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Slot Storm Legit – [Editor’s note: This review supersedes the original 2015 review, which, thanks to Blizzard’s constant updates, no longer reflects the status of Heroes of the Storm.]

If variety is the spice of life, Heroes of the Storm is the MOBA mock pepper. Recognizable characters from Blizzard’s most popular games face off on themed maps with unique objectives that act as lightning rods for team combat. Heroes of the Storm also takes a simpler and more intuitive approach to the genre that fits with MOBA trends by implementing a modern talent system and team-based experience. It doesn’t always work, but when it’s at its best, Heroes of the Storm can be one of the most diverse and exciting 5v5 competitive games out there.

Slot Storm Legit

This is a MOBA that has all the hallmarks of a game designed by Blizzard: powerful art style, quick controls, and a lot of things you can do to achieve satisfying unlocks. Most importantly, Heroes of the Storm takes a special MOBA formula as they are willing to kill some sacred cows of the genre in order to learn the mechanics more easily and make the games flow differently.

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Everyone in two teams of five chooses a champion to play as, and each of their maps (called battlefields) has waves of AI-controlled minions and bases protected by a series of towers, but upon closer inspection they have less in common with League of Legends and Dota 2 than it seems. From the very first moments of Heroes of the Storm, you’re doing something completely different: since you don’t have to kill minions to earn gold (in fact, there’s no gold or things to worry about), you bet less if you go out of your way to help your ally in traffic jams. While it’s important to stay on track to enjoy the experience, there have been plenty of times when navigating the map to help out your teammates has been quite beneficial.

Another distinct option that works for Heroes of the Storm is the rich variety of maps – a welcome change of pace in a genre known for its focus on a single map that’s similar to a sports arena. Each of its 14 maps is designed around a unique mechanic that takes arcade combat into a distinct objective that becomes the focal point of every game. It’s both mechanically and thematically fun to run through a well-kept garden collecting seeds to grow a giant vegetable monster that my team can lead in the Garden of Terror or fight alongside angels and demons on the Diablo-themed Battlefield of Eternity map. Each battlefield offers something special in terms of aesthetics and gameplay, keeping things fresh even after more than a hundred hours of gameplay.

Most of these battlefields are well designed. Great maps like Tomb of the Spider Queen, where you run to collect and deliver gems to summon revolutionary spiders, or Braxis Holdout, a fun blend of point control and intense basic defense against Zerg hordes, to punch. In Dragon Shire, a map where your team tries to hold two control points at the same time and then sends a runner into the center of the map to take the form of a dragon to lay siege to a base, I was asked to perform a split-second summon tactic that can make or break the game. I had to decide if it was better to defend a point I already won or help my teammates attack enemy control. These tense and exciting decisions that had to be made seemed to be a direct result of the map’s layout and purpose, constantly forcing my team to take important steps regardless of the outcome. When you shoot the cylinders, the battlegrounds add more fun, and take on a life of their own as they help spark the action with interesting decisions and outcomes.

Of course, whenever you have a long list of maps, some will rise above others, but that doesn’t make weaker maps easier to digest (especially because it’s not possible to banish rotten apples yet). For example, the memorable Blackheart’s Bay allows you to collect coins and deliver them to a ghostly pirate in exchange for a cannon attack on enemy defenses. But it looks unnecessarily large, making it difficult to effectively turn around to collect coins, and it’s too easy to sit and camp at the delivery point, leading to rushes of frustration rather than fun. However, there are more good maps than boring ones, so the balance is in favor of Heroes of the Storm.

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At least for Blizzard fans, Heroes of the Storm has a huge advantage over other MOBAs because it draws its characters from the games and universes that Blizzard has been building for decades. It feels like Blizzard’s version of Super Smash Bros. , with 77 heroes and villains from Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo, Overwatch and the classic franchises, all bringing their unique flavor to the battlefield as they engage in frantic team combat. When I played the game as Sylvanas, contact with this hero had already been made during my time with World of Warcraft (and Warcraft 3, where he first appeared in 2002).

This group has grown quickly and steadily, with a new champion or two being added every month. And as the source material expands with new characters in games like Overwatch, Hearthstone, and WoW, the roster also has more opportunities to grow. Heroes of the Storm takes advantage of this, and in the process introduces some incredibly diverse heroes.

Take Cho’Gall, the two-headed ghoul witch, for example. In a funky twist not seen anywhere else in the genre, it’s designed to be played by two players at the same time, each controlling their own unique head and skill set. It sounds crazy – and it is in all the right ways. In a couple capable hands, Cho’Gall can be a formidable opponent to face, but on the other hand, laughter can ensue if two players are not skilled at handling one of the Orcs. When you play a character well, two heads are better than one if they know what they’re doing.

The same ready-made principles apply to the StarCraft Firebat Blaze des, which can create a bunker on the ground where allied heroes can jump for extra defense and grab a flamethrower and set the enemy on fire while carrying the target, or choke point. These are just a few examples, but most of these heroes are very different from each other and always keep it fun to play and experience.

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Along with the set of abilities starting at three abilities for each hero, there’s a level-based talent system that intelligently replaces the trade of proven MOBA items, bringing you closer to the action rather than forcing you back to base to buy upgrades. In every few levels you can level up your hero’s abilities (including choosing between two unique finalists at level 10) to better match how you want to play during that match. For example, if you wanted to focus on Overwatch hero Hanzo’s scattered arrow to turn an enemy team into a walking pad, there are talents that enhance this ability. But there’s another equally compelling course that focuses instead on long-range damage from hitting a single target on his Storm Bow’s ability. Every talent decision has strengths and weaknesses that are fun to think about and make choices that matter. It’s exciting and rewarding to be able to adapt during a match, especially as you begin to take into account the map you’re on and the enemies you face.

The biggest drawback of this system is that your experience is shared by your entire team. Teamwork has always been a key component of competitive play, but the fact that your strength is directly related to the performance of others has led to some heated exchanges between your teammates who play the blame game every time we fall behind. Heroes of the Storm is based on the idea that “teamwork makes a dream come true”, but there is also a level of individual skill expression that seems to be missing because I’m so closely related to my allies. The good news is that when all goes well, victory feels like a total team effort and the GGs fire up with gusto. Be prepared when they don’t, because feeling like you can’t control the course of a match isn’t fun.

The fear of ending up on a map your team isn’t ready for can be easily resolved by exiting ranked mode. The Quick Play feature available can be great for casual sessions, but the addition of Unranked Draft adds strategic elements to picking heroes and taking them off a specific map without stressing the rankings until you’re ready for the real deal.

Of course, Hero League is available for those who want to connect with the most competitive Heroes of the Storm ports. It has all the modern features classified by hardcore

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