Over The Counter Nighttime Sleep Aid

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Over The Counter Nighttime Sleep Aid

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Unisom Sleep Gels 60 Ct.

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Unisom Sleepgels Softgels, Sleep Aid, Diphenhydramine Hci, 8 Ct

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Very good product. I tried a few sleep aids that just didn’t work. This is a very good product. I sleep well at night.

This product is not a sleep aid. Great for those times when your brain won’t turn off!

I sleep through the night and am ready to not sleep most of the day. I am happy with them. Has everything going on in the world lately left you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? If you struggle with quality and want to do something about it, you’re not alone. You’ve likely tried common advice like going to bed at the same time, avoiding caffeine late in the day, turning off screens before bed, exercising regularly, and managing stress as best you can. If none of these work, you may want to try an over-the-counter sleep aid.

Best Sleep Aids For Adults

But are dreams safe? A valid concern, says Natalie Williams, MD, a family medicine physician at Austin Regional Clinic in Austin, Texas. “It’s important not to treat sleeping pills as a long-term solution: you can develop a tolerance to them, and some sleeping pills are contraindicated for certain conditions,” she explains. If you use it yourself regularly, he recommends consulting your doctor because there may be a problem preventing you from getting quality sleep, such as sleep apnea or restless legs syndrome. In the short term, sleep aids can be a useful tool.

It goes without saying that sleep is an important part of overall well-being, says Dr. Williams. “Getting enough sleep is good for the heart, brain, mood and immune system, and it helps with productivity,” she adds. “Meanwhile, poor sleep is associated with weight gain and depression.”

The two main types of sleep aids you’ll find on the market are sedative antihistamines and melatonin. A sedating antihistamine might be diphenhydramine (think Benadryl and AlloPM) or doxylamine succinate (the main ingredient found in NyQuil), Dr. Williams says. If allergies, headaches, or minor aches disturb your sleep, diphenhydramine may be helpful. Doxylamine succinate is for people who can’t sleep, but not for any other complaint.

“Antihistamines work by blocking the action of histamine, a substance associated with allergy symptoms,” says Dr. Williams. “In addition to clearing congestion, it also induces sleep, which is why it’s used as a sleep aid.” But there are some unpleasant side effects of using antihistamines in hives, such as headache, drowsiness, blurred vision and constipation.

Goodsense® Nighttime Sleep Aid Maximum Strength Softgel, 50 Mg, 32/ea

On the other hand, melatonin is considered a more natural choice because it is a hormone that your body produces naturally. “Your body’s melatonin levels are highest at night and lowest in the morning,” says Dr. Williams. “Melatonin helps your body know it’s time to rest and sleep. So it doesn’t knock you out like antihistamines do.” And you’re unlikely to become dependent on melatonin, nor will it have many side effects.

Taking sleeping pills, especially if you’re someone with multiple medical conditions or medications, Dr. Williams says. The elderly or those taking other medications should talk to their doctor first before adding an OTC sleep aid to the mix. Also, if you feel the need to use a sleep aid for an extended period of time (more than seven days in a row) or if you increase the dose, Dr. Williams says it’s likely to greatly affect your sleep, something you should talk to your doctor about. your doctor.

Again, sleep aids are not meant to be permanent solutions and carry risks if taken too long. Although they are not as addictive as prescription sleep aids can be, you can quickly become dependent on them. If you’ve been taking a sedative-type sleeping pill and find that the recommended dose isn’t working, talk to your doctor, because it’s easy to develop a tolerance to them and increasing the dose can be dangerous.

If allergies are causing constant sneezing and congestion, making it seem impossible to sleep, try a Benadryl formulation at night. However, you might want to save it for the weekend, because sleep can last until the next morning.

Best Natural Sleep Aids: Otc Remedies For Insomnia

Are minor aches and pains keeping you up at night? A combination pain reliever that promises 12 hours of relief and a non-habit-forming sleep aid, Aleve PM is a solid solution, especially if the daytime counterpart works well for you.

You know how NyQuil works like a charm for you and instantly stops you from catching a cold? If you do, ZzzQuil can be a good choice when you have a few days of insomnia or quality sleep that is not related to illness. Note that you should not take this pill if you are using other products that contain diphenhydramine.

Although these capsules come from the makers of Tylenol, they don’t contain any pain relievers, they just help you sleep. You might want to give them a shot if Tylenol is for your headaches, colds, and other minor ailments.

For a more natural and non-habit forming option, try these melatonin gummies. They’re blended with other sleep-inducing ingredients like chamomile, lavender and valerian root to help you wake up refreshed, not groggy.

Nighttime Sleep Aid Caplets 25 Mg

Bedtime tea may be the OG natural sleep remedy, and this ‘extra’ version boosts relaxation with valerian root and chamomile. Although valerian is known to be a powerful herb, it is not a habit or a tea.

Long-term sleep deprivation is associated with reduced immunity, and elderberries are often considered immune-boosting foods. These gums are made with these powerful ingredients (plus melatonin, echinacea, zinc and vitamin C). Flavored with delicious fruit, they also taste better than other sleeping pills.

Valerian root is believed to aid sleep, relaxation and stress management. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, take just two drops of this liquid extract by mouth or add it to a beverage such as water, juice or tea. However, do it 20 to 30 minutes before bed for maximum benefits.

If you prefer to keep things simple, choose pure melatonin like this one. It contains no artificial flavors or preservatives and is gluten free.

Rexall Sleep Aid (tablet) Dolgencorp, Llc

This powder is a bit expensive, but by adding hot water or milk it can be made into a comforting drink like hot chocolate. It contains melatonin and magnesium, which are also linked to better sleep.

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