Should Smoking Be Made Illegal

Should Smoking Be Made Illegal – I am writing this article to convince you to accept my opinion that smoking is a drug that should be banned. Smoking is the act of inhaling and exhaling cigarette smoke through cigarettes or cigarettes. The drug has hundreds of disadvantages and disadvantages for many users around the world. Some of these disadvantages include the fact that it irreversibly harms health, kills many non-smokers, and costs a lot of money.

For these main reasons, I believe that smoking must be illegal worldwide. There is no doubt that smoking is bad for your health.

Should Smoking Be Made Illegal

This is proof that smoking kills over 6 million people every year. That’s more deaths than AIDS, traffic accidents, alcohol, drugs, fires, suicides and murders combined. Some of the thousands of deaths caused by smoking include cancer, cardiovascular disease and stroke.

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Some of the 200 chemicals that kill each cigarette are cadmium, which is found in methane batteries, nicotine, arsenic, methanol, rocket fuel and finally butane. Occurs in lighter fluids.

It doesn’t make sense that anything that affects someone’s health should be legal anywhere in the world. Smoking affects not only smokers, but everyone around them. 600,000 non-smokers die one by one after inhaling second-hand smoke in the streets, in their homes and in their gardens.

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Statistics show that unwanted second-hand smoke was responsible for 28% of all child deaths in 2004. I truly believe that everyone should have the right to a healthy, safe, smoke-free environment.

Cigarette pack prices may increase, but this is not a way to slow down sales or make smokers more comfortable. No. It is estimated that the average smoker spends up to $5,000 a year on smoking, not to mention the thousands of dollars spent on heart surgery and other medical needs of the smoker. This kind of money can be better spent on things like family vacations, taxes and bills, cheap cars, or starting a small business.

If smoking is banned somewhere, it will motivate people to spend money on more useful and important things. Smoking kills over six million drug addicts each year. Smoking kills thousands of non-smokers because passive smoking kills people. Finally, smoking costs smokers an average of over $5,000 a year, which can be spent on many other important things, such as family and health. For these reasons, smoking should be officially banned worldwide, just like drugs and other germs.

Its 9 centimeter thin sheet of paper contains 599 ingredients and can eliminate about 47,000 people in Canada alone. In today’s society, smoking has become popular due to factors such as media influence, peer pressure and/or stress. But individuals are afflicted and pushed to the wrong things and use false treatments for their ailments, all they do is dig their own graves, at least that’s what people do. 4.93 million Canadians do it for themselves. Each year, the government of Canada’s federal government enacts laws for the general public to protect individuals in the country. But one piece of legislation the Canadian government has yet to pass may be the most life-saving piece of legislation banning cigarettes from the Canadian public. I firmly believe that the federal government of Canada must ban smoking due to the fact that it threatens Canada’s individual economy and environment.

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First, the federal government should legalize the manufacture of cigarettes because they pose a risk to smokers and the environment. Each cigarette contains a drug called nicotine, which is the most powerful drug known to man and reaches the brain faster than drugs that enter the body through the bloodstream. Cigarettes contain large amounts of chemicals and toxins such as formaldehyde, ammonia and/or arsenic. These chemicals in cigarettes can cause; Cancer, lung diseases and heart problems. Smokers harm not only themselves, but also those who do not want to smoke. who smokes. Spent smoke is the smoke that comes out of the cigarette into the air, and when we breathe the air around the smoker, the smoke enters our body.

What people don’t understand is that smoke, which is more than eyes in cigarette smoke, contains chemicals. Over 4,000 in this smoke, and when we inhale, over 4,000 chemicals enter our body and cause harm. An important example is the unborn child, which is the biggest culprit of cigarette smoke from the mother, when the mother smokes during pregnancy, it causes the child’s disability. According to the American Lung Association, smoking during pregnancy is responsible for 20-30% of all low birth weight infants, 14% of premature births and 10% of all fetal deaths. People think that smoking cigarettes is a myth and that it doesn’t help, but passive smoking kills 3,470 people with heart disease and 347 others die of lung cancer.

It’s time for the government to do something and protect the citizens of their country from smoking, and it’s not fair that other people’s actions put people’s lives at risk. Because cigarettes are harmful to citizens, the government is now forced to pay extra for health care to save the sick. Related to cigarettes. The government and citizens argue that cigarettes should not be banned because of the tax money that goes to the government. But these people don’t look at the big picture and don’t know that the health care needed by smokers costs the government $4.4 billion. If the government banned cigarettes, the money could be used for better causes that would benefit all Canadians. Another aspect of the economic impact of smoking is the working environment. Employers are thought to spend more on smokers than on non-smokers.

Statistics show that smokers rarely go to work and are lazy. This is a side effect of cigarettes. The harmful substances contained in cigarettes cause fatigue and faster breathing than non-smokers. It can be dangerous for the company if employees are not performing at their best. Smokers also receive more health insurance than non-smokers because of the health risks they have. Individuals can save their own money if they stop buying cigarettes. A pack of cigarettes costs an average of $9.50, and if you smoke a pack once a week, that means you spend $38 a month on cigarettes for 50 years, for a total of $22,800. So instead of spending $22,800 on suicide, you can spend it on a new car or mortgage. Recently, cigarettes harm the environment.

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Today if you walk almost everywhere you immediately see a full layer of cigarette filters, it looks dangerous but people don’t know that it is destroying our planet. Cigarette filters are chemically inert materials, which means that they do not disappear, but accumulate on the ground and, most importantly, become piles of garbage. They also pose a serious threat to wildlife, as the chemicals in the filter will kill the animal when eaten, assuming it is food. The huge amount of carbon monoxide emitted by cigarettes pollutes our air, and if the Canadian government bans smoking, it means that 4.93 million Canadians will no longer be polluting our planet but sustaining our country. I. This is why the government should ban smoking as it harms our planet.

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Congressman Louis Ng (PAP-Nee Soon) said smoking in windows and balconies at home should be illegal.

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