Street Strip Drag Cars For Sale

Street Strip Drag Cars For Sale – If you love racing but are tired of the same cars you see around the place, check this out. That was in 1957. Designed to be the ideal race car, the Jeep Willys has everything you need to please the crowds. Currently for sale on eBay Motors. You should buy it.

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Street Strip Drag Cars For Sale

The seller bought this Jeep in 1982. and gradually assembled it to what you see here today. The original engine has been replaced by a 355 cubic inch Chevy V8 rear wheel drive with a Turbo 350 automatic transmission. Also includes a roll cage, racing seats, seat belts, box and the cardboard. According to the ad, the leaf springs, steering, fuel tank are original. Despite the tough setup, it still seems to be registered for street use, which is great.

This ’55 Chevy Runs 11’s, And Is A True Street And Strip Terror

I managed to find a video in 2015 of this Jeep having two races at the Byron Dragway in Illinois, which you can see below. Thanks to this 81-inch wheelbase, the driver has no problem raising the front wheel. According to the seller, it can go through the quarter mile in 11 seconds.

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This Jeep is currently listed on eBay for $10,000 or best offer. Considering the amount of time and effort that went into this thing to get it running smoothly on the plate, we’d say it’s a good fit, although we’ll probably be towing a trailer since we’ll be going a long way on the road. time. The timing may not be right.

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Sinister Looking, 1,200 Hp Second Gen Chevy Camaro Is A Drag Racing Batmobile

Road & Track staff writer Brian Silvestro has a taste for distance, rust and endurance racing projects. RJ Race Cars and its Quarter-Max Parts division have provided chassis and components to many series champions, race winners and record holders. For the sport of drag racing, however, the best stories often come from unique partnerships that exist far from the mainstream. For Rick and Ricky Jones, father and son founders, the story began more than a year ago when they received a call from a group of runners halfway around the world in Spain, a country with little organized. Drag racing. The group, known as Team Santoro and led by Spanish businessman Angel Romero, who was interested in high-performance cars and drag racing, raced in the state and expressed a desire to make cars. But not all cars, the fastest and fastest cars in their hometown.

With decades of racing knowledge — not just chassis development, but steering and tuning — the Joneses made every step of the unit easy.

Romero, a well-known businessman in his homeland, only drove sports cars in the European region until he became interested in drag racing. However, drag racing in Spain is largely unregulated and there are no dedicated drag strips or chassis manufacturers for drag racing, so Romero’s chances of participating are slim.

“[Angel] didn’t have much racing experience—I think he drove the fastest sports car on the highway,” Ricky Jones said. “They don’t have a dedicated drag strip in Spain, so when they want to do an event, they rent a runway at the airport and a lot of cars come out. I think the national record there is 8.5 or 9 seconds, so these guys want to jump in with both feet but don’t know where to start. They stopped us and told us we could fix the car. We asked how much they wanted to go and they told us they wanted to be the fastest car in Spain. He wanted a ’68 Camaro…he had done a few races in the states and really liked the look of the Camaro.

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As with all customers, Jones and Company invited Romero and his team to assemble the car at their Galesburg, Illinois facility. Meanwhile, Jones, knowing that Moreno had no background in drag racing and no such driving experience, advised him to attend Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School.

“We told him that if he’s never driven anything like this before, we highly recommend that he get into Frank’s program, get his license, learn to drive,” Jones said.

RJ Race Cars put together a ’68 Camaro in the ultimate sport mode that could run in the sub 7 second range at a dedicated and prepared race. RJ ran the whole car on a naturally aspirated Refr-Morrison 632 with an M&M Turbo 400 transmission and torque converter. RJ has fielded the car in standard bracket racing technology while the car is brought back to the states and allowed to compete. The 25.1 spec car features an RJ Extreme 4-link kit, 9-inch metal body, spokes for the largest four wheels and lightweight aluminum wheels, carbon fiber interior, oddly designed axles, brakes, struts and a third strut. . Armament and parachute with air launch equipment, Safecraft fire system, Racepac V300 data logger and IQ3 equipment, MSD mains ignition and RJ Pro step header.

After the car was delivered, Romero enlisted Jones’ services and asked him to join Holly’s school in Gainesville, Florida. While Romero attended Holly’s lesson through an interpreter, Jones was in the garage next door and Romero’s mechanic was taking him through the technical and maintenance aspects of the Camaro. . “While they were running the driving school, we were running the mechanic school,” Jones said with a laugh.

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At the end of the two-day session, Romero completed the Hawley course in a 10-second Super Gas car and moved on to the new RJ Camaro. Looking closely at Hawley and Jones – the latter a seasoned driver himself – Romero opened up the 330-meter race, making steady progress until Hawley took the green light around the 1/4 mile mark. . At the end of the day, Romero battled through five and six runs, sinking in the middle of the seventh, and E.T. NHRA License.

“His first reaction was surprise,” said Karim Cuber, Romero’s spokesman. “The car felt lightning fast, that’s why the car was called: Thunderstruck. Mr. Romero was an AC/DC fan and jumped out of his car and hit him. The car was the fastest thing he owned. Hopefully, he will continue to improve, and if he does, he will probably run even faster.

“He got out of Frank’s car, and I was waiting for this thing in the full parking lot – everyone in the classroom was soaked – and he jumped right into the car,” Jones added. “One day he was going 7.50s. speed and on the last day we tried to shut down the car and slow it down so that it could drive safely on the foreign track where it was going. Of course, it can run seven, but on the surface you can crash, so we want to run it safely for eight, nine, 10 seconds… heavy on the situation different.

“The guys were very happy with the car, Frank and our service,” Jones said. We thought it might inspire others – even people from the US – who want to get involved and don’t know where to start. While this guy from Spain, who didn’t know what to do, never drove a racing car, basically he does it all with our help and leaves the government with a license for the fastest athlete you can get, anyone can do it. “

Wwtr Drag Strip Schedule

Since returning home, Romero and company have been testing the car at local tracks and hope to compete in existing competitions — particularly the European Drag Challenge in England, Germany and Sweden — with the use of the car. Create interest in more organized racing in Spain. But most of all, Cuber said, Romero “wanted to have fun” with the effort.

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