Shadows Of Evil All Easter Eggs

Shadows Of Evil All Easter Eggs – “Walk the streets of Morg City to meet the mysterious. Accept the curse to unlock its mysteries.”

Shadow of Evil is the first map in Call of Duty: Black Ops III and the second. (which is the third season in the Dimension 63 Timeline), a haunted map in Treyarch’s zombie franchise.

Shadows Of Evil All Easter Eggs

Shadow of Evil also features Speed ​​Revive, Juggernog, Speed ​​Cola, Double Tap II, Stamin-Up, and Mule Kick, as well as a special feature called Widow’s Wine.

Black Ops 3 Zombies:

Like the mining site from Origins, this map has Harvest Pods that contain unexpected items that can be harmful or beneficial to the player, such as weapons. It has the best products at the highest level (for example, pink flowers for the best products). and yellow caps for worst items)

Li’l Arnies create and transform Monkey Bombs as they create and kill zombies. Including other enemies All of this map is only Shadowman (Margwas will attack you, but will be destroyed immediately).

The magical weapons are a practical weapon called the Apothicon Servant, as well as a special weapon called the Apothicon Sword. Guardians and Shadows.

1. HVK-30 2. BOOTLEGGER 3. RAY GUN 4. LI’L ARNIES 5. LOCUS 5. DRAKON 6. Apothicon Servant (post-build) 7. Dingo 8. BRM 9. Pharo (also known as Garbage) Microphone Including using the line next to the stairs that lead into the canal in the canal area It is a stairway near the mark of the beast. which has a generator hidden behind the wall

Black Ops 3 Shadows Of Evil Music Easter Egg Black Ops 3 Zombies Easter Egg

The microphone sits on the divider of the subway station. on the floor to the left of the bench This bench is on the right side of the stairs. It’s to the left of the main Wine Perk-A-Cola machine.

With all the items in hand, head to Black Lace Burlesque in the Footlight District, walk on stage and interact with the microphones (Square on PlayStation, X on Xbox) to play the music Easter eggs.

Rock Rocket is a weapon/equipment that can be created in Shadow of Evil to create rock towers. You need to find 3 items spread over 3 areas: the canal area, the foot area, and the water area.

These products are always local. But the actual location changes at the beginning of each game. Buy a door that leads everywhere. He then transforms into an animal to become a generator that delivers oxygen to the area where the explosives are.

How To Upgrade The Sword In

After collecting all three parts, open the second door in the underground water area. There is an office in this area where you can call for items. You can also find a working chair in the Footlight District High Street, now you and your friends can pick up this shield and use it in battle. And it won’t even lose weapon slots!

Using the Rocket Shield instead of the gun, press the kill button to pass through the crowd of zombies to kill them instantly. Kill at least ten zombies with a single burst to get rewards/rewards.

In Shadow of Evil, use rocket attacks to kill at least 10 zombies in one hit.

The Apothicon messenger is the main weapon in the Shadow of Evil Zombies, it creates a black hole that draws all nearby zombies. kill them immediately You have to find and take our place of work. There are offices in each of the three areas on this map.

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One thing is the heart of Makqua. It can be obtained after killing Margwa, which will appear after completing rituals or finding ritual items. Hunt animals and collect fallen animals to add to your inventory.

One is that Margwa Tentacles can be obtained from red bumps around the map. then turn red then turn purple as long as you don’t collect it Harvesting can be done after fumigation of EC road or intersection.

For one thing, Xenomatter can only be obtained after killing a Parasite (a flying creature) or one of the mutants that looks like R.A.P.S. scores. This item shrinks and disappears after a few minutes. So put the green stuff on the ground.

With all three items in your inventory Take them to training and form them into Apothicon minions, this weapon will cost one of your weapons and disappear from the scene immediately, otherwise feed you will find it in the mysterious box after the word.

Call Of Duty Zombies: 5 Of The Most Complicated Easter Egg Quests (& The 5 Easiest)

Unlike many zombie maps History maps where the first Easter egg is not associated with achievements or challenges. Must be done with at least four players. If you have 1-3 players, the incentive will stop after four levels.

Pack-A-Punch games require a few steps before they can enter Shadow of Evil. You have to collect five items around the map and use five different methods. Things can be done in an order and rituals can be done in any order. But the product must be used for rituals very strictly.

All items must turn into animals and interact with wooden boxes or electronics in some way. Interact with the purple light in the rock pool to trap the beast. when the object is already in it Return to your human form and hold it with your own hands.

Call: Found on Easy Street in a wooden truck. You must become an animal to open this box to access the call button.

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Golden Ballpoint Pen: Found at the intersection in a wooden box. You have to catch animals and release the electric machines connected to the big cranes. This will fall and break open the box containing the gold ink.

Certificates can be found in the canal area to get this item you must catch animals jumping into the river Find the fence with animal symbols. (the same icon at the bottom left of the screen) and click the generator box inside. Then follow the funnel in the opposite direction. lead to the crate Fight crates like animals to destroy them and reach the signs.

Lead Belt: Found in marine environments. to get this item you need to catch animals Jump to the eagle’s head in the area before entering the next section of the Aquatic area, Jump to the next eagle’s head nearby. and move the wooden box that has a shadow that hangs Inside is used.

Me: Found in the Footlight area after opening the door to this area. Look for the lock on the right when switching to the beast to see the glowing light. Tap this generator to open the door and open the stairs. Climb the ladder and jump across to the narrow space where there is a wooden box containing a fur coat. Melee the box to kill him and reach the hair light.

Black Ops 3 Shadows Of Evil Music Easter Egg

Each strategy involves placing items from above on special tables around the map and surviving encounters with evil spirits. All you have to do is run around the circle and don’t die. Stay long enough to turn things in the door. All four gates will move simultaneously when playing solo. But playing with a friend will allow one player to move the target.

The ritual for the golden pen is performed in a room above the Easy Way of Nero’s landing. Summon the beast and climb the fire run up the Easy Way quickly follow the path to the generator and pick it up to open the stairs down to the spawn area. Return to your human form and follow this path back to the upper room and place the item on the ritual table.

The ritual for the Treasurer was performed in the Ruby Rabbit in the canal region. This is the red building to the right of the monorail station. Enter this building. Grab the beast and attack the hill. Quickly run forward to the generator and pick it up to open the stairs here. Return to your human form and climb the stairs back to the ritual table in this building.

The rope tie is made in the Waterfront anvil. This is a small room at the wharf entrance to this building. Change into a creature and melee to open the door. Return to your human form and place the belt on the ritual table in the center of the ring.

Black Ops 3 Zombies Shadows Of Evil Jugger Nog Perk Locations, How To Find

The hair process is internal.

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