Titanic Heart Of The Ocean Scene

Titanic Heart Of The Ocean Scene – “The alternate ending of Titanic is hilarious. This movie really blew me away,” one Twitter user wrote while sharing the video.

Titanic is undoubtedly one of the greatest movies of all time. Most people know the ending of this famous Oscar winning movie. Since its release in 1997, the film has made headlines again and again. Currently, it is creating buzz again and this time because of a video showing an alternate ending to the film. The video has now gone viral and many say this version would have completely ruined their movie.

Titanic Heart Of The Ocean Scene

The deleted scene was added as an extra to the 2005 DVD version of the film, the Independent reports. It recently caught people’s attention — and didn’t make them too happy — Twitter user Pat Brennan shared.

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“The alternate ending of Titanic is hilarious. This movie would absolutely spoil me,” she wrote while sharing the video.

In the original ending, an elderly Rose, played by Gloria Stewart, secretly throws the “Heart of the Ocean” necklace into the ocean after remembering her love affair with Jack Dawson (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) during the fateful journey. However, the alternate ending shows something completely different.

Titanic’s alternate ending is hilarious. It would absolutely ruin the movie for me pic.twitter.com/L3vSrSb72e — Pat Brennan (@patbrennan88) February 16, 2021

Since it was shared a few days ago, the video has been viewed more than 1.3 million times – and the number is only growing. It also collected a lot of comments from people. Many were thankful that this version never made it to the finale, and some wondered if the movie would have won as many Oscars if this ending had aired. A few also said it looks nice.

Heart Of The Ocean

“I’m not going to lie. Seeing footage of Bill Paxton that I hadn’t seen broke my heart. He was amazing. The scene is…awful, but man, the man sells,” one Twitter user wrote. “Yeah, throwing the chain over the side was a much better ending. It’s a tease,” gushed another. “It would ruin the movie,” said a third.

That’s the part I got on the floor 😭😭 pic.twitter.com/tEJ39K9gcX—…plus the attitude Tupac got. (@SONSPLASHA) February 17, 2021

Do you think it would have still won Best Picture and 11 Oscars with that ending? 🤣🤣 — Adarsh ​​Rao (@adi1486) February 16, 2021

When he starts laughing I really expected him to grab me by the throat 😂😂 pic.twitter.com/7JrEm3CoiF — Dan Robertapp (@robertapp180) February 18, 2021 Released in 1997, the question that most concerns fans and detractors , is this question. Jack fits a certain lavish door, but in the name of epic tragedy and narrative significance, I’m willing to give James Cameron the door question. I have one more question that has been lingering in my precious brain for almost 20 years, and I’m sure there is no satisfactory answer to it: Why?

A ‘titanic’ Deleted Scene Shows Cal Did Care For Rose

I’ll go over the facts: Caledon Hockley, an ass clown of the highest caliber, gave Rose DeWitt Bukater the Heart of the Ocean, a diamond more valuable than the Hope Diamond (which is worth about $250 million in today’s dollars). effort. After the tragedy of the RMS Titanic, Rose is given the chance to fake her death, which she accepts, and the altered jacket leaves her with a diamond. He starts his life over and keeps the jewel, but in his last hours on earth he is unable to tell his triumphant story to the man who made a career out of finding the stone. Instead, he pulls over $250 million off the side of the boat while he sleeps. where is the logic Where is the pathos?

In a way, I can understand why Rose never sold the diamond… to begin with. A jewel like the heart of the ocean is not easy to pawn, and its distinctive shape and quality would have attracted attention – especially Kala’s attention. If Rose didn’t want Cal to find her, it makes perfect sense to keep it a secret. But Brock Lovett says Callie died after losing money in the Wall Street Crash of 1929. This is just 17 years after Rose and Callie broke up! It would certainly be safer for him to sell the diamond, with no chance of Cal breaking the peace. Perhaps she was afraid that Callie’s father, Nathan, would file an insurance claim for the diamond, but the claim was settled – she got the money she was looking for.

(Rose could have also helped Cal by sending him the diamond anonymously after the accident, but I don’t blame Rose for not being an outright saint and rescuing his abusive ex-fiancée. Rest in peace, Hockley).

I also kind of understand why Rose didn’t sell the diamond, even though she was protected from that particular repercussion. Because he came from money and escaped an empty life full of money, selling the gift of tin meant that he was somewhat dependent on his magnanimity for survival. It takes a big man to have hundreds of millions of dollars in his closet and not use them, but I still think Rose could have been much wiser in sticking to the diamond. It’s always a good idea to have a huge paycheck in the drawer for emergencies, even if using it is a personal take on your hard-earned stoicism.

Whatever Happened To The Titanic Cast?

Heart of the Ocean, but neither of them talk about why he got rid of it. Don’t explain to me how the gem belonged to a “ship” or anything. This necklace was one of the most valuable pieces of jewelry on earth, even without the fascinating double story of the French Revolution and the sinking.

. Perhaps her grandson had secretly wanted to become a millionaire, something that only became known after the death of his beloved grandmother Rose. Maybe he could secretly sell it and set up healthy annuity funds for his entire bloodline. Maybe he could find a live Chippewa Falls Dawson and give them a little mule as payment for saving their relative twice. Maybe he can start the Jack Dawson Foundation for Wisconsin orphans whose parents died in the fire! There are many possibilities, and all of them are better than throwing a huge diamond around the side of a research boat like a regular golf ball.

The movie doesn’t answer the question, and I doubt I’ll ever read one that makes me feel better about the situation. Sure, it makes for a dramatic ending, but if someone were to pull off this stunt in real life, I’d definitely be there with a really goofy face and scuba gear ready to fix their mistake. You can build a hospital, Rose. Instead, you’ve derailed Brock Lovett’s entire mission and robbed the world of a solution to one of its greatest mysteries. Enjoy your haunted life on your ghost ship, forever surrounded by wet souls and a young Leo DiCaprio. You barely deserve it, Cal Hockley (Billy Zane) is the worst. Not only is he arrogant, he is cruel to his fiancée, Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet). When you travel with RMS

In 1912, Rose meets Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio). Halfway through the film, Rose intends to leave Cal for the kind and adventurous Jack when the ship docks.

Jewelry On The Titanic: Fact, Fiction And How To Get Your Own Replica

Know that this plan will never come true due to Jack’s untimely death when the ship sinks. Still, Rose manages to create her own life by avoiding Cal after being rescued. While Cal is not compared to Jack in any way, the deleted scene is

With Cal and his mother Ruth (Frances Fisher). It turns out that Rose’s father has died, leaving Rose and Ruth low on money.

To maintain her upper-class status, Ruth arranges for Rose to marry Cal, despite the fact that he is several years older than her and does not love Rose. Until they get married, Rose and Ruth are only given names.

Cal is shown to be controlling and arrogant. When he discovers that Rose has befriended Jack and gone to a third grade party, he yells at Rose and turns the tables.

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Later, Rose decides to leave Callie for Jack. Cal frames Jack with a necklace called The Heart of the Ocean. When Rose chooses to stay on the sinking ship with Jack after taking the lifeboat, Callie pursues them both with a gun and shoots them.

To secure a spot on the lifeboat, Callie pretends to be the father of an abandoned child. Meanwhile, Rose and Jack stay with the RMS

Until it drops. They both find a wooden panel, but it’s only big enough for one person.

Jack helps Rose on the panel. Before they can be rescued, Jack freezes to death. Rose is finally rescued and as she leaves

Locket From Titanic Has Heartbreaking Love Story

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