Schoolboy Q Sitting In The Studio

Schoolboy Q Sitting In The Studio – We haven’t had a new Q project in almost four years, but it’s not just sitting around. In fact, he just revealed it in a new interview

“He estimates he’s made and rejected two full albums (“they were trash”) and completed a third, which he briefly concluded was ready for use in front of labelmates Kendrick and Jay Rock. Assure him it’s not,

Schoolboy Q Sitting In The Studio

This coincides with Q’s social media announcements during this period. In September 2017, a year after the release of his fourth (and most recent) studio album.

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, Q posted on Instagram saying his upcoming album was “90 percent done.” Nothing happened the following year, and in August 2018, Top Dawg Entertainment CEO Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith announced on Twitter that Schoolboy Q’s upcoming album was “between 90 and 95 percent complete.” However, there was nothing to follow, until now.

Finally, almost another year since the last update, Q is ready to serve the final product.

Will feature Kid Cudi, YG, 6lack, Ty Dolla $ign, 21 Savage, Lil Baby and Travis Scott, the latter of whom is featured on the recently released album single “CHopstix,” and we connected with rapper Top Dogg of Entertainment (and nearby friends with Kendrick Lamar and Mac Miller) to find a very welcoming host in the morning. Words: Richard S. Chang Photos: Dorothy Hong

Schoolboy Q hosted a party in his hotel room last night and at 10.30, just four hours from the end of the party, the room is still a disaster area.

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He is dressed in a white T-shirt with thick black stripes running horizontally, jeans and socks. Black and red Air Jordans, a collector’s pair, sit under a long table that stretches across the room in this downtown hotel.

“I don’t feel like getting stuck, so I’ll just kill him,” Q says, picking up his little rotting junk on the coffee table between us. “I’m lazy now. I don’t feel like going back.”

He is sitting in an armchair. The gray light of a New York morning pours into the room through a half-curtained window. At Q’s feet: a brown eye shopping bag. Behind him: a half-empty bottle of Hennessy, two plastic bottles and marijuana ashes, which he carefully approaches in a pile with a card. There are some folded bills, nothing big, a styrofoam quart cup full of cookies the size of my thumb, Beats headphones (red), a bottle of Mots apple juice, ashes, ashes and more ashes.

“No, I’m not going anywhere to celebrate,” he says, sitting down in a chair. His voice is as thick and high as on his recordings, only at half the speed. “I bring parties so I can feel comfortable, you know?”

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“People there want some photos, they want to kick it, they want to see you,” he says. “I like people who don’t see me as a rapper. They just want to turn around and be, you know? I don’t want to feel like a rapper. Do you know what I’m saying? It’s weird to me.”

I mention that their days of anonymity are clearly over. At the time of my visit, their first major record, ‘Oxymoron’, was still two days away from release; would debut at number one on the Billboard 200 in its first week, selling 139,000 copies, but that was it. this It leaked on the internet and Rolling Stone gave it four out of five stars, comparing it to Pusha T, T.I., Eminem and Nas in one sentence. Schoolboy Q is compared to superstars.

“Yeah, that’s why I bring parties, you know, instead of going out and having to take out a table and, I’m not that kind of friend, me,” says Q. “I don’t like to buy bottles and stuff. ” .

That doesn’t spell Q either. No Maybachs. No Benzos. no roll He doesn’t talk about his path to success, where he came from and where he ended up. Q lives only on half of the capital, where it comes from. And from where he arrived at Hoover Street, in South Central Los Angeles, where he lived with his armed grandmother; Where he dealt drugs, took out security cameras, did drugs, lots of drugs, so many drugs that his daughter had to wake up from her stupor. That’s what Q is about.

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Q doesn’t even have a driver’s license. Due to a crime that he has yet to publicly describe (except that it was not rape or murder), Q prefers not to have a car and the risks of being arrested. “Car service is good for LA,” he says.

A knock at the door interrupts his thoughts. Q stands up and rams his road manager, Moses, inside. Musa, tall, thin and well mannered, immediately starts straightening some plants on the table behind Q.

“Yeah, yeah, I did it until I swore, ‘Run, boy,'” says Swal. “I cleaned this mess for almost an hour and it looked like it was there.” He didn’t do anything.

“We were coming,” Q continues, gesturing to Moses, who quickly overturns the long table, in an efficient cleaning mission. “However, we don’t drink either.” Q turned to me. “We didn’t even drink.” I drank a lot though. It’s before I can’t do this. It’s sad.”

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“Yeah. Shit, I used to drink young. Like 14. Was into it for over 10 years. It’s over now.”

After two years in Houston, they spent the first 14 years (and beyond) in South Central Los Angeles. Q (as Quincy Hanley) grew up at 618 Hoover Street between 51st and 52nd Streets. Gangs were a well-documented part of his life, and “Oxymoron” is mostly about, outside of celebratory songs like “Man of the Year” and “Hell of a Night”, about selling drugs, using drugs, living the gangsta life. .lifestyle

Me? I was born in a suburb of Boston, which I mention when describing my first thoughts after hearing the album: “What do I have to connect with this?”

“Yes, as you should,” he says, looking me straight in the eye. “I listen to a lot of music that I can’t identify with. That doesn’t mean he’s stupid. It’s just that I’m not attached to it. He doesn’t talk to me. But I can tell when someone has a voice, or when someone says to me, “I’ll say it, but I might not play it, but I’ll say it.” As I understand it, it is art.

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And so I quickly came to understand ‘oxymoron’, as an art form. It seems that the “Contradictions and Contradictions” short story collection was more consistent in tone from start to finish. It has the opposite of ‘oxymoron’. There are more dynamic rhythms, thanks to the interscope piece, and simpler ones, like ‘Studio’, which is sparse and simple in both rhythm and lyrics; Q and BJ record songs about Chicago kid rap just to impress the ladies and of course some.

There’s also ‘Hill of a Night’, and from the opening synth drone of the song you know it’s a dance floor. “Oxymoron” is at its darkest, from “Hoover Street,” a “song” about living at your grandmother’s house with your crackpot uncle, to “Blind Threats,” about losing faith in god and all. Otherwise, when ‘Hill of a Night’ comes on, that explodes.

“It’s still like a dark-ass, like a dark-ass pop record,” says Q. “You know how I make pop records. I’m not afraid to make pop records. ‘Hands On The Wheel’ was a pop record. , ‘Druggys Wit Hoes Again’ was a pop record . “There You Go” is a pop record. “Man of the Year” is also a pop record. “Hill of Night” is a pop record. How I Like It is a pop record. You know what I mean because I know where I’m coming from. But you can’t fake me and say, “Oh, he’s not really from there. He’s going to do some shit. “Like, I know where I come from. My family knows me. I can go there, I can’t show up for years, and then I go there, and nothing happens, like nothing has changed.

“So making pop records and worrying about what people think doesn’t get me, because I actually like pop music… you know what I’m saying?” Portishead and Purity Ring, shit like that.

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