Rio De Janeiro Carnival Photos

Rio De Janeiro Carnival Photos – A member of the Grand Rio Samba School performs during Carnival on February 24, 2020 in Rio de Janeiro. Carl D’Souza/AFP – File Getty Images

The South American nation has seen a surge in Covid-19 cases since the start of the year, with the highly contagious Omicron strain forcing authorities to move Carnival parades to the end of April instead of the last weekend in February. calendar.

Rio De Janeiro Carnival Photos

“This decision was made due to the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil and the need to unite to protect people and carry out vaccinations throughout the country,” he said. Rio and Sao Paulo postponed the start of the Carnival parades until April 21.

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Brazil’s carnival celebrations have been postponed after a new daily record number of Covid-19 cases were reported. At least 137,103 new cases were reported Tuesday as Omron became the dominant strain in the country. The above post was reported on June 23 when the number of daily new jobs hit 115,228.

The mayor of Rio, Eduardo Pace, and his counterpart from Sao Paulo, Ricardo Nunes, held a video call with secretaries of health and leagues of samba schools in each of the cities that paraded on Friday.

Members of the Sanba School rehearse for the Rio de Janeiro Carnival on January 16. Lucas Landau/Reuters

Pace said his town’s block parties, which draw millions of partygoers, will not continue as they did before the pandemic, but he has not said which type they will choose.

Brazil’s Carnival Parade Returns In Rio De Janeiro After Long Coronavirus Hiatus

Brazil has reported more than 23.5 million cases since the pandemic began in 2020, with the official death toll exceeding 622,000, according to NBC News.

Nicole Acedo is a reporter for NBC News Digital. She reports, writes and produces for NBC Latino and .NEW ORLEANS (WVUE)-The streets of Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival parade have been canceled by the mayor in 2022 due to Brazil’s COVID-19. New cases keep popping up. CNN report.

Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes made the announcement Tuesday (January 4) live on YouTube.

“Today we met with the people of the ‘Blocos’ (organized street parties) and we told them that there is a street carnival this year that is not going to take place in 2021 because of the epidemiological data,” Pace said, according to a translated text. CNN report.

Photos: Brazil Kicks Off Carnival In A Blaze Of Color

The city’s Sapucai Carnival, a parade of performers from Rio’s samba schools through the Marquee de Sapucai Sambadrome stadium, will still take place under restricted health protocols, according to the report. The parade, watched by spectators in the stadium stands, was canceled in 2021.

According to the Riotour travel agency, more than 7 million people usually attend Carnival events in the city.

Other Brazilian capitals are also canceling Carnival parades, according to Reuters.

Last week, the northeastern city of Salvador said it would not hold the event. According to local media, Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais, has also decided not to hold street protests this year.

Must See Attractions At Rio De Janeiro Carnival

Sao Paulo, the capital of Brazil’s richest state, plans to move its street parade to the city’s Interlagos Formula 1 race, the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper reported.

Do you see a spelling or grammatical error in our story? Click here to report. Include a name. Members of the Portilla samba school perform in the Carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro. Photo by Carl D’Souza/AFP via Getty Images

In many years, Rio de Janeiro’s annual Carnival before Lent begins on Friday and lasts for five days. During Carnival, daring performers sing and clap to the beat of samba.

Draw the streets of a Brazilian city. The festival was not delayed due to Covid-19.

A Brief History Of Rio Carnival

After announcing the cancellation of Carnival in 2021, Rio Mayor Eduardo Pace handed over the key to the city to health workers in lab coats. This year’s carnival, shortened and delayed by two months due to the introduction of the Omicron variety, was held from April 20 to 30.

Rey Momo, Wilson Dias da Costa Neto (left) receives the key to the city from Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes (right) during the official opening of Carnival on April 20. Photo Mauro Pimentel/AFP via Getty Images

Last week, Wilson Dias, who attended the festivities as a symbol of Pace Carnival, also handed over the key to King Momo of Costa Neto.

