What Do You Do If You Drink Bleach

What Do You Do If You Drink Bleach – One of the smartest things that can be said about reopening the US economy is the plans related to sanitation and hygiene. Because coronavirus can survive on surfaces for days, it’s more commonly spread by what you touch than by what you smell. During a press conference at the White House last night, Department of Homeland Security official Bill Bryan touted the effectiveness of common disinfectants: “The virus will be killed in 5 minutes; isopropyl alcohol will kill the virus. withdraw in 30 seconds, no manipulation, no rubbing – net spray and dispense.”

Here’s the best advice for a pandemic: Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer (if you have one) and wipe down hard-to-touch areas. However, the night changed when President Donald Trump stepped onto the podium to speak. He was impressed with Bryan’s story and wondered if lethal weapons could be used to treat human viruses. “I see a strike that’s going to fall apart in a minute. One minute,” Trump said. “And is there any way we can do the same, inject it, or almost clean it? Because it goes into the tubes and does a lot of work on the tubes. So it’s good to test it out. that.

What Do You Do If You Drink Bleach

Doctors were quick to issue warnings. Isopropyl alcohol can depress the central nervous system. Milk ingestion causes esophageal burns and is the leading cause of household poisoning in the United States, accounting for 45,000 cases each year. Bleach is recommended for cleaning floors because it is very effective at destroying organic matter—including human tissue. Even government officials pushed back; The head of the Food and Drug Administration, Stephen Hahn, told CNN: “I wouldn’t recommend injecting disinfectant inside.”

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Even the maker of Lysol weighed in, telling NBC News in a statement: “It makes no sense to introduce our harmful products into the human body (by injection, orally, and other ways). ).” Lysol toxicity is part of the dark history of medicine. For decades, this product was marketed as a contraceptive and the label advised women to use it after sex. As my colleague Caitlin Flanagan mentioned, many women have tried Lysol abortions. Once it enters the bloodstream, it can cause kidney damage and even death within hours.

Despite this public history, sick people still try to heal themselves with milk, which contains some sensible ideas for cleansing the body. Delusional parents have tried to control their children as a cure for autism.

Trump said today that he was “sarcastic” with his comments, though he did not say it was a sign. At Thursday’s press conference, he did not acknowledge the injection of bleach — unlike when he said he would try to deal with the COVID-19 drug and the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine, which the FDA warned today should not be used outside of a hospital or clinic. tested, as this may cause damage. effect. However, Trump’s words mean more than the profound misunderstanding they convey. About 50,000 Americans have now died from COVID-19. In emergency situations like these, health officials are trained to clearly state what is known and what is not known, what to do, and why. Trump always does the opposite, says something when he says he doesn’t, makes various statements and then follows the brackets around what he says is true or false.

For months, Trump has repeatedly tried to deny and downplay the virus itself. He promised to restore the economy at any time, just as he promised churches at Easter.

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When people fear they won’t be able to access or afford health care — as so many Americans have done during a pandemic that has overwhelmed hospitals and sickened millions. It doesn’t matter – we’re very good at thinking, so we want to cling to hope. More than ever, our analytical thinking is challenged by what we want to believe. Some people have given up social or recreational activities because they believe that the anger has gone away or that it was not true in the first place. The major parties are now going so far as to demand that “America be reopened.”

However, there is hope and understanding to be had. Drugs that suppress the virus or alter the immune system are being studied across the country. Many Americans have followed instructions for washing floors with soap and washing their hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

The tragedy of Trump’s ideas is less than their uncertainty about wasted opportunities – the loss of a platform that could be used to help Americans make sense of this terrible time. For example, if Trump wanted to talk about cleaning supplies, perhaps he could explain why he doesn’t send volunteers to every street corner. Or at least in the subway. Trump will likely apologize for the beneficial courtesy visits and urge them to continue as these resources have been deployed. He might advise us to commend healthcare workers who risk their lives, in part to negate the consequences of the misinformation he spreads. He can correct his comments. Almost clean. In a statement yesterday, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Bill Bryan shared several studies on what is believed to be the direct agent that causes the new coronavirus. When discussing what might be effective to use in “contaminated indoor areas,” Bryan explains what he’s tried – milk, isopropyl alcohol, and “we’re still looking at pesticides.” another worm.” In a statement that ignited hope in many, he continued: “I can tell you that bleach kills viruses in five minutes. Isopropyl alcohol kills viruses in 30 seconds.”

And in the comments, the most suspicious was one of “we tested isopropyl alcohol for viruses in saliva and airways.” Isopropyl alcohol is not meant to be put into people’s tongues, lungs, or bodies, although some wildfires on the Internet have suggested that’s how people interpret it. Let’s be clear: this is bad practice.

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Speaking shortly after Bryan’s remarks, President Donald Trump said: “I’m going to see a strike in a minute, a minute. And there’s a way we can do it.” If you see, it’s going into the tube, there’s a lot of work on the tube, so it’s good to check that out.”

Although Trump does not claim to have drunk or inhaled the smoke, it can be construed as a very dangerous act (see two case reports from an adjunct clinical professor at the University of Illinois for how it could be bad). how bad).

Immediately, manufacturers such as the manufacturer Lysol issued information that “under no circumstances should our harmful products be introduced into the human body (by injection, orally, etc.). ).”

“Don’t do it,” warns Benjamin Chapman, Ph.D., food safety expert at North Carolina State University. He said before

Don’t Drink Bleach To Treat Covid 19!

Eating Lysol increases your risk of disease, which is something you want to avoid in the first place.

In addition, drinking milk can be life-threatening, causing vomiting, severe diarrhea, bleeding, and liver failure. It has nothing to do with the new coronavirus, as we said earlier this year. Didn’t even mention it.

“Drinking chlorinated water is the worst thing for the lungs,” says John Balmes, a pulmonologist at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and a professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco.

Drinking isopropyl alcohol is also very dangerous, causing burns, vomiting, slow breathing and unconsciousness, among other possible problems.

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That said, it’s wise to use disinfectants as directed to clean surfaces of flu and viruses that have gotten into them.

Health professionals agree that no one should try these inhalation or use methods for prevention or treatment.

“Don’t try these at home, follow your doctor’s advice and follow public health guidelines,” says Leana Wen, MD, former Baltimore health commissioner.

Marty Munson, now chief medical officer of People’s Health, is the medical editor at agencies including Marie Claire, Prevention, Shape and RealAge. He is also certified as a swimming and triathlon coach.

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