Saint Jude Prayer For Healing

Saint Jude Prayer For Healing – Parents always feel sad when they see their children sick. What few may know is that their doctors and especially nurses are suffering alongside them. Seeing a child gasping for air or struggling with pain is okay. As nurses, we can provide the best care, but if you need powerful prayers for children, this is a collection of prayers. which we put together (and some we wrote ourselves).

Thank you, Lord, for blessing us through this child; Our bundle of joy who brought us love and inspiration. As we help our children recover from illness, we pray that we will be given the strength and courage to be better parents and caregivers. We ask for your mercy, dear God. Treat this child well to be a source of light for us and others. Amen.

Saint Jude Prayer For Healing

Lord Jesus, we humbly ask for your guidance and strength during this difficult time when our children are sick. We ask for your protection and courage so that their souls may rest in peace. We are not broken. We ask that You touch this child with Your healing hand so that their precious We restore their strength, their curiosity, their desire and their love for the mystery of every little thing. Amen.

September 2020 Day Of Prayer For The Healing Of Cancer

Lord, you love our children as you love all children, heal our sick children. Be by her side and comfort her during these difficult times. Keep us thinking about your love. Bless us with your mighty healing and comfort us too. We ask you to hear our prayers. Amen.

Almighty God, heal your little angels from their suffering. Remove their discomfort and restore the divine smile on their face. Hear our prayer, Lord, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Lord, as I care for sick children today, guide me. Hold my hand and use me as a tool to ease their pain and comfort. Give me wisdom to know how best to care for them. Lord, use me as an instrument for your miracles.

Heavenly Father, we pour out our hearts as we pray for the health of our children. I cannot bear to see my son hurt, my faith will not waver. We believe in your great grace, Lord God. Your love and kindness heals disease, body and mind. Amen.

Saint Jude, The Patron Saint Of Lost Causes And Despair

Heavenly Father, watch over our son and may he be restored to health. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

God and our Father, protect our children from suffering and harm. comfort them when they are sick, give strength to their bodies when they are weak, and comfort their minds to their worth when they are afraid. Hear our prayers in the name of Jesus Almighty. Amen.

Almighty God, I pray for you to help my son recover from his illness. Even though his body has problems, we are proud that he is still happy and positive because he knows that God and his angels are always protecting him. He is our little hero, our little warrior. His faith in Him, our Father, is beautiful. You gave it to us and for that we are grateful. We leave everything in your hands, dear Lord. Amen.

Almighty and Merciful God, I bring to you this child who is in such pain and suffering – and I ask your grace and mercy to grant him good health and strength and a speedy recovery.

Novena To St. Jude

The Lord Jesus took the child in the arms of his love and blessed him. You and I pray that you will extend your arms of love and blessing in a special way. Surround yourself with this child and heal all needs and diseases.

Children don’t understand why they feel so bad and I just ask you to be kind to this child and take away all fear and pain – and give them grace so they can make a quick and lasting recovery….

I carry my son to heal. As the physician of all physicians, I am asking you to restore him to health. Give him the strength and courage to overcome his conditions.

He was too innocent to understand what he was going through. Dear God, take his hand and strengthen his spirit. Don’t let his inability to understand the challenge stop him from believing in you and your miracles.

Miracle Prayers For A Sick Child

Thank you, dear Lord, for bringing light into our lives. Through this child, the source of our joy and inspiration, the reason we strive to become the best version of ourselves. As our family struggles with our son’s illness, we pray for the courage and strength to be strong, because we know our angels are still strong. For us too. You are our only hope, Almighty God. Thank you for hearing our prayers, in Jesus name, Amen.

The joy of parents is watching their children grow and become strong. Please help me find joy again in seeing my baby healthy and strong.

Speak your word of healing and restoration to my son. Give me strength not to tire of this trial. Rekindle your fire in me so that I may be faithful and true to you and your grace. .

God and our Father, we pray for the healing of sick children. Let your healing power shine upon this little one, that he may be free from sickness and disease. Let your love be the light of our guide and help us take care of the child. This little one is better. We trust in you, God, to promote healing and reduce our fears and anxieties. Amen.

St Gemma Galgani: Prayer Of St. Gemma Galgani To Obtain A Desired Grace

Dear Jesus, you are the good shepherd of the sheep and you are the one who carries the little lambs in the womb. Your arms – and tend gently to the weak and frightened. Lord it is so hard to see children suffering and not be able to help them – but I pray Lord that you bring this child safely and take care of him as best you can.

I raise this precious child to you and ask your healing power to enter his sick body and give him radiant health and strength. Remove the symptoms of the unpleasant disease that afflicts this little body – protect it from harm and ask it to respond to your treatment in its life.

Thank you that you are a God who cares and loves children and that you hear and answer their prayers. Pray Keep this precious lamb in your bosom and embrace and raise him to full health I pray – and we will thank you and praise to you alone.

We ask your divine grace to help these holy angels. Get back to what they do best – exploring, playing, laughing and making the people around them happy. On their side is hope and happiness.

St Jude Prayer Card With Medal Don’t Quit Verse

Today I come to you to pray for my son as he battles his illness. I am very aware of your ability to treat patients. Because of that, I humbly request you to help my son.

Please protect him and comfort him. Whenever pain and suffering are severe, bring peace and comfort. He protects him from all the worries his condition causes. Fill him with your divine presence.

Baby, I am praying for (child’s name) as he deals with this (specific illness) again and again. We are grateful for all the pain-free moments our children will one day enjoy. And when they suffer, please lay your healing hands on our children. Please comfort and protect (child’s name) during this difficult time. Help them know that they can come to you for the peace and health that you can provide. Amen

I came to you today to introduce you (child’s name). The serious illness that befell this child was a tragedy for all who knew and loved him. Please keep their loving family and caregivers strong in you so they can comfort this dear child. Please keep (child’s name) from fearing what is happening around them.

Aquinas Press Prayer Book

I am asking you to guide the nurses and doctors who care for my child. Give them the wisdom they need to heal and care for my loved one.

I pray that you will fill them with mercy. comfort their souls whenever they begin to feel tired and weary. Fill their hearts with peace and joy when they think of my children. Bless them and help them to be faithful to your merciful love.

Saint Gerard, who, like the Savior, tenderly loved children and through your prayers saved many from illness and even death, hear us who pray for our sick children. We thank God for the wonderful gift of our son/daughter and pray that he restores our children to health if

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