Print Your Own Tarot Cards

Print Your Own Tarot Cards – How beautiful are these homemade bass tarot cards! To make them, I first printed the card images on self-printed sticker sheets, so this is by default also a tutorial for printing tarot stickers since they are self-printed self-adhesive sticker sheets.

Along with the deck, book, and online system, you’ll also get a digital file folder with a selection of high-resolution images, right? Majors, Aces, Archangels (Kings) cards and Shields (Kings) in a deck are various other image files that you can deal with and create.

Print Your Own Tarot Cards

For some business purposes, I have a bunch of these FedEx personalized mailing labels. They measure approximately 8.0 x 5.0 inches, so I had to take that into account when creating the printable images. You can buy a bunch of personalized postcards in different sizes for cheap, so if you like this craft idea, I’d get myself a bunch of these.

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Then in MS Word I add the image files to the tarot card images I want and use the crop function to cut out the captions. Just for personal preference – I don’t want the titles to appear on the end tabs – just the image. But it is.

I then format the cropped image file dimensions in MS Word to the dimensions I want the images to print. For the mailing label template I’m using, I used 3.31″ x 5.0″, but you’ll need to adjust the properties based on your own template.

Likewise with paper margins that when printed, the image files will print exactly where I want them to be on the personalized sticker paper. Through trial and error I learned that the maximum margin for the FedEx mailing labels I use should be 0.44″ and the left and right margins should be 0.5″. The bottom margin is not important, as the sticker only appears on the top half of each page.

The top of each sticker is not unreasonably thick – here the sticker peels off from the back. All white margins around the image are approximately the same.

Tarot Deck Printable Tarot Card Deck Make Your Own Rider

Now I have stickers the size of a tarot card! I will remove them from their backing and glue them to heavy cardboard. I used the same 270gsm white card stock that I used to draw my original image.

. The idea first came to me when I was trying to use up the card pages I had left over after finishing the deck.

According to my specifications, I can put about two stickers on each sheet of card, fold them in half lengthwise so that each sheet takes out two note cards.

You know how to make envelopes by hand, right? Yes. That’s what I did and made an envelope that fits perfectly on any note card. I’m not going to teach you adverbs, but you’re smart so I’m sure you can understand.

Mr. Moonflower — Is It Possible To Make Your Own Tarot Cards If You

And if it helps, this is a great template for 3.5″ x 5.5″ envelopes. I first went to Amazon to see if I could get envelopes that exactly matched the cards I made, but alas no. So I had to design my own envelopes. The best envelope size for note cards I’ve printed is 3.5″ x 5.5″, which is what the pattern below is (works with 8.0″ x 5.0″ mailing labels), Card 2 images are printed for sticker).

If you want to learn from my mistake, the most effective way to do it is to first go online, find a note card envelope of the size you want, order those envelopes, and then design a card with a version that matches the envelopes you want to buy. This way you don’t have to make your own envelopes by hand (which is a lot of work).

Making a dozen tarot cards with envelopes and tying them together in a bundle with ribbon would make a nice gift for someone! Or grab a handful of notes to keep with you so you can express your gratitude quickly and beautifully whenever you need to.

Since you buy the Premium package from me (and thus get the digital image files), you are allowed to trade these image files, whether it’s woo-woo art or just craftiness, and actually more than that – you’re encouraged – – craft from own things, but of course only for personal, non-commercial use.

Ways To Read Tarot Cards

And if you do something good with the images you choose, omigosh, share it on social media! Your creativity can inspire someone else’s creativity, and that’s definitely good karma. =)

Click on the Archives link to access past newsletters. Join the Google team to get exclusive free downloads, insider updates and more. Want to make your own tarot cards? Not sure where to start or how to read tarot cards? Our guide is here to help you through the process of creating your own deck and will provide useful tips for your designs.

When it comes to printing a traditional deck of tarot cards, our playing cards and card boxes are the perfect solution.

Tarot cards are combined to form a set of different cards, each with its own sacred image and symbolic meaning. When drawn from the deck, these cards can be read to provide spiritual guidance to assist the individual with important life events or in their daily life.

Specific Design Custom Decks Print Your Own Moodust Tarot Cards With Guidebook

A reading card usually starts with a question. These questions can be anything from asking about your future to asking how your day is going. Depending on the card drawn, different recommendations will be given depending on the strength of the card and the problem that occurs. Multiple cards can be read together and each will give its own insight into the questions asked.

The standard tarot card size is 70 mm x 120 mm. This is the same size as our long playing card. The larger size provides more space to display your beautiful tarot card designs and can be mixed more easily. To complement your cards, our premium playing card case can be customized to fit and protect your deck.

The most popular variation of the tarot card deck is the Raider-Waite deck. This deck consists of 78 different cards, including important and minor secret cards.

Major Arcana cards do not have a direct number, but each has a name such as The Hanged Man, Wheel of Fortune, and Power. The Fool card is the only card in this group that does not have a specific position and can be found at the beginning or end of the Major Arcana tarot deck. These cards provide information about major life events that you may experience.

Drawing My Own Tarot Deck: Rumination Notes Fours To Aces

The Minor Arcana cards are divided into four different suits of swords, clubs, hearts and pentacles and are numbered as ten with the addition of king, queen, page and knight. These cards represent events from everyday life, the numbers on the cards show where you are in that event, the ace is at the beginning and the ten is at the end.

So what are the 78 tarot cards in the Raider-Waite deck? Here is a list of tarot cards in order:

Of course, you don’t have to stick to this list of tarot cards. The beauty of making your own tarot cards is that you can decide how many cards will be in the tarot deck. For a slightly more unconventional approach, an oracle deck allows for any number of cards and cards not found in a classic tarot deck.

Reading tarot cards is a very personal and spiritual experience. Understanding and feeling connected to your cards is essential to providing an insightful reading. The shape of your cards will affect how you interpret their meaning. The true meaning of the card may seem elusive if you don’t get it right with the design.

Spanish Tarot Deck Printable Tarot Card Deckmake Your Own

Instead, think about what each card represents. Research the meaning of each card and then write down what you think when you hear these meanings. Sometimes your first thoughts are the best, so don’t dismiss them. This will help you consider different tarot card ideas and guide you to designs that really connect with you.

Consider whether your deck will be designed for personal use or for a wider user base. This will also affect the design you create.

Designed for a broad audience, the decks use images that most people would associate on a single card. The images used may seem more ‘clear’ about what the card represents, for example many decks describe the Devil card as a man with a horn or fire. This allows multiple people to connect to the card for their own reading.

On the other hand, decks designed for personal use will have breathtaking views at every level. These images are always the property of the title and are unlikely to be linked to other cards.

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