Reasons Why Divorce Should Be Legalized

Reasons Why Divorce Should Be Legalized – Catholic pilgrims with signs join the ‘police for life’ at a park in Manila early February 24, 2018. (Ted Aljibe/AFP Photo)

Marriage is a period in a young woman’s life. For Melody Allan, that moment came when she was 21, fresh out of college and in love. However, for Allan and hundreds of women like her in the Philippines, their youthful dreams of wedded bliss turned into a never-ending nightmare as the country’s legal system abandoned him. He was trapped in an abusive relationship with his partner for many years.

Reasons Why Divorce Should Be Legalized

Today, the Manila native is a prominent voice in the country’s ongoing fight against divorce, serving as secretary general of the Divorce Lawyers of the Philippines (DAP), the only divorce law firm registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines. . Divorce advocates opened the debate, and the bill to introduce the law passed third reading in the House of Representatives on March 19.

Divorce Should Not Be Legalized In The Philippines

However, the legal and social reform faced opposition from interest groups in ASEAN member states, including pro-family groups such as the Catholic Church and President Rodrigo Duterte, who opposed the proposed law. The Philippines, which was 80.6 percent Roman Catholic in 2010, is the only country in the world outside the Vatican that does not allow same-sex marriage.

Although divorce is illegal in this Southeast Asian country, happily married Filipinos have two options to go to court: annulment and legal separation. An annulment is the dissolution of a marriage for a variety of reasons, from fraud and deceit to illness or insanity, although a special arrangement allows a man to live alone even if he is married in name.

Layoffs can last for years at great financial cost, but they have an advantage in the end result: both sides of the disqualification go their separate ways, with no connection between them. Indeed, the marriage contract was treated as if it had never existed. However, for those whose marriages have crumbled over time, this work is at best a fairy tale and at worst a thankless tribute to happier times.

“Yes, there are abortions, but they are fake, sad, expensive and dangerous for the children who have to go through the process. We are pushing for this announcement because we want to be freed from the law to start afresh while fixing the real reasons why marriages end,” Allan said.

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Divorce, on the other hand, is a legal separation that terminates the marital rights and economic ties between the two partners, although the marital bond remains intact. The reasons for separation are often physical violence, drug addiction or abandonment by the spouse. Divorce is common in the Philippines: Alan has been separated from his husband since 2010. However, unlike a marriage annulment, the act prevents future marriages while continuing the legal relationship between the two partners.

In this regard, the passage by the House of Representatives of House Bill 7303 entitled “An Act Establishing Absolute Divorce and Divorce in the Philippines” gives new hope to Filipinos, especially women who cannot afford dissolution or search costs. greater closure than that caused by legal separation.

As for costs, the maximum limit for filing a lawsuit could be up to one million pesos (US$19,060), which House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez paid to end his first marriage. This compares to an annual family income in the Philippines of 267,000 pesos ($5,092), according to the 2015 Survey of Family Income and Expenditure.

“There has been a lot of support for legalizing divorce in recent years, especially with the introduction of Act 7303 in 2012.” Also, the legislative power sees and hears that more and more facts are being presented in the case and the victims are sharing theirs. experience,” Alan said.

Pdf) Should Divorce Be Legalized In The Philippines?

However, the measure faced strong opposition from interest groups inside and outside the Philippine Congress, where the House of Representatives forms the lower house. For a bill to become law, it must be passed by the Senate and the House of Commons; however, the divorce bill is not yet in the upper house.

On March 19, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque announced Duterte’s opposition to House Bill 7303, highlighting the harmful effects of divorce on children of divorced couples and husbands seeking legal action against former partners. Later in May, Senate President Vicente Sotto III confirmed that the Senate could not pass the bill, prompting Duterte.

“Let’s practice. The president disagrees. The House passed the divorce bill. Even if the Senate passed the divorce bill, the president could block it, or the majority would veto it. Anyone could take it to the Supreme Court and declare it unconstitutional. [But] if you look at the Constitution, I think it’s very clear that the family is important and you can’t decide to divorce,” he said in an interview.

Duterte and Sotto’s comments came after a 2017 Social Weather Poll showed 53 percent of Filipinos supported legalizing divorce, with 30 percent in favor and 23 percent in favor. Divorce sentiment was highest in Metro Manila, the seat of government and one of the country’s three designated metropolitan areas, with 61 percent in favor of legalization, while 35 percent strongly agreed.

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As the divorce debate continues in the Philippines, it remains to be seen whether its leaders can continue to ignore the views of the majority of citizens on the issue amid reports of a weakening of the Catholic Church’s authority on political and moral matters. in the country. However, despite the fact that the family is enshrined in Article 15 of the 1987 Constitution as the foundation of the nation, this means that the issue will continue to divide the people. This is a long, damaging process that will harm the children and cause a custody battle.

Argument against: Divorce proceedings deprive the divorced person of their freedom.

Counterargument: Divorce teaches children responsibility and change in life circumstances. Also, their sense of stability and security will soon diminish.

Counterargument: This child chooses which parent to live with. Disclaimer: Parents should spend time with their child and be there for them at all times

What’s The Separation Requirement For A Divorce In Ohio?

Divorce is an agreement between husband and wife to end the marital relationship. This can be called divorce and it is the act of terminating the marriage before the death of either spouse. There are many different and complex reasons and reasons for divorce, and each one has to do with that couple’s marriage, their personal experiences, and their personal issues. None of this is known as “normal” for someone going through a divorce, of course, but there are many recurring reasons to justify the term.

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Divorce has become a common process throughout the world, affecting not only parents and their children, but also those around them, thus posing a serious threat to child victimhood. However, despite the common nature of divorce, it continues to affect various aspects of children’s daily lives and work. Thus, children and youth do not have a normal and stable family upbringing and therefore suffer from the disadvantages of a single-parent family.

Divorce can be considered a normal legal procedure for the separation of a marriage, which results in the separation of both parents and the division of property and ultimate custody of the children.child. Divorce should not be allowed in the Philippines because it is a long and dangerous process that harms children and starts custody battles. Divorce is a long process before it is accepted. While divorcees benefit from the freedom they gain, their children will suffer in the process. It is not possible to change the freedom of a divorced person to have rights to their child. It is inappropriate to start a new life without looking back and returning the child to the past. In the process, their children do not know whether their parents will divorce or not and may behave rebelliously depending on the situation. Divorce can affect children if parents don’t find ways to make sure the child is safe. It costs a lot

A Position Paper About The Legalization Of Divorce

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