St Anthony Lost Things Prayer

St Anthony Lost Things Prayer – Saint Anthony of Padua is one of the most famous and popular saints of the Church.

Best known as the patron of lost and stolen things, it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t asked for help in finding something. .

St Anthony Lost Things Prayer

My special devotion to this Franciscan preacher and teacher, a man of great power before the throne of God, begins with my ancestors. You’d be hard-pressed to find an Italian who doesn’t respect St. Anthony of Padua. Despite his Portuguese heritage, Italians claim the miracle worker, who lived most of his life in Italy and died in Padua, west of Venice.

Prayers To Saint Anthony For A Miracle

My maternal grandfather, uncles, cousins ​​and sisters all bear his name and patronage and he has always been one of the most beloved saints in our family. In my Italian family, he is considered a miracle worker for the goals we set before him.

A few years ago, I misplaced my husband’s paternal grandfather’s wedding ring. I was sure they were in our house, but when I couldn’t find them, I was confused.

I repeatedly ask for the intercession of St. Anthony. Every day I read a few quick and simple prayers when they come to my mind. Anthony, please return my wedding ring. You did not betray us, I promise to meet you and summon you.

Three years later, we sold our house and are ready to move. I’m sure the ring is there but I can’t find it. I pray to St. Anthony every day for the return of the ring, but I never prayed for this intention a few days before his feast.

Saint Anthony And Mother Seton Show Us The Importance Of The Little Things

After all, we have obliged him with intentions big and small for generations, and he has never failed to intervene.

That year I prayed a novena that ended with his feast, which happened to be my birthday. It will be interesting to see what our faithful family saint will do.

After waking up and putting the kids to bed that night, I went to the foyer. There his framed picture hung on a golden candlestick for many years. As usual, I knelt down and prayed the last novena for the return of the ring.

It was a long summer day and I walked up the stairs regretting that I hadn’t checked and cleaned out my closet before I left. I plan to take my junk to the Goodwill store in the morning, so I have very few clothes to pack.

Saint Anthony Of Padua Prayer Card With Sterling Silver Pendant

Life with small children used to be busy, especially in the summer. I was afraid to move and I stopped cleaning out my closet before packing my clothes, but most of my other things were already packed and piled up around us. rice field.

Carrying a garbage bag, I opened the closet with my husband. I started small, finished my closet that night, cleaned out my kids closet in the morning and told myself to keep going step by step. I took out a basket the size of a shoe box full of fabrics. This is a traditional dress. With additional buttons, threads and accents to fix.

I admit it was a pathetic endeavor, but I have limited desire and energy for the rest of my wardrobe. It was late and I had to start a little. I threw the whole basket in the garbage bag. I started by wiping and thinking how ridiculous it would be to save an extra button for 20 years when I don’t remember needing it.

When I threw them in the garbage bag, I saw something shiny. Surprised and expectant, I emptied the trash bag onto the closet floor.

Saint Anthony Of Padua By Justin Santos

I put the basket on the dresser shelf next to the jewelry box…the ring must have fallen under the button basket and remained untouched for the past three years. I have been looking for this for so long that I almost lost it! I can’t believe it. Not only did I find them the night of my birthday party, but St. saved me. Anthony from throwing them in the trash without me knowing!

I shouted Alhamdulillah! Then I knelt in my closet and thanked St. Anthony. My husband came into the room when he heard me crying and saw that I was crying.

Every year, when I recite a new prayer before his feast, I put my photo and ring on the altar in my home to remind me of the faithfulness of God and St. Anthony to answer my prayers.

Catholics ask St. Anthony to search for lost or stolen items for experiences from the life of this extraordinary saint.

Saint Anthony Of Padua

Therefore, St. Anthony always carried a special book of psalms with him. In the 13th century, before the invention of printing, books were very valuable. They are very important to teachers like St. Anthony.

This psalm, or book of psalms, was a particular favorite of his, as he transcribed it by hand and made copious notes for his teachings and sermons. It was a constant companion in his work for God.

The novice, who was a disciple of Anthony, decided that the religious life was not for him and decided to leave the community. Not only did he leave, but he also took his precious book with him!

St. Anthony had no way of tracking the young man and was very worried. However, he asked God that this student would change his heart.

The History Of Our Saint

Not only did his student change his mind and return to the book, but after seeking and accepting the forgiveness of St.

After the death of St. Anthony, this story leads the faithful to pray to him as the patron of lost and stolen goods. Not just the things you left behind, but the souls who need prayer for conversion and return to faith.

Many offer “bread of St. Anthony” to the poor as an offering of thanks for his intercession. This applies to all prayer purposes, not just finding lost things. The saint is known especially for loving the poor and alleviating their suffering in any way he can.

In 1263, when a boy drowned near the Church of St. Anthony founded in Padua, his mother cried out to St. Anthony to revive him. He promised to give his son’s weight to the poor to make bread, a great gift in a time of extreme poverty and hunger, and he kept his promise.

Catholic Tradition: St. Anthony Of Padua

Then, in 1888, a French baker from Toulon named Louis Bouffier couldn’t open the bakery door one morning and had to call a locksmith. Despite several master keys and failed attempts, he also failed to open it.

To intercede, he offered to give the baker’s bread to the poor. When the locksmith returned, the door was inexplicably open. Louise kept her promise and her shop became a place of special devotion to the saint.

The Franciscan order now runs a charitable organization called Holy. Anthony’s bread was intended to help the poor, and when Saint Anthony answered the prayers of his faithful spiritual companions, he encouraged this sacrifice as a way of giving thanks.

With that in mind, we asked our employees and social media followers for their favorite St. Anthony. We received many responses. I wish I had room to share them all, but I’m happy to share at least a few here.

St. Anthony Look Around Prayer Card

We hope that the following story will inspire and encourage you to pray for this dear saint.

In the late 1940s, my mother had a special attachment to a collection of rosaries. He traveled by train from London to Manchester. He was so sad that he prayed every day that he would go to the station with St. Anthony.

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