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Rent The Runway Trina Turk – Trina Turk Kendall Coat | Speed ​​​​​​Shoes (Under $30!) | Earrings via Roxbox (first month free with code “XOXO”)

Today could not have started better. I had Taylor Swift’s new album downloaded on my phone and Chicago saw its first snow! I know that many people stood up looking out the window, but I was very excited. I like winter. I had my first date with Steve this winter (February, to be exact) and I told him at the beginning of our time together that I love winter in Chicago. He always likes to laugh and how he thought “Who is this fool? Of course, it could be winter.

Rent The Runway Trina Turk

Too long and it can be frustrating when there are 20 cloudy days in a row. But give me cold air, snow and sun and I will be happy.

Simple Green Dress + Statement Earrings

Speaking of winter, I’m looking to expand my outdoor workshop. Steve told me recently, as a husband too, that my coats are pulling my clothes. I won’t lie, sometimes I walk around Chicago in a sweatshirt and my sneakers while the rest of my outfit is work appropriate. I don’t really care how I look riding the El or going to and from work, but I do realize that I need a nice dress in my closet for special events. Not to mention the ones that keep me warm. I have a coat from last year and at the end of the season I bought a wool coat at Banana Republic. On top of that, I used my Rent the Runway Unlimited membership to rent a funky Trina Turk Kendall striped coat. I love how long it is, it keeps my feet warm and the faux fur collar also helps insulate.

It’s winter shopping season, and this weekend’s sales are a great place to start! The shoes in these photos are under $30, in fact everything at Express is 40% off! Sephora is running a deal for all their members and I know I got my favorite concealer and hair products. If shopping isn’t on your to-do list this weekend why not…

This blog is written by a Midwest transplant in Los Angeles. Stay with me as I cover style and lifestyle topics. My dummy can also appear. Thanks for stopping by! It’s been months since I rented a Rent The Runway dress for an event! My most recent designer dress rental was last October (and I love that dress). Last weekend, my dad and I had dinner together in St. Louis. St. Louis this summer to celebrate our milestone anniversary. I just turned 40 and my dad will be 80 in a few weeks, so we got friends and family together to celebrate!

As usual when deciding to rent a dress, I went down the rabbit hole that is I always have a hard time finding the right outfit for the occasion. This time I wanted something summery, short and colorful. We had decided that the dress had to be “casual dress” so I didn’t want anything too fancy or embarrassing. The floral Trina Turk Ace dress I chose was just what I was looking for!

Rent The Easter Dress — Savannah Smiled

When I did my makeup for the party, I removed my eyeliner and had to completely wash it off and reapply. So I ended up in a rush and forgot to have someone take a picture of me in costume before going to the venue. We took photos at the party before the guests arrived, but the lighting in the private function room was a bit harsh for photos. So, unfortunately, my photos in the dress are not as good as I would have liked. I even forgot to take a close-up of the makeup because I was in a hurry! Blogger failed!

As you can see, the fit was quite good for me. I got an extra size (included in the rental cost) of the same dress in case it didn’t fit my normal size. The dress was quite comfortable; The first time I sat in it, I found it a little tight. But then I didn’t notice it. We didn’t dance at the party, so I can’t say how well this dress would do on the dance floor.

I love the cross/shoulder cut of this dress! The cut is a bit sexy without showing too much skin. And the bright tropical floral print was perfect for a summer dinner party! I always find myself gravitating towards the blue dresses on Rent The Runway, so I’m trying to get into other colors. Although the background of this dress is blue, there are a lot of other colors going on in it, so I decided to give it a go.

I styled this outfit with my Tarte Mermaid makeup bag as a clutch. The makeup bag works perfectly as a mini festive bag!

Why I’m Loving Rent The Runway Unlimited

For jewelry, of course, I wore my trusty Urban Outfitters bunny ring. This is my special occasion ring (I even wore it to my wedding)! Since the dress was a statement in itself, I kept the rest of my jewelry simple. For earrings I chose a simple pair of sparkly V-shaped studs and wore my Stella & Dot Artisan Stretch bracelets. The necklace was not necessary with the collar of the dress.

As for the shoes, I wish I had just said no and gone for sneakers, because standing at cocktail hour was a pain, even in the Payless sandals I chose. It was my own birthday party.. I should have sneaked in! That’s good.

The Trina Turk Floral Ace Dress came in at a very reasonable $72.49. The rental of the dress itself was $55 and the total cost included $5 insurance, tax and $9.95 shipping. This particular dress retails for $288. I never spend a lot of money on a dress, so renting is definitely the way to go!

I felt great in this rental dress and got lots of compliments from my party guests. I have written about Rent The Runway many times and cannot recommend this service enough! It’s great for weddings, galas, or any celebration that requires a bit of style. And since the rate is insured, you don’t have to worry too much about minor spills or damage. Here are some things that might not surprise you. When I found out I was going to be on The Today Show, I…

Rent Anchors Away Jumpsuit From Trina Turk

Luckily, Rent the Runway has a showroom in Chicago and they took me in 🙂 They had tons of great clothes for me to try on, even with the late notice, and they even provided me with an apron and gave me helpful advice without alternatives! (Haha I had to make sure I looked cute for the real part, didn’t I?!)

This Trina Turk floral dress was the first one I tried on and it was exactly what I wanted. Flexible, bright and cheerful – plus it fits like a glove!

My time in the studio went by so fast that when I started to head out, I realized that there was barely a picture of me in this beautiful number! Luckily, my friend Kate was visiting and she was kind enough to take some pictures for me. He did a great job, didn’t he?! Good luck, Kate!

I think my mischievous smile is clear in these photos I just saw this morning – but if you’re wondering why my hand is in my hair in almost all of them, it’s because I was so fast. It was raining very few minutes after I hit the camera! Don’t worry, we took this as a sign to hit one of our favorite restaurants, so it went pretty well if you ask me 🙂

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