Topic Sentence Of An Essay

Topic Sentence Of An Essay – We continue to focus on informative writing in our classroom. To give this writing context, we’ve combined it with our narrative camera on

. We used this content to review different nonfiction text structures and identify questions that required us to answer in a particular text structure. /blog/2018/informational-writing-text-structures-and-prompts-1 As we began answering the questions, students worked on writing appropriate topic sentences for each text structure. This led to a discussion in our classroom – “Do all types of topic sentences work for all types of writing?”

Topic Sentence Of An Essay

Using the prompts from the study of text structures, we began experimenting with different topic sentence types. I wanted students to have a bank of topic sentences that they could draw on when asked to write for a series of informational writing prompts. As we experimented and wrote informative essays, we gathered topic sentences that worked well with each type of text structure.

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Question: Both trappers and merchants were busy catching beavers. Write an essay that explains two similarities between these people and two ways their lifestyles differ from each other.

The trappers and traders who worked in the Colorado Territory had both similarities and differences in their lifestyles.

In studying trappers and traders in the early Colorado Territory, historians have found both similarities and differences between the two groups.

Inquiry: Trappers came to the Colorado Territory in the early 19th century. Write an informative essay that explains a positive and negative effect on the environment due to the arrival of the trappers.

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The trappers who came to the Colorado territory have both positive and negative impact on the natural environment.

When the trappers arrived in the Colorado Territory, they had a positive and negative impact on the environment of the area.

As historians study the history of Colorado, they have identified both the positive and negative effects on the environment caused by the arrival of the trappers.

If spotted on the trail, an early beaver trapper is easily identified by dress and appearance.

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Question: When the trappers collected beaver pelts, they needed a place to gather to trade. Write an essay that explains how trappers solve the problem of dealing with others.

When trappers collected the amount of beaver skins, they faced a problem. How can they sell their skins and buy things they need to survive?

When the beaver hunting season ended, the trappers faced a dilemma. Now how can they trade skins and buy supplies?

“Now that I have caught the beavers and collected their skins, how can I exchange them for much-needed money and supplies?” This was a question that many trappers asked at the end of the trapping season.

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Question: Trappers have to find the best ways to catch beavers without damaging their fur. Write an informative paragraph that explains the steps a trapper followed to catch a beaver.

If a mountain man wanted to be a successful beaver trapper, he had to follow specific steps in the right order.

When people traveled to the Colorado Territory to trap beaver, they quickly learned the steps necessary to trap the animals.

Through our work with informational text, we’ve discovered that certain types of topic sentences work best with certain text structures. We also learned a lot about the lives of the early trappers and traders! Our fourth grade writers have been given another tool to use when writing informational text for a series of questions.

From The Topic Sentence To The Essay

Curriculum. Thanks for stopping by this blog! Each post is written from our real learning experience and we are so excited to share with you.

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Check the Study Guide for assessment information (including assessment criteria to understand how your work will be assessed).

Writing Essays #1: Introductions

Look for the important words that tell you what to write about, as well as the way your instructor expects you to write.

To organize content for your essay, it is helpful to connect broad ideas and concepts to more specific types/parts. Then you can identify the topic for each paragraph of your essay.

The beginning of each paragraph (the topic sentence) should clearly tell the reader what thought you are focusing on because the reader can “see” your mind map and understand how you have organized your essay.

Journals are collections of articles that focus on specific topics. These articles are published at regular intervals, for example four times a year. A common purpose of an article is to report on new research. For your essays, magazine articles can provide you with up-to-date content on topics to write or talk about. To read magazine articles effectively, you must:

Solved 3. Using Topic Sentences To Support A Thesis Each

Information on the first page of the article will often help you decide whether to read on.

Summaries are especially good for quickly determining whether the content matches what you need for your essay. They are usually organized into separate sections that provide an overview of the entire article.

Journal articles often have distinctive parts (eg abstract, literature review, discussion…). Each part has a clear function that helps you find specific information. (You may not need to read it all.)

To answer assignment questions, you often need to group content from your readings into broad categories—often called topics. This helps you identify recurring themes in different readings. In this tutorial we look at 10 typical IELTS Paper 2 questions and suggest possible topic sentences. In the audio tutorial, the sentences are further refined to avoid repetition and rewritten to improve efficiency.

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A topic sentence is a sentence that captures the essence of your paragraph. It introduces the reader to the topic or main point you intend to make in the paragraph and sets the tone for the rest of the paragraph.

The examiner must be able to read the topic sentence and immediately know what the rest of the section will be about. So this part is very important.

Here are 10 sample topic sentences that you can practice with your IELTS essay. I have included the questions and examples of how to write a paragraph.

1. Some argue that it is the police’s responsibility to inform children about good behavior in society, while others believe that parents should be responsible for teaching children how to behave in an appropriate manner. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

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2. Some believe that more women should be encouraged to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), while others believe that women are naturally suited for careers in the humanities/social sciences such as teaching and psychology. Discuss your views and opinions.

3. Researchers claim that young people’s use of modern gadgets, such as mobile phones and tablets, has the potential to increase creativity. Do you agree or disagree?

There has been evidence that young people’s use of modern gadgets actually increases their creativity

4. Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, have become a more important source of news and information for young people than newspapers. Do you agree or disagree?

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Example: Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, have become an important source of news and information for young people

Example: Newspapers are still a more important source of news and information for young people than social media

Example: Young students must be taught in their home language for the first 6 years of their education

It is not important for school children to learn in their home language in the first year of school

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7. Today, women have children at a much later age than previous generations. Do you think this is positive or negative? Discuss both sides.

8. In many countries, women choose not to have children. Some people believe that children stifles a woman’s career growth. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

That women’s careers are hindered by starting a family is (unfortunately) a great concern for both women and employers.

9. Today, children are exposed to more sex and violence in the media than in the past. What are the reasons for this? Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Topic Sentence, Controlling Ideas And Concluding Sentence For Paragraph And Essay Writing

10. Parents must do more to protect children from cyber bullying. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

When it comes to protecting their children online, parents must find a balance between their child’s online freedom and becoming helicopter parents online.

11. Some believe that children should not have cell phones until they reach their teenage years, while others believe that children should have cell phones at an early age. Discuss

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