Upright Bass Lessons For Beginners

Upright Bass Lessons For Beginners – Wondering where to start playing your duet? Here are our top 10 lessons for new double bassists or bassists transitioning to double bass.

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start with a dilemma. Long notes? The rest? Pieces of music? Or, how can I get this thing? (We’ve all been there…!) So here are our top 10 tutorials for beginners to get you started. These lessons are perfect for new bassists to play double bass or make a transition!

Upright Bass Lessons For Beginners

Whether you choose to sit or stand with the bass, it’s important to do it right to avoid potential physical problems or pain down the line. This is a big tool so there are a few things to consider. Here are two lessons on how to play comfortably standing or sitting.

Abracadabra Double Bass Book 1 (abracadabra Strings)

A comfortable bass is an essential skill for all bass players. This quick lesson from our beginner’s classic course instructor, Jason Heath, covers the basics and can make a big difference to your game.

Are you using enough rosin, or maybe too much? If it’s not right, your toe can look terrible, so watch our short video on how to get it right.

These simple but effective tips from Jason Heath can help you master the piercing technique. Playing the arco is an essential skill for all bassists, no matter what style of music you play – by the way, this lesson doesn’t require frisbee!

This is a great lesson from classic DDB expert David Allen Moore on using your natural weight when playing double bass. This is a key concept that will affect all areas of your technique and one that new students often struggle with, especially those with a bass guitar background.

Bass Lessons In Greater Philadelphia

🫲 This tutorial by DDB founder Geoff Chalmers covers the basics of left handed technique and was one of our first tutorials on YouTube. Released in 2013, it is now our most viewed video of all time!

Jazz legend John Goldsby helps you find all the notes on the fingerboard using chromatic scales – you can download the free sheet music for this lesson here.

BONUS TIP 🔍 If you’re looking for a way to make notes easier to see, check out this tutorial by Geoff Chalmers on changing anchors. Understanding the physical reference points of the double bass will make everything you play much easier!

🫱 Back to right hand technique with Geoff Chalmers, this time on the pizzicato technique, which all bass players (classical and jazz) should learn.

How To Read Double Bass Sheet Music

Patterns are important for any musician, so this lesson explains two very effective methods you can use to learn them. Getting your starting line practice right will benefit all aspects of your game, so it’s worth paying attention to.

👀 If you want to download the free PDF of 1 Octave Scales with Fingers and Backing Track, click here.

In this latest video, our amazing jazz-bass expert Katie Theroux summarizes some simple, yet essential concepts to strengthen your playing technique. This includes right hand, left hand, and stopping those annoying fretboard knobs.

By the way, Katie Threaux is also an incredible bass player. If you’re looking for a video that covers a lot of ground without fluff, I’m sure you’ll love this one!

Upright Bass Lessons

🤷‍♂️ Still having problems? Check out this discussion with Geoff Chalmers and Jason Heath about the most common problems double bass students face and how to fix them!

Once you’ve completed these 10 lessons, don’t miss the next article in our series (coming soon…) to help you progress even further!

Check out our courses designed specifically for beginners in double bass or bassists moving on to double bass.

Choose from our three comprehensive introductory courses, depending on the genre you want to learn and the teacher you want to learn with: All Vocal Instruments Guitar Piano Double Bass Electric Bass Ukulele Music Theory Vocal Composition VCE Music Tertiary Audition Preparation

Perfect Bass Lessons

Double and Electric Bass Lessons: From Beginners to Advanced, All Agerosing, Oakleigh, Morabin, Ormond, Brighton, Hampton, Caulfield, Elsternwick and Elwoodon Online, Melboni, Darbney, Advanced Music Lessons for Students, Darbney, Canberra, Canberra, all local areas there are for students

Bass and electric lessons cover all classic and modern styles and are aimed at students of all ages and levels, from complete beginners to advanced players. Lessons are tailored to the student’s goals and interests and may include classical double bass technique, jazz and contemporary improvisation, music theory and composition.

Bass lessons are available with Adam Spiegel or Erica Brahm. Adam teaches bass and electric to students of all ages and levels, and is a very experienced teacher and performer. Erica teaches double bass and electric bass for beginners, and most of her students study bass with voice lessons. Students interested in taking bass lessons are encouraged to contact Erika to discuss their needs.

All courses are now delivered online. We welcome Melbourne students to return to our studio when restrictions permit.

Double Bass Classes Online

Lessons are arranged according to the school term, given in advance at the beginning of each term. New students are welcome to start classes at any time of the year, subject to teacher availability. If you are a new player who wants to learn the bass, it is very important that you start playing with the right technique. Our lessons are easy to follow, fun to watch, and full of practical tips that can make a real difference to your game!

Our top 10 lesson tips for double bass beginners or bassists transitioning to double bass, including preparation, kneeling, left and right hand techniques, and scales!

A quick tutorial where Jason explains how to maintain proper left hand shape with fingers that don’t do anything.

Joe Fick teaches a simple beat with a complex 4/4 feel. He joins his group in his class, Slap Boss!

Top 10 Beginner Double Bass Lessons — Discover Double Bass

Learn your major octave scale with our free PDF sheet music with perfect fingering and 12 backing practice tracks.

Geoff Chalmers teaches a simple bass riff to help you practice lead position and intonation. Download and play the free transfer.

In this preview lesson from Jason Heath’s “Introductory Classical Bass” course, Jason teaches the bow pick for double bass.

Jason Heath demonstrates and explains how to hold a double bass bow, and how it should be centered, supported and well balanced.

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In this quick video, Jason Heath shows us how to properly apply rosin to a double bass bow.

In this lesson, David Alan Moore explains how to effectively use the weight of the left hand and shoulder when playing the double bass.

In this tutorial, Katie Theroux shares some simple concepts to get you started with bass.

In this preview lesson from her course, Katie Theroux teaches a foolproof way to memorize songs. You will need 10 small items like coins.

Beaverdale Double Bass Lessons

In this video lesson, Katie Theroux shares her top tips for playing bass and singing at the same time as she performs “If I Were the Bell.”

In this lesson, John Goldsby talks about the measurement that is important for developing proper harmony and good technique.

Lauren Pierce shows us how to change the placement of your fingers as you change positions on the double bass.

In this lesson, I show you how to avoid one of the most common mistakes my students make with left hand technique on the double bass.

Double & Electric Bass Lessons

In this video lesson, I teach you how to use arm/hand weight with a balance point to play with perfect technique.

If you want to play with clarity and detail, it’s important to learn to cut the strings you don’t play.

I called this video “The Bass Case Survival Guide” and it teaches you the best way to take care of your Doublebass and avoid potential hazards that could damage your instrument.

In this video, I teach you a quick, easy and painless method that you can use to change your split ends.

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Left Hand Shape: Technique Tip For Beginner Double Bassists — Discover Double Bass

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