The Wolf Of Wall Street 2013 Youtube

The Wolf Of Wall Street 2013 Youtube – Everyone was excited about Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) being stoned to death on Wall Street, and you can imagine how excited I was for the opening monologue. The excitement continued, it kept my spirits up for a bit, and although I consider them the best, the best, I can’t say the Wall Street wave is perfect.

By mid-February, when other people saw it, wrote about it, and read a lot about it, there was a lot of talk about the Wall Street wave. There is still something limited and not discussed, tell me if there is, because I haven’t started yet and I already have a problem. My first problem was that I felt there was too much to say and how to condense a 3 hour film. in the test? Which brings me to my first and probably only criticism of Wall Street Waves: its length didn’t bother me much at the beginning of the film, but by the middle it had become an important feature.

The Wolf Of Wall Street 2013 Youtube

The thing is, I’m not a fan of long movies, and I think this is a problem I always have: watching a movie for more than 2 hours makes me tired at some point. So when I saw Wall Street Wave 3 hours long, I was afraid of what was going to happen, and unfortunately it did. The first half of the movie was intense, intense and hit all the right buttons, then when I tried to focus, I realized that it had to end immediately. I know that sounds bad, and it sounds like we didn’t like the movie in the end, but I did, and the energy is something that slowly leaves my brain after two hours. This is something I suffer from, no matter how good the movie actually is, I’ll love the movie as much as I love Waves of Wall Street, but it just intrigues me.

The True Story Behind The Wolf Of Wall Street Movie

But as I’ve said before, Waves on Wall Street is one of the best movies of the past year, and there’s no doubt that Martin Scorsese knows what he’s doing. While there were little things that bothered me, like another person doing the audio commentary, even a few times, it somehow broke the illusion in Belfort’s head. The film worked well throughout, the voice acting was a must and the fourth wall breaking monologue was a joy to watch. When it comes to different types of storytelling, Scorsese seems to have used so many methods that he thought there couldn’t be more, so he used another one. The Wolf of Wall Street had just the right amount of everything, madness, drugs, sex, laughter, drama, just enough, except for Matthew McConaughey, who wasn’t enough!

Now that I’ve mentioned a lot of things that bother me, you might be wondering why I rated the movie so highly. The characters were angry and crazy, DiCaprio and Jonah Hill’s performances were better than I expected, I was so glad I liked Margot Robbie’s performance and I knew it was going to be great anyway. Duane Dujardin was good as always, Kyle Chandler was too rough for my liking, but most of the original Belfort crew had more screen gravitas and I had no idea who they were.

Another thing that makes the movie amazing is that Wall Street Wave is crazy and based on a real person who is out of this world.

The big question ahead of the BIG day, the Oscars, is who will win the Best Actor award, and I think this is the perfect time to clarify my personal opinion on the matter. As much as I loved DiCaprio’s Belfort, I loved McConaughey’s Ron Woodruff even more, so this year I’ll be teaming up with McConaughey. Also, I find it a bit strange that two of my favorite characters are based on real life and are bad on paper. However, Belfort and Woodruff still don’t make the male audience, their flaws and flaws, the villains of DiCaprio and McConaughey.

Sell Like The Wolf

With all that being said, let me tell you about my favorite DiCaprio scene: the fight for Belfort’s car. Now this is already famous and makes you laugh, but I noticed something else. I felt that this scene was deliberately dragged out and intended to show the brutality of drugs. Now the beginning of the scene was funny, everyone laughed and then gradually the laughter got quieter. Like drugs, they may seem funny at first, but over time they become sad and miserable. That’s why I loved this scene, yes it was funny, but watching a man struggle with drugs was so painful that it wasn’t funny. This was my favorite scene because it was so controversial and meaningful.

Also, there are a few other scenes where Hill’s lack of self-confidence still bothers me, the insanity effect on the plane, Margot Robbie showing off the guards and DiCaprio walking, Hill choking, DiCaprio giving a sales pitch. (en) and more, but it would take me forever to discuss them all. Of course, I watch Waves of Wall Street over and over again to see every detail, because there are new nuances that are revealed every time in this kind of crazy and absolutely furious cinematic ride. The beauty of movies, at least the good ones, the viewer can see a second time, a third time, and many new things. It has comedy, performances, plot, direction and a great soundtrack – all of Wall Street’s magic!

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The shooting took place when Leonardo DiCaprio took his first job as a stockman in New York’s financial district. A similar building is located at 120 Broadway in Manhattan.

Leonardo DiCaprio is spotted having lunch with Mark Hanna on his first date. This scene was filmed at the Sixth Restaurant on 5th Avenue and 52nd Street.

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In one scene, Leonardo DiCaprio is seen planning to start Stratton Oakmont with Tony. It was called Kagandez Diner but actually it was called Shalimar Diner. The restaurant is located at 6368 Austin Street on 63rd Drive in Queens.

Captivating Leonardo DiCaprio with his wife and girlfriend Naomi, in front of Trump Tower at East 56th Street and 5th Avenue.

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