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Slot Babe – Blind Assignment for Blockchain Extension (BABE) is a block generation engine inspired by Ouroboros Praos, another proof-of-stake protocol. It can be used alone as it provides potential restraint or it can be combined with a restraint device such as the GRANDPA.

BABE is a slot-based algorithm. It divides time into epochs, each epoch being divided into phases. At Polkadot, each slot is six seconds, which is our target block time. BABE will select one writer (or several) to create a block in each slot.

Slot Babe

One way to assign writers to these time slots is to simply rotate them. However, roughly speaking, adversaries always know who the other author is and can use this information to coordinate attacks. Ideally, no one knows who the author of the slot machine is until he or she proves it.

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Slot leaders are assigned randomly. Since the feature is random, sometimes there are slots without a leader. To ensure consistent block times, BABE uses a round-robin task system

Initial guidance is provided based on evaluation of the verifiable random function (VRF). There is a lot of hype about random numbers in blockchain. In short, many applications rely on random number generation, but when all chain operations must be deterministic and verifiable, it can be difficult to detect that the randomness (and the game is not useful for generators) is random.

VRF generates a pseudo-random number with proof that it was generated correctly. Some parameters are required, including a private key as input. Our VRF takes a random epoch start (pre-agreed upon by all nodes), a socket number, and the author’s private key. Since no two nodes have the same private key, each node can generate a unique, pseudo-random value for each slot.

Each author estimates his VRF for each epoch. For each slot whose output is below a certain agreed threshold, the validator has the right to create a block on that slot. Due to the random slot allocation process, there can be slots with no primaries as well as slots with multiple primaries. We will discuss how to deal with this later.

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BABE inputs the VRF epoch randomness, slot number, and private authentication key and displays the value of each epoch slot. When the output of the block writer is below the network threshold, it creates a block as the primary block leader for that socket.

BABE uses the fallback option to handle empty slots. Each nest has a secondary leader. If no one claims parentage at the beginning of the nest, the child will form the block. This backup rhythm will ensure that each socket has a block logger and will help ensure consistent block times.

So far we have GRANDPA and BABE finishing chains making new blocks. Some BABE circuits may have plugs, as there may be multiple conductors in one socket.

The first rule for choosing the best continuation chain is simple: BABE must follow the chain that GRANDMOTHER completes. This is a condition of use of GRANDPA.

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The second, more subtle requirement for using GRANDPA is that the block production algorithm must be able to choose the “best” chain. This property makes BABE potentially final (so you can use it without BABA).

, it means that the writer only needs to broadcast his block to everyone, but not everyone needs to send a message to everyone (like grandma). Therefore, not everyone will have the same view of an incomplete circuit (the yellow blocks in the picture).

This system enables efficient block production and allows GRANDPA to complete their set.

We assign a time slot, but we do not have a time display. Every computer has its own clock. We cannot use a centralized time service (called an NTP server) because this is a single point of attack. An attacker can attack the NTP server by killing or hijacking it, such as sending it to different nodes at different times.

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If you’re interested, consider this scenario: I get a message from you that says “Yes, it’s 8:42:00 AM.” My watch reads 8:42:03. One of three things is possible: 1. Our clocks are synchronized, the network only took 3 seconds to deliver your message. 2. Your message actually took 1 second. Our clocks sync in 2 seconds. 3. You’re lying to me, it’s not on your watch.

Now imagine I get this message when my watch reads 8:41:59. If I believe you’re honestly telling me what your watch says, then I know we’re out of sync and I want to turn the watch forward. I still don’t know how long it took to deliver to the network, so I don’t know how in sync we are.

When a node receives a block, it checks the time of receipt and the slot number associated with the block. It then adds the number of time slots to each block and uses the average of its data to estimate future slots. Note that validators know in advance which slot number they will generate, so they can validate input blocks against it.

BABE block recorders use block acceptance times to create a time view of the network. They plan future acceptance times based on time slots to determine when to create and offer a block.

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So far we have discussed how chains are made (BABE) and how they are closed (GRANDFATHER). Another problem we need to solve

The final part of this series will discuss how BABE and GRANDFATHER work in execution and how mistakes are punished. Everyone is looking for that perfect person. We all want the power couple of Beyoncé and Jay-Z or Bonnie and Clyde to go where our partner lags. And if there are treasures to be found as a team, all the better!

We meet our toasty Lara Croft style baby and her husband in Temple Tumble MegaWays slot. It seems that Mr. has gone and been kidnapped in the Himalayas and now Mrs. Hoti has to come to his rescue. Maybe some couples will counsel each other in the future, but let’s not make it difficult.

In this latest addition from Relax Gaming called Cluster Tumble, we see the familiar 8×8 grid, but this time it’s set against the backdrop of a city in Nepal, with cool monster-like golden carvings on either side of the reels.

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This is a high volatility game with a top prize of €250,000. The RTP is 96.5% and betting limits range from €0.10 to €12.50. Oh, and the game has a 20,000x multiplier.

When the game starts, you’ll only see 15 symbols on the huge grid – and those are just the low-paying symbols. The rest are stone blocks that are replaced as you start collecting groups you’ve conquered.

During the main game, land all stone blocks or 3 or more scatters to access the free spins feature. If you now clear the entire grid, you get an extra 3 free spins and the multiplier increases by 3 each time this happens.

Any scatter symbols that land during the free spins give you another free spin. Some stone blocks have strange symbols on them because they represent special functions that are activated along with victory.

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If you land blue with a lightning strike, it’s a lightning win. This will be replaced by the target character and then the normal cascade will begin. Now all regular symbols, like the target symbol, create a win. And it doesn’t even matter where they are on the grid.

Another character to watch out for is Fire Transform (he’s pink/purple and has flames on him). It does the same as above, only up to 2 characters are converted to the same as the target character.

Now, if special symbols or free spins are too hard to catch, there’s always the option of buying a bonus. Choose from 2 options – regular or irregular – based on your budget or what you want to achieve. Regular will increase your multiplier to 3x, 6x and 9x and Irregular will increase to 6x, 12x and 18x.

Hard to get free spins, multiplier or cashback in this game. Especially when you consider that we start with only 15 characters. At first we were lucky with 3x multipliers and even mega wins, but then there was a big drought.

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But the gameplay is really engaging and the animations and story help make it extra fun. Temple Tumble Megaways slot is not as cool as it looks, so this version is a big improvement.

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