Warrior Cats Enter The Clans

Warrior Cats Enter The Clans – Spoilers are now on the Sky wiki. Proceed with caution, especially with faces like Nightheart, Frostpaw, Sunbeam, and now the RiverClan cats.

A new paperback collection featuring two special editions of our bestsellers: Field Guide: Secrets of the Clans and : Code of the Clans.

Warrior Cats Enter The Clans

Enter the Clans is the fifth book in the Field Guides series. This is the collection of secret information of the clan and the code of the clan.

Warriors: Dawn Of The Clans #1: The Sun Trail Ebook By Erin Hunter

This special two-volume bestselling collection, available in paperback and hardcover for the first time, provides readers with important insights into the world.

In Field Guide: Secrets of the Clan (illustrated in black and white), we learn about the clan’s origins, history and lore, and all the training, rites and rituals that go into a warrior cat’s lifelong journey. .

: The Code of Clans is a comprehensive guide to the Warrior Code, the set of rules that govern clans. It is also shown in beautiful black and white art and features legendary stories and new stories that have never been told in the mainstream.

Enter the Clans features black-and-white art throughout, an Erin Hunter checklist, 8-page portal with black-and-white maps, and a cast of characters inspired by the Super Edition: Yellowfang’s Secret and the first book in the new Erin Hunter. series, survivors.

Warrior Cats Ultimate Edition Codes

This book contains two field guides, located in one, Secrets of Clans and Code of Clans. Secrets of Clans contains information not revealed in the main series – such as stories told by certain cats and secret information about clans. A beginner’s field guide with the history of the rise of clans and how clans were formed up Next is the chapter containing the rules of the warrior code.

Then the reader is taken on eight tours – each camp in the old forest and lake, led by a cat from each tribe, and then the reader is shown a list of notable leaders and medicine cats from each tribe. Later, stories were told by cats of certain clans, for example, in ThunderClan, Brightheart told the story of how she was raised by dogs, and Cloudtail told the story of how she was raised again by WindClan, the story of their ways. was fired. It tells the story of the Flood that led to Brokenstar and ShadowClan, Fireheart and the story of Graystripe helping two sets of Mistyfoot, and Leopardstar is about the alliance between RiverClan and ShadowClan that leads to TigerClan. Yellowfang then tells her about her forbidden love with the birth of Raggedstar and Brokentail and its consequences. Lionheart shows the territory of StarClan to the reader and tells the story of the death of Snowfer Mosquito.

There are two full maps of the tribe’s territory, the forest and the lake. Four trees, high rocks and a lunar pool were explored, giving various cat accounts of these places. Tounipelt describes the first impression of the setting sun.

Then the ceremonies are shown and the cats give stories about their experiences, such as Crowfeather’s love for Leafpool or Barley’s escape from BloodClan. Also includes fighting techniques, descriptions of medicine and herbs, ancient legends about three clans that once roamed the forest, information about cats outside the clans, including BloodClan and Rushing Water Tribe, and short stories told by minor characters.

How To Roleplay As A Warrior Cat From The

The Code of Clans picks up after Secret of the Clans, and like the first field guide, it doesn’t have a plan, but describes the world in great detail. Mostly talking about things related to the warrior code, and how and why the laws in the warrior code were created, and sometimes special short stories related to that rule and how it was broken.

Includes the stories of ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, ShadowClan and the ancient SkyClan and how and why they added rules to the warrior code. Some of the stories include Cloudberry and Rywhisker, an early case of forbidden love, and the story of Mothpelt, who is appointed captain after his father’s death.

Small stories where the characters talk about things close to them include Sandstorm confessing his love to ThunderClan leader Firestar, Talltar explaining his sudden choice as Onewhisker’s new deputy before dying, and Whitestorm teaching the range. The training technique of his race. Squirrelflight also advises readers on how to carry out surveillance of their warriors.

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The Issues I Have With ‘ Enter The Clans ‘

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The Untold Stories (Hollyleaf’s Tale • Mystistar’s Omen • Cloudstar’s Journey) • Tales from the Clans (Tigerclaw’s Fury • Leafpool’s Wish • Dovewing’s Silence) • Shadows of the Clans (Mapleshade’s Vengeance • • Spot’s Heightest’spot’s Spot’s Heightest Clans of Townepelt • Life Shadowstar) • Warrior’s Spirit (Pebbleshine’s Set • Tree’s Root • Mothwing’s Secret • Refon Mothwing’s Secret • Warri)

Warriors: Clash Of The Clans (18+ Warrior Cats Rp) By Miss Hades On Deviantart

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Secrets of Clans • Cats of Clans • Codex of Clans • Battle of Clans • Into Clans • Ultimate Guide • The Guide • Ultimate Guide: Updated and Expanded Edition

Into Wilderness and Fire and Ice • Forest of Secrets and Rising Storms • Dangerous Paths and Darkest Hours • Midnight and Moonrise • Dawn and Starlight • Sun and Sunset

After Sunset: We Need to Talk • After Sunset: The Right Choice? • Beyond Code: BrightSpirit’s Compassion • Elderly Care • Spotleaf’s Honest Answers • The Tribe Decides • Why Is Jaypaw Blind? • Tigerstar: Heart of Evil? • The Death of the Bright Stream • The Longest Night • The Vanishing Herb • The Fear of Fire • The Hidden ProphecySpoilers are now on Wiki for Sky. Proceed with caution, especially with faces like Nightheart, Frostpaw, Sunbeam, and now the RiverClan cats.

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Secrets of Clans, Cats of Clans, Codex of Clans, Battle of Clans, Into Clans, Guide, Ultimate Guide, Ultimate Guide: Updated and Expanded Edition

Series Field Guides are reference books that reveal more information about the characters found in the main arc.

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Enter The Clans

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