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Based on Spadegaming, Great Stars free slot game is another bonus rich publication in the gambling market. Based in the Philippines and known worldwide, this company has developed and introduced more than a hundred high-quality online casino slots.

Star Game Slot

It doesn’t matter whether you choose one of the latest video slots or Spadegaming casino slots with a long gaming history; Both options have unique and regular properties in the best possible combination.

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For example, the Great Stars game has three progressive jackpots and other great ways to play and win.

The background of the game is a blue sky with clouds above the horizon and green grass fields. Traditional pagodas and lotus flowers on each side create a very authentic atmosphere. The soundtrack isn’t thematic except for plucked instrument sounds, but isn’t annoying at all. The same is true of certain letters in playing cards; They are not exceptional in design.

On the other hand, the symbols match the theme perfectly. Lotus flower, peach, golden koi fish, golden Buddha temple and beautiful oriental fan can be enjoyed in the pitha.

This slot has 15 fixed paylines and a matrix of 5 reels in 3 rows, with 12 regular symbols, two bonus symbols and three jackpots that are unlocked during free spins when you place the maximum bet.

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The control panel at the bottom allows players to change the deposit size and bet level. The playing card icon has the lowest value. They range between 9 and one dice and pay 3-of-a-kind.

The most valuable item is the peach and it gives 1 to 5 symbols to land on the reels.

Standard and unique bonus features reward players who choose Great Stars in other online slots for real money. According to Paytable, the Great God Tian is wild and substitutes for all symbols except the scatter token.

The scatter, represented here by a golden Buddhist temple symbol, multiplies all wins by 1, 5, 10 or 50 when 2, 3, 4 or 5 tiles land on the reels. The skater also gives the player + 1 free spin.

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The jackpot feature is only unlocked during free spins. When players land all three jackpot symbols on reels 1, 2 and 3, the prizes depend on the deposit amount:

Amazing natural scenery of great stars and oriental landscape sets Spadegaming apart from other free casino games. The Great Stars is definitely an exciting and promising entertainment. Try this pattern while downloading free online games for mobile and know that you are like the gods in the stars.

Great Stars Mobile Slots – ✅ Available on all mobile devices: iPhone / iPad / Android phones and tablets

This site uses cookies. Some of these cookies are essential, while others help us improve your experience on the website. More detailed information about the cookies we use can be found in our Privacy Policy. Following the launch of EvoPlay’s flagship title for 2021, Star Guardians, iGB spoke with Business Director Vladimir Malachy to find out why he thinks the game is capable of leveling up. crowd

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The slot formula is tried and tested – lines, reels, spins and prayers. Every year countless similar machines emerge in the spirit that there is no need to deviate from the status quo.

Game developer EvoPlay has decided to break the mold with its 2021 flagship title Star Guardians, a third-person shooter-style video slot that is being called “the biggest budget game in EvoPlay’s history.”

“We were inspired by this game to revolutionize the industry,” says Vladimir Malachy, EvoPlay CCO. “From the beginning we handled it in a special way.

“We wanted to go beyond traditional reel-and-line gambling,” he continues. “It’s popular and people love it, but we changed the design and fun of the game to create a real-time themed world that players can see and feel. Clicking the space bar is boring.

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EvoPlay is designed to make Star Guardians look and feel more like a video game than a traditional slot machine. An immersive world full of characters – good and bad – with expansive stories with third-person shooter elements. Star Guardians is its own fantasy world that still retains the core elements of classic slot games – and a five-second spin time.

“Five seconds is more common than what we see from different regulations,” Malacci notes. “An old legend says that if people can press the stop button at the right time, their chances of winning will increase. Here we see people trying it in RNG games too. They are always trying to impress something. So why? Don’t let them?”

Surprisingly, such an ambitious game takes a long time to perfect, usually more than slots. Malachi estimates that, from start to finish, Star Guardians took about three times as long to make as a regular slot game.

“We spent a lot of time on it, and there were a lot of things to build from scratch, and a lot of things that we didn’t know how to build in the first place,” he says. “Creating this product is not easy, we put a lot of time and resources into it.

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“It took us about a year and a half, which is a long time for a slot – some slots can be built in three to six months.

“The normal process starts with sketches and designs and ideas, we continue to follow those steps. But different factors like timing and testing at each stage took us longer and we were more cautious.

And the development process is not complete. Malachi says Star Guardians is still a work in progress because “there’s always something to update.” Finally, EvoPlay wants to ensure that the game is easily accessible and easy to play in all formats.

Malachi continues, “The main challenge for us was not even making the game, but making it very lightweight, because people play with mobile phones that don’t have the best internet.

Free Slots Online

“Our main goal was to make the game as light as possible, and we’ve achieved that. When you create something new from a technical standpoint, it’s always difficult to make it easy to access.”

Other game style elements have influenced EvoPlay, as in the case of Star Guardians. The feature-packed game lends itself to tournament play, a popular format in the esports market that Malachi says the gambling industry should emulate.

“Why the tournament?” asks Malakki. “Slots are single player games, but tournaments multiply by 10x, so they are the most played items from every provider.

“Now we see that people are competitive – it’s part of our nature. Most people try to compete and win, and this feeling of winning in people creates endorphins that make them feel good.

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“Not only do you win money, but you’re beating others to do it. You’re better than them, luckier than them, and that’s the competitive part that’s so attractive to people. So why can’t we use it in a normal slot?”

Malachi admits it will take time for such features to become commonplace, but says multiplayer games will be part of future changes.

An ambitious project like Star Guardians warrants an equally ambitious marketing campaign. EvoPlay has delivered right and Malachi couldn’t be happier with what he describes as “the biggest marketing campaign in the igaming world”.

“We tried to think like normal players – what would be most important to us? We have a lot of people in our team and most of them are players,” he explains. Not a regular slot machine, but a game world like a piece of video.”

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The marketing team put together an entire art book with drawings and screenshots to help bring the virtual world of Star Guardians to life.

“Not only is the game very important, but the story of the game is also very important,” he added.

“The first step in creating Star Guardians was to create the story of the entire world. We have also created a comic linked to various heroes. I think it’s a good piece of marketing strategy because people never do that in gambling, but it’s a normal part of gaming. It’s always nice to play something when you know what’s going on.

“As far as I know, no one has created anything like this for the gaming audience, so we decided to create gaming content that also has a complete marketing experience behind it and create the biggest marketing campaign in the gaming world – and I think. We succeeded. “

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The comics were part of EvoPlay’s pre-campaign for Star Guardians, giving the entire campaign a strong start.

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