People Who Think They Are Mermaids

People Who Think They Are Mermaids – Salt water flows in my blood. There is a feeling of the sea. Ashley Moore, Moray Firth Mermaid from Scotland. Photo: Murdo MacLeod/The Observer

For centuries, the story of mermaids has teased sailors and maidens. Today, fishtail women perform these stories

People Who Think They Are Mermaids

The tail rises and throws seawater at the people standing on the pier. Children run forward, magic. The mermaid who pulled herself up on the plank is laughing, water running from her hair. The color of the tail is similar to the green and brown of marine animals.

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The group at the harbor paid for a Meet a Mermaid session as part of Portland Week on the Isle of Portland in Dorset, a fundraising event for the environmental Clean Jurassic Coast. But everyone in the district is equally captivated. The mermaid slaps her tail. The noise is loud, not human. Its resonant fins beat the water like a floating whale.

On Earth, the green and brown mermaid is Hana Kadik, or Mermaid Torva, who lives on a nearby boat. She is a small woman and she walks while dancing. But there is visible green grass gathered at the end of his hair. He said there is everywhere. “I always find pieces in the bathroom.”

The mermaid grew up in the US, but Hannah, 32, is one of a growing number of mermaids in the UK. There is no official count, but people in the community estimate their number to be around 600. Grace Page, founder of Hire a Mermaid UK, believes she was one of the first three mermaids in the country.

Grace, like other mermaids, uses a monofin, which is a large fin with two legs. They are also used by free and scuba divers and provide a valuable boost. However, they are expensive – silicone tails can cost upwards of £2,000 – and are often handmade. Grace points to Siki Red, Prisma Tails and Mermaid Asylum as independent tail manufacturers in the UK, but it’s not unusual for mermaids around the world to search for the right tail. Hannah’s tail could have matched the fish and seaweed off the coast of Dorset, but she bought it from a designer in South Africa. Cheaper canvas tails are also readily available and can provide a useful entry point.

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Grace started tailgating in 2011 and appeared as a paid mermaid in 2013. “There was a comedy group that had a whole tail in their act, but that was it. Right now, I think there are probably about 90 people doing it professionally. But for many, it’s entertainment.”

Grace, who also represented Great Britain at the Mermaid World Championships, has 50 professionals on her agency’s books and 1.4 million followers on TikTok. Kate McLeod, also known as The Hebrew Mermaid, creates and presents documentaries,

For the BBC’s Alba Gaelic Channel. St Ives Mermaid Laura Evans seeks reassurance in a book about her experience from crowdfunding platform Unbound. Mermaids have been found in the pool, marina, leisure center and tanks at Blackpool Sea Life Centre.

, where she was the first female swimmer to swim with her tail (she is also credited with inventing synchronized swimming and being the first woman to wear a modern swimsuit).

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, Kellerman’s biography, but the real heart of America’s Daughter is in Florida’s Weeki Wachee, a freshwater spring that has hosted a mermaid show for 75 years. But, said museum expert Rebecca Schwandt, the performers began swimming in the tails of the 1960s, and Schwandt’s master’s thesis focused on the history of women performing at the Weeki Wachee. “For performers in the mid-20th century, this was a job you could do immediately. If you don’t want to be a teacher or a housewife, you can be a mermaid,” she said. “But at the same time. they all talk about underwater magic. It was more than just a job.”

A growing number of mermaids in the UK believe in sophistication. Aside from the need to be a strong and confident swimmer in (and under) the water, you can’t afford to buy a fancy wetsuit and head to your nearest pool. First of all, many mermaid pools require a special permit to be applied for for safety and insurance reasons. The tail should also be secure.

It can be difficult to get rid of a bad tail that turns into a wet leg tie. If the fins are too large, it will be difficult for the swimmer to keep his head above the surface. Learning to free dive, to move in water without a breathing apparatus, means learning how to manage the body’s response to the formation of carbon dioxide and not to breathe when there is no oxygen. Mermaids swimming in the sea must adapt to the cold, watch rising waves and tides, and drain sewage.

But they can be applied. Most mermaids are drawn to their magic, their freedom, their unearthly beauty, becoming something else, if only for a moment.

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“Honestly, it changed my life,” said Tasha Ferry, 34, who has been swimming as a mermaid in her native Cornwall for a year. She had only been working at the nursing home for two months before the Covid. Suddenly the villagers died. It’s really hard because you bond with people when you think about them.” “You had to keep working because you knew no one was coming to save you.” Eventually, the stress and grief led to depression and anxiety, and Tasha quit. his work.

He always loved to swim, learning “before I could walk” in the sea near his father’s home in Mouillon on the Andringo Peninsula. He said. “In another world, under water.” Sometimes he would see mermaids at the beach or at events. He said. I thought they were great. “But I closed in on myself. I felt very old.”

A few months later, Tasha bought a ponytail and posted a picture of it on her Instagram. She receives a letter from another Cornish mermaid inviting her to an event in Porthleven to swim with the local pod (a group of dolphins, whales and seals called a pod). “It was nerve-wracking,” Tasha said of walking down the sidewalk with her tail in hand.

“I’ve never been a person with a lot of friends. I can be quiet and reserved. I didn’t expect society to be accepting, but that’s what I’ve found. groove now and I’m so happy.”

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Porthleven Mermaid Day is organized by Susie Inman, 43, an author, PR and marketing writer. It’s Susie’s 40th birthday. She saved up for a year to buy a ponytail and said, “I wanted to celebrate that event and do something for myself.” He lived in Cornwall for 13 years but grew up in Lytham, Lancashire, where his grandfather was a fisherman. “We have learned to respect the sea and rarely swim in the water because there are deep currents around it,” he said. But he was swimming in the pool. As a child, she used to dive and retrieve lost jewelry from the depths. As a teenager he swam competitively for Lancashire.

The first time he made his tail, he landed on the edge of Porthleven harbour, “I felt numb. I fell off the edge, went under for a while and started swimming.”

But Hannah is starting to have problems with her vocal cords. He’s the swing of the show, a musical theater term for an actor who can jump into a production at short notice. His voice disappeared.

He said, I couldn’t even speak. Now, nearly three years later, a mermaid show followed by a talk where she talks about cheating.

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Swimming. Susie Inman, who saved up for a year to buy her first tail. Photo: Leon Fugit/The Observer

When the pandemic lockdown began, Hannah also had no place to live. She took free diving lessons with the intention of working as a mermaid and befriended an assistant instructor. He needed someone to look after his ship. Hannah lives in Dorset, is surrounded by water and starts swimming.

“I’m the opposite of the Little Mermaid,” she said. “He lost his voice when he walked on the ground. I lost my voice and went into the sea.”

Hans Christian Andersen’s gloomy original and the sunny Disney version appear frequently in The Sign. Ashley Moore, 30, calls Disney movies her childhood memories. “My mom put an ad in the local paper asking if anyone had a VHS

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