rarely used in higher level events. In this format, players have more time to strategize to win.

Who wouldn’t want to hear Nakamura talk about his mindset in a 10-minute match against the best players in the world? Speaking of Nakamura, he had this to say about the Rapid Championship: “I am delighted to be playing in this event, which is structured in such a way that it seems to meet the needs of many of the top 100 players. He has a flexible schedule, no strings attached, but seems to hit the mark with top players and fans alike. Because no extra time is required for participants, it is ideal for many schedules.

I look forward to playing this event… a guaranteed success with top players and fans alike. – Hikaru Nakamura

Grand Chess Tour Returns With $1.4 Million Prize Fund Across Five Tournaments In Europe And The United States

The younger players have made great strides in 2021 and we are delighted to give them a special opportunity to play against the best players in the world. Grandmaster Nodirbek Abdusattorov, recently crowned High Speed ​​World Champion, and other top juniors will have the opportunity to shine more often against the world’s elite. We expect more juniors to finish in the top 100 and qualify for the 2022 event.

The combination of the top 100 players, the best juniors and the best players in the world makes for really exciting matches and gives the next generation incredible opportunities to improve their skills.

The $650,000 prize pool is the largest prize pool ever offered and will be distributed during the event. $500,000 will be allocated for the first 25 weeks of the event, which equates to $20,000 per week. The prize pool for the final is $150,000, as well as the 2022 Rapid Championship title.

“As a fan, I can’t wait to see who will be the first Rapid Champion! As a member of the team, I am proud to provide the opportunity to compete online in a form they enjoy and under terms they appreciate.

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Who do you expect at the Rapid Championship 2022? Let us know in the comments below. launches its very first Premium Arena. All premium members can compete for their share of the $4,500 prize pool.

Update: The first Premium Arena event will now take place on Wednesday, June 3 at 9:00 AM PT (6:00 PM CEST)!

After a months-long delay from the original event, the highly anticipated new historic event is finally ready to begin: Premium Arena! For the first time in history, all premium members (Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Titled) can compete for cash prizes in the first Premium Arena. With special classes and streamer prizes, it offers first event prizes of up to $4,500.

The Premium Arena starts on Wednesday, June 3 at 9am PT (6pm CET) and can be found in the live stream/live tournaments tab. There will be a two-hour flash check in the arena to determine the winner of each ranking class.

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With Premium Arena, both Super Grandmasters and regular players can receive cash prizes for the first time. In the past, most cash prize events were reserved for expert level players, but with the introduction of the Premium Arena, players of all levels can monetize their dedication!

All Premium members can join the Premium Arena by joining the Premium Arena on the Live Server under the Tournaments tab. Streaming is not a requirement for cash prizes.

Do you want to fight in the Premium Arena and win cash prizes? Upgrade to Premium today and join the action on Wednesday, June 3 at 9:00 AM PT (6:00 PM CET)!

For players who win cash prizes and broadcast their entire performance in the arena, the cash prize will be doubled. Check out the following articles for tips on broadcasting games and the best ways to increase viewership.

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Special leaderboard prizes will be awarded to U800, U1000, U1200, U1400, U1600, U1800, U2000, U2200 and

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