Rising Fortune Slot Machine

Rising Fortune Slot Machine – The old machines are being replaced with new ones at more and more Dutch casinos. The difference here is the introduction of more and more new Asian-themed machines, such as Rising Fortunes.

Asians, especially Chinese, are often invited and have strong beliefs about “luck”. The number 88 is considered a lucky number in China. This is because the word “eight” is similar to the word “prosperity” or “wealth.” Regarding the number “88”, there is also a visual similarity between the two numbers.

Rising Fortune Slot Machine

If you look at the Chinese writing for “double happiness”, you will see two eights there as well. One of Holland Casino’s new slot machines is the video game “Rising Fortunes” developed by the manufacturer Scientific Gaming. It has become one of the most popular casino machines. Every time you enter the casino you know that these machines are busy.

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The slot machine is similar to 88 Fortune and fills a ‘pot’ of popular coins, more on that later.

Rising Fortunes is a 5 reel video game with 3 images on each reel. There are no fixed paylines in this game, so a combination of 3 or more symbols is a winning match.

The minimum single bet at Rising Fortunes is €0.08 and can be increased to €8.80 in 1-cent increments. Denominations can also be set at 2, 5 or 10 cents and the maximum bet per time is more.

Some Fortune Rising symbols are displayed with different colors. This makes it easy to distinguish between different colors of gold on the coil. In addition to these symbols, each reel also has bonus symbols. This is important for completing the rest of the game.

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Finally, reels 2, 3 and 4 have wild symbols in the shape of Chinese figures that often resemble bats (Chinese Hoobat Symbol, Chinese Lucky Symbol). Changed to all other characters except the Shou character.

Rising Fortunes has two types of bonuses: the popular “End Game” option (Jackpot Bonus) and the Shou Bonus Feature.

Jackpot bonuses can be activated whenever wild symbols are found and the ‘pot of gold’ is filled. The lid of the box closes at a random time, and 12 lucky coins appear. Below the lucky coins are the names of the jackpots you can win. So the Orange Mini and Peach Minor are fixed jackpots, the Big Treasure and Fortune Grand are solid jackpots.

The idea is to tap one coin at a time to show it. Roll the same jackpot 3 times to win the equal jackpot.

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The Kotobuki Bonus feature starts with riches with 6 of the symbols on the screen. Each Shou symbol usually has a reward. At the start of this feature, you can choose between two different options: ‘free play’ or ‘top bonus’.

Free Games has 8 free games. This free game shows all winning symbols except A(ce), K(ing). J(ack) and wild symbols in the game.

The Golden Show symbol opens on reels 2 and 4 and doubles as a wild symbol. When this symbol lands on the reels, the winning number will also appear and you win as well.

Top-up bonus is a different type of bonus compared to the popular Hold and Spin feature. At the beginning of this bonus you will receive a gift for Shou characters and 6 more. Also, you can see different colors of characters on your screen: red, green, and yellow.

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When you see a yellow Shou symbol, you win the number of the first 6 Shou symbols that started this.

Using the green Shou symbol at the end will win the symbol against all the lost Shou symbols (including the yellow ones).

Plus, you have a chance to win extra spins during this time. The reels also have a picture with the text ‘+1 Spin’ which gives you an extra spin. Finally, when all 15 spaces are filled with symbols… you win the Fortune Grand Jackpot.

I saw the Rising Fortune slot machine for the first time at the Holland Casino in Enschede, but I didn’t really like the dubious 88 Fortune type. That night I went over the other players and the additional features they had, but left the slots machine alone.

Rising Fortunes: Tweaking The 88 Fortunes Model

Later, I saw these machines popping up in other places (Amsterdam West, Breda, Rotterdam, Nijmegen, etc.) and I couldn’t resist sitting behind the slot machine with my brother and being the first to join. stupid

With two €50 bills in the locker, we set our wager per spin at €0.88 per spin. Already at turn 4 it is almost full screen with Chinese hot head. At €47 it’s good, but of course I want to unlock more features so I keep playing. After some time, the Shou symbol finally appeared and won our prize of €8.88.

He chose the bonus, and the green Shou symbol appeared twice in his picture, which became a very attractive bonus. I had to and was able to win another bonus. .

When the lid was closed, I almost returned to the place. In the bonus option, the next coin is considered because at one point we have already flipped all the jackpots twice. However, according to most information, it turned out to be a “mini-jackpot”. I immediately paid out my €12 winnings on this slot machine.

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Not a fan of Asian themed slots, but Shou’s additional features are new and exciting. Maybe that’s why I hit the bullseye more times than I thought. Rising Fortunes is the new sequel to the classic 88 Fortunes that spawned an entire genre. The new game uses the original style, complete layout, and art of 88 Fortune, while offering new bonuses. (The companion game, Last Treasure, is based on five values ​​and does something similar, also reminiscent of the game’s special bonus.)

This means that the credit rewards for stacked symbols and high volatility in the previous game

A new addition is the Gong with credit prizes on the reels, like many link games today. Collecting 6 or more gongs leads to bonus money, and the total value of collected prizes is Kotobuki, which can be used in two ways:

Top-up bonuses are definitely a new angle and can be very exciting when the gong lands. Gold Gong is a paid bonus for Kotobuki, just like a free game. But getting a green gong pays off everything on the board, and getting a few green gongs can add up quickly. Bonus if you get 11 or more red symbols, the green gong doubles when you land.

Rising Fortunes Slot Machine By Scientific Games

The free bonus symbols also appear for the first 12 rounds of the top payouts starting at 6.

Also, like other links, you can land big by filling the board (there is also the option to land randomly in the free spins amount).

Another disadvantage of using gongs is the gold bet symbol. We have covered this in many games of this type like Dancing Drums. Betting more golden symbols unlocks better symbols, and each golden symbol modifies one of the premium symbols on the reels.

However, Gong winnings also increase with increasing gold symbol bets. It says 88 with 5 gold marks at the top, but sometimes you can find 888 marks with 5 gold marks as you can see in the top picture in the article. Winnings are also divided by the match bet, so if you run 2x the same number, the reels will reflect 2x gong winnings.

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If you manage to get 15 gongs at the start of the bonus, you will win the Grand Jackpot immediately, but only if you bet 36 points or more. Also, unlike previous games with gold symbols, betting on gold symbols does not affect whether you qualify for the big one. A minimum of 36 points must be scored to qualify for Major or Grande. the game

As with other research games with similar features, the option is the same as it only plays with the bet level and there is no big/high difference.

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