Record Your Own Story Book

Record Your Own Story Book – Use this journal to preserve precious memories and record the unique history of your life, past and present.

This book will be a treasured gift for you, your family, and future generations. For some it will be the introduction to your life, for others it will be a reminder of why they love you so much.

Record Your Own Story Book

This book is perfect for documenting your life and is very compact. Perfect for gift giving

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I bought one of these late last year. I took it out for New Year’s and after about an hour with the 2 little girls I used this slide to make some holes. The holes were in the main body joints and white ends

I initially tried to cancel the order early but was ignored by the company and the order was shipped anyway.

Not what I expected, very cheap product, hard to work with, not good to use.

This company cannot be contacted because the number does not exist, when you try to send or reply to the email company you will receive a bounced email that cannot be sent to this company.

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