Tarzan Of The Apes Book

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Experience the legend of Tarzan in this thrilling adventure by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Set against the vibrant colors and sounds of the African jungle, this unique thriller takes the reader on a glorious journey of action, romance and pure adventure. It’s the story of an ape-man named Tarzan, a great ape named Kale, raised in the jungle, and how he learns the secrets of the jungle in order to survive – how to talk to animals, smash trees and fight big predators. . As Tarzan grew up, he made many friends, including Tandar the elephant and Numa the lion. When white people take over this paradise, Tarzan’s life changes because in this group is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, Jane. Speaking directly to our childhood memories, this amazing project takes us to a distant place where dreams bloom in our hearts, where we too can be masters of our own kingdom. With an introduction by Gore Vidal and an afterword by Michael Mayer.

Tarzan Of The Apes Book

Edgar Rice Burroughs was born in 1875 in Chicago, Illinois. 7th U.S. After a stint with the cavalry, Burroughs worked as a salesman, gold miner, cowboy and police officer before becoming a full-time writer. His first novel, Tarzan of the Apes, published in 1914, together with its 22 sequels, has sold over 30 million copies in 58 languages.

Br/>in Paperback: Tarzan Of The Apes — Steve Donoghue

The author of several forest and science fiction novels, including The Land of Forgotten Time, Burroughs had a writing career spanning nearly 30 years, with his last novel, The Terrible Land, published in 1941. He died in 1950 at his farm near Tarzana. , a California town named after its legendary hero.

“[Burroughs] possesses a gift that very few writers of any genre possess: he can vividly describe action.” – Core Vidal This e-book is available for free and unrestricted use by anyone in the United States and in many parts of the world. You may copy, give away, or reuse it according to the terms of the program’s license. It is included in this e-book or available online. If you are not in the United States, please check the laws in your country before using this e-book.

I have this story from someone who has no right to tell it to me or anyone else. The seductive influence of old wine on the narrator can be attributed to its beginning, and my own dubious credibility in later days to the balance of the strange tale.

When my agent found that he had told me too much, I was satisfied with this suspicion that his foolish pride had taken the work begun by so many strangers, so he gave me an undertaking in the form of a moldy handwriting. Professional records. The British Colonial Office supported many key aspects of his extraordinary report.

Tarzan Super Pack: Tarzan Of The Apes, The Return Of Tarzan, The Beasts Of Tarzan, The Son Of Tarzan, Tarzan And The Jewels Of Opar, Jungle Tales Of Tarzan, … By Edgar

I do not claim that this story is true because I did not witness the events it describes, but the fact that I took fictitious names for the main characters in telling it to you is a solid proof of the truth of my own belief. That may be true.

The yellowed, moldy pages of the dead man’s diary and the records of the Colonial Office fit perfectly with my master’s story, and so I tell this story which I willingly set aside from these various institutions.

If you don’t find it credible, at least you agree that it’s unique, wonderful and inspiring.

From the records of the Colonial Office and the diary of the deceased, a young Englishman named John Clayton, Lord Greystoke, was commissioned by British West Africa to conduct a highly sensitive investigation into the situation in British West Africa. Parliament from the simple natives of another European power known to recruit soldiers for its local army used only to collect rubber and ivory from wild tribes in the Congo and Aruwimi. The natives of the British Parliament complained that many of their young men were taken away by promises of honesty and brilliancy, but few of them returned to their families.

Tarzan Of The Apes: The Artist Edition (preorder)

The British in Africa went further and said that these poor negroes were in simple slavery, and after their registration they were handed over by white laborers, who were told that they would have to work for several more years.

So the Colonial Office appointed John Clayton to a new post in British West Africa, but his policy of secrecy depended on a thorough investigation into the unfair treatment of British blacks by the authorities.A European friend. However, why he was sent is immaterial to this story, as he never explores or actually reaches his destination.

Clayton was an Englishman, associated with noble monuments of historical achievement on the battlefields of a thousand victories – a strong, brutish man – mind, character and body.

He is taller than average; His eyes were grey, his features regular and strong; His excellent health had suffered from years of military training.

Tarzan In Film, Television And Other Non Print Media

Political ambitions led him to transfer from the army to the Colonial Office, and so we find him, young as he is, entrusted with a delicate and important task in the Queen’s service.

He was delighted and surprised to receive this appointment. The preference seemed to give him a just reward for hard and intelligent work, and a stepping-stone to positions of greater importance and responsibility; But, on the other hand, she married Hon. Alice Rutherford was only three months old, and the thought of sending this second little daughter to the perils and dangers of the African continent thrilled her.

Because of him, he would have declined the nomination, but he didn’t. Instead, he insisted on accepting it and taking it with him.

There are mothers and brothers and sisters and mothers and cousins ​​to express different opinions on this matter, but history is silent about their agreement.

Joe Kubert’s Tarzan Of The Apes Artist’s Edition

All that is known is that on a clear May day in 1888, John, Lord Greystoke and Lady Alice sailed from Dover to Africa.

A month later they arrived in Freetown, where they chartered a small boat, the Fualta.

Now John, Lord Greystoke, and his wife, Lady Alice, disappeared from the sight and sight of men.

Two months after they had cast anchor and left the harbor of Freetown, half the British fleet sailed the South Atlantic in search of them or their little vessel, and immediately a wreck was discovered on the coast of St., which assured the world that the Fuaulta had sunk. With all aboard, the search was abandoned before it began. Although there is hope in a heart that has been crying out for years.

Tarzan Of The Apes (book Cover) By Ynasaurus On Deviantart

Fuaults, barquentines of about a hundred tons, are among the people we see in the coastal fisheries of the far South Atlantic, their crews on the beaches unexecuted murderers and destroyers of all racial and national.

Fualta is no exception to the rule. Your employees are swarthy hooligans, hated and despised by their employees. The captain, though an experienced sailor, was reckless in dealing with his men. He knew it, or at least used it, but there were two contradictions in dealing with them—the burning part and the surrender—otherwise the motley crew who signed it could not have understood otherwise.

From the second day of sailing from Freetown, John Clayton and his young wife witnessed events on Fualta’s deck that, in their opinion, had never happened outside the covers of published sea tales.

The next morning, the first link formed in what was to be a set of unborn living conditions unparalleled in human history.

Tarzan On The Planet Of The Apes: So Obvious

Two sailors were cleaning Fualta’s deck, while the first mate was on duty, stopping to talk with Captain John Clayton and Lady Alice.

The men ran back to the small group facing the cart. Closer and closer to them until one of them was behind the captain. Another time you will

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