Strike It Rich With Pocket Change 5th Edition

Strike It Rich With Pocket Change 5th Edition – About the publishing house The publishing house is a leading manufacturer of numismatic reference books, materials and products for displaying and storing coins and paper money. Our high-quality books educate readers about the rich, colorful history of US and world coinage, paper currency, tokens and medals and teach them how to build great collections. Archival-quality folders, albums, cases and other holders help keep your collectibles safe and on display for friends and family. is also H.E. Harris collects stamps including: albums, accessories, sets, books and more.

Our product issuing company has been operating in the field of numismatics and philately for almost 90 years. Our sample titles are the 1942 Hobby Bible. (Blue Book) and 1946 (Red Book). Coin boards, folders and albums organized and simultaneously displayed a collection of hundreds of thousands of coins. Today, we continue this long-standing tradition with new products and publications and a commitment to accuracy, quality, innovation and sound research. We design our products to appeal to all collectors for their personal collections or as gifts for people of all ages.

Strike It Rich With Pocket Change 5th Edition

Our client’s publishing house strives to meet the needs of its clients. Our customers range from new collectors just starting their hobby to seasoned collectors with years of experience. Our team’s mission is to maintain valuable lifelong customer relationships to provide superior value-added services.

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The Fifth Mega Red Edition is a new, expanded version of the most popular US coin book with more prices than the regular edition, plus certified population data, more fish species, more auction records, and special information on the 1796 US quarter dollar.

1,504 pages • Nearly 9,000 items, each priced in up to 13 classes • Tens of thousands of individual values ​​and auction listings • Thousands of color photos • New content and features. Whitman Coin & Collectibles Baltimore Summer Show June 18-19.

More than 2,300 lots were offered in the $8.6 million sale, including 56 major mint errors and many important varieties.

Some recent dollar error coins have been in the four-figure range. All prices include a 15 percent buyer’s premium.

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The biggest grab in the misappropriation department was the NGC-66 certified George Washington Presidential dollar, which the catalog describes as follows: “Once classified as suitable for scrap, this type of error is now known to include feed tips. fingers used in the modern forging process. The current example is bright white and bright, revealing portions of the George Washington Presidential dollar design on both sides, confirming the 2007 issue. She brought in $6,325.

The second major sales error was the Martin Van Buren (2008) dollar, also described as struck on the feeder finger and graded NGC-65. It was reduced to $5,980.

While some parts remained unsold, the budget-minded also had lower-priced misses, perhaps the best buy of 1964. matching pair of Jefferson nickels, scrapped. The first piece was a double faceted fragment with a partial crack on the obverse. The second piece was another fragment inserted into the obverse of the first fragment, which created a mirror image of the brocade. Here we show two obverse images of both pieces. Unsorted, sold for only $270.

The error section began with a large undated braided hair cent that sold for $2,875, 35% off center, pre-1897. A Liberty half-eagle gold piece ANACS AU-55, which was 5 percent off center, for $3,566.

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Scattered were everything between Indian penny bugs, a silver American eagle tablet, and several other various bugs and varieties, mostly modern minors.

Also included in the auction were many die duplicates, postdates, overflow mintmarks, mintmarks and other varieties that had been identified by many attributors.

In the Lincoln cent series, some of the highlights sold include the 1927 double die obverse with PCGS-64 RD and listed in the Cherrypickers Handbook of Rare Varieties, Fifth Edition Volume 1 by Bill Fivaz and J.T. Stanton as FS-101. It sold for $2,645.

A trio of 1941 duplicates sold for $316 for FS-101 PCGS-64 RB, $2,300 for FS-102 PCGS-64 RD, and $3,335 for FS-103 PCGS-65 RD.

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The year 1972 is noteworthy. FS-104 (double obverse #4) PCGS-62 RB, which sold for $2,070. This is a small breed with only a few known and highly sought after. This shows that small errors can sometimes be larger than large errors of the same date if they are highly sought after and rare.

Is the world’s official duplicate of the US Numismatic Error Collectors Association and the National Collectors Association. He also privately lists other types of collectible coins, both US and World Coins, in the Miscellaneous Coin Registry. For more information on either club or how to obtain a coin listed in the Coin Variety Register, send a long envelope with 61 cents postage to P.O. Box 760232, Lathrup Village, MI 48076 or by contacting him at An educational image gallery can be viewed on his website

This new CD edition of Strike It Rich with Pocket Change features actual photos comparing correctly minted coins to error coins.

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June 18 published March 15 Numizmatikas niaveinos published an article about the first proof of “Laisve”, 2007. A $50 platinum American Eagle example. Based primarily on this report found on the CONECA website by a reader who eventually linked it to the full report on NumisMaster’s website, I can now say that this third-magnitude error has finally been found.

Lincoln Cents, Gold, Classic Coins and Paper Money from the Peter Hunton Collection Highlight Bowers & Merren Auctions

From hard-to-buy gold errors to popular collectible coin errors, I had the privilege of seeing many of them at this year’s American Numismatic Association World Money Show from August 16-20. in the suburbs of Chicago. I spent most of the day sitting behind the club table of the United Association of Numismatic Error Collectors of America explaining to people what errors and varieties they were bringing in for review. I also explored the floor to find some neat bugs and species to photograph.

The $1,830 gold 5 is expected to attract bidders at the official Whitman Coin & Collectibles Baltimore Expo auction, November 10-14. Bowers and Merena Auctions.

Standart Catalog Of World Coins 1801 1900 (5th Edition) 2006 1/4 By Dimitar Georgiev

The 1928 Pedigree Hawaiian commemorative half dollar is a popular item at Bowers and Merena.

The most popular collection of large pennies will be on display from November 4 to 5. Bowers and Meren Whitman at the Baltimore Expo Coins and Collectibles auction booth.

The 1876 20-cent CC piece will highlight Bowers & Meren’s Baltimore Coin and Currency Convention auction, scheduled for three sessions June 11-12.

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