Parading in their traditional costumes, the dancers, drenched in glitter and neon colors, captured the spirit of carnival. Brazil’s best samba schools have filled Rio’s Sambadrome, the festival’s venue since the 1980s, with passionate and sophisticated swimmers and dancers. During the pandemic, the large open space served as a vaccination center and shelter for the homeless. This year’s festival filled the venue with vibrant colors and captivating music.

Rio De Janeiro Carnival: By The Numbers

In addition to the colorful costumes, the parade highlighted various social issues in the country such as violence, gender and religion. Eight of the 12 participating samba schools chose themes related to Afro-Brazilian culture or racial injustice, Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported. Some selected topics with political news.

A member of the Veradoro Samba School performs during the first night of the Rio Carnival parade. Photo by Carl D’Souza/AFP via Getty Images

The 2022 festival was not without controversy. They have been known as informal street parties for over a decade.

You must apply for a permit from the municipality. Citing a lack of time for a comprehensive review this year, officials said they would not allow any blocking.

Brazil Holds First Carnival Since Covid 19

The different expectations for public and private festivals have divided public opinion. As Giulia Granchi writes for BBC News, many people say “Carnival”.

According to Associated Press (AP) reporter David Buller, Pace told reporters, “City Hall won’t be afraid to be in public places, at festivals, but it’s not possible to have this big event.” reporters

Leo Oversa, a reporter for the city’s main newspaper, O Globo, says that the council’s policies on blogging have put visitors in a difficult position. Orsa added that peace should either severely ban blogging or release it entirely.

“Apparently, the ban makes no sense because the blocks bring the spirit of Carnival to the streets and are important to the spirit of the city.”

Rio Carnival (rio De Janeiro, March 2019)

Pace responded on Twitter: “That’s right, no Blocks! They are not authorized and we will not have a party structure.”

Andre Wadeira, a sociologist at the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, told the AP that more than 150 blogs have rejected registration since 2010.

“They are important vehicles to democratize access to culture and the city,” Wadera said.

Artists from the Portilla Samba School display their vibrant costumes during the carnival parade. Photo by Carl D’Souza/AFP via Getty Images

Best Images Of Carnival In Brazil Photos

A performer from the Portilla samba school on the second night of the Rio Carnival parade, via Carl de Souza/AFP Getty Images The Rio de Janeiro Carnival (Portugal: Carnaval do Rio de Janeiro) is an annual festival held before the lieutenant. 2 million people take to the streets every day and it is considered the largest carnival in the world. The first carnival in Rio was held in 1723.

A typical Rio Carnival parade is filled with dancers, floats, and decorations from the many samba schools located in Rio (more than 200, divided into five leagues/divisions). The samba school works together with the cooperation of local neighbors who want to participate in the carnival, with any regional, geographical and common understanding.

Each school has a specific rule to follow with the parade exams. Each school begins with a “comissão de frte” (meaning “front commission”), a group of people from the school who appear first. A front committee of fifty people promotes the school and determines the mood and style of the race. There are choreographed dances in elaborate costumes that usually tell a short story. After the “Comissão de frte” is the first bath of the samba school called “abre-alas” (“Opening of the wing”). They are then joined by the Mestre-sala and Porta-Bandeira (‘Maestro de Bandas y Abanderador’), veterans of the old guard and ‘Ala’ to lead the dancers with one to four couples, one active and three reserves. . das baianas”, followed by drums and sometimes brass and guitar sections.

Rio’s Carnival dates back to the 1650s. During this period, elaborate weddings were held to honor the Greek gods of wine. The Romans worshiped Bacchus, the god of the grape harvest. The Trudo Festival was introduced by the Portuguese and inspired the creation of Carnival in Brazil. In 1840 the first version was performed and polkas and waltzes took center stage.

File:carnival In Rio De Janeiro.jpg

Subsequently, Africans influenced Carnival in 1917 with the introduction of samba music, considered a traditional Brazilian form.

It was completely cancelled.

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