What Happens If You Drink Clorox

What Happens If You Drink Clorox – The group will organize an “Effective Alternative Medicine” event in Washington state, selling the “sacrament” known as an industrial cleaner

A screenshot of a video uploaded by the group showing a boy in Uganda receiving a glass of “miracle medicine”. Photo: https://www.brighteon.com

What Happens If You Drink Clorox

A group calling itself the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing plans to gather at a hotel in Washington state on Saturday to promote a “miracle cure” that it claims will cure 95% of all diseases in the world, which affects adults and children, including babies. , drink industrial bleach.

Disinfectant Injections Are A Really Bad Idea

The group is inviting members of the public via Facebook to what they call “effective alternative therapy” at the Icicle Village Resort in Leavenworth on Saturday morning. Event organizer Tom Merry posted the event on his personal Facebook page, telling people that learning how to consume pink “could save a life or the life of a loved one sent home to die”.

The “church” asks participants to “donate” $450 each, or $800 per couple, in exchange for membership in the organization and a package of bleach they call a “sacrament.” The substance is called MMS, which stands for “miracle mineral solution or supplement”, and participants are promised that they will gain “knowledge that will help cure many terrible diseases in the world.”

The “Sacrament Kit” marketed by the Genesis II Health and Healing Church is called MMS or “Miracle Mineral Solution or Supplement”. Photo: https://g2sacraments.org/

In fact, MMS consists of chlorine dioxide, a powerful bleaching agent used for both textiles and industrial water treatment. It has been banned in several countries around the world for use in treatment.

No, It Is Not Ok To Use Bleach To Clean Fruits And Vegetables To Avoid The Coronavirus

In the United States, the substance cannot be sold for human consumption. In 2010, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a public warning after receiving reports of multiple consumer injuries from drinking the liquid, with symptoms which include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, severe dehydration, and one fatality. – threat reactions.

The FDA issued simple advice: “Consumers who have MMS should stop using it immediately and throw it away.”

An FDA spokesperson told the Guardian that the agency could not comment on potential civil or criminal action, but added: “The FDA continues to advise consumers about the dangers of Miracle Mineral Solution, and the agency has warned to consumers over the past decade.”

Headlining Saturday’s event in Leavenworth is Mark Grenon, the self-proclaimed “bishop” of the Genesis II Church. He is the author of the book entitled Imagine a world without anxiety: is it possible?

Danger: Don’t Drink Miracle Mineral Solution Or Similar Products

In a video posted on the “church” website, Grenon says that the “sacramental principles” that the group sells can eliminate 95% of the world’s diseases, including malaria, Ebola, -febrile fever, all forms of cancer, diabetes, autism, HIV, and many more others. sclerosis. It sells 4-ounce bottles of sodium chlorite as “sacramental cleansing water” for $15, with instructions on how to mix it with citric acid to create chlorine dioxide.

The Guardian contacted Grenon to ask why he was selling industrial bleach that the FDA had labeled as potentially dangerous as a wonder drug, but he did not immediately respond.

To promote the event, Merry posted a link to a video on Facebook that shows people with malaria being cured in two hours. The video follows an English MMS speaker who travels to a village in Uganda where he organizes a “miracle cure” for some villagers.

One of the victims shown in the video is a baby lying in her mother’s arms and being forced to drink a glass of bleach. The baby screams as the liquid is swallowed.

Fake Science Led A Mom To Feed Bleach To Her Autistic Sons — And Police Did Nothing To Stop Her

Fiona O’Leary, an anti-pseudoscience activist who helped ban MMS in Ireland in 2016, said she was amazed that the Genesis II Church, which she called a “charismatic cult”, held a public event in Washington.

“This event puts people’s lives at risk, especially children. We need to protect vulnerable people from these dangerous tweets,” she said.

This is not the first time that Washington State has faced a group that talks about MMS. In 2015, Louis Smith of Spokane was convicted in Eastern Washington of selling drugs and defrauding the United States. He was selling MMS through a website called Project GreenLife after fraudulently obtaining sodium chlorite by creating a bogus “water purification” company. Household bleach is used for cleaning and disinfection, and can also be used in “bleach baths” as a treatment for allergic dermatitis. Swallowing, inhaling or injecting bleach can cause serious health problems.

Bleach contains sodium hypochlorite and may also contain fragrances, surfactants and stabilizers. Different types of whitening products may contain different concentrations of sodium hypochlorite. Sodium hypochlorite decomposes over time, especially when stored at elevated temperatures or exposed to sunlight. For this reason, it is important to store your bleach according to the brand’s recommendations.

Bottled Water Everywhere: Keeping It Safe

Bleach contains sodium hypochlorite. Sodium hypochlorite, the main ingredient in bleach, is a substance made from the naturally occurring elements sodium, oxygen and chlorine. The ability of sodium hypochlorite to kill harmful bacteria has been known for hundreds of years as a disinfectant and the main ingredient in household bleach. During World War I, chemist Henry Dakin created a dilute solution of hypochlorite that was used to treat wound infections in soldiers. His creation, known as “Dakin’s solution”, is still used as a topical wound treatment today. Today, sodium hypochlorite is also used to disinfect food and drinking water, and is used by dentists to kill bacteria during root canal procedures.

When pure sodium hypochlorite dissolves in water, it forms a substance called “carbon”. Commercially available bleach comes in a variety of strengths or concentrations. Typically, household bleach products are sold in lower concentrations (3-6% sodium hypochlorite), but some household bleach products (such as Clorox® Bleach Concentrate) may contain higher concentrations. of sodium hypochlorite. Bleaching products are often yellow in color and smell like chlorine.

Sodium hypochlorite, when used as indicated for medical purposes as a topical wound treatment, is unlikely to cause significant toxicity. However, rouge can cause various effects, including burns and tissue damage, when ingested or injected into the skin and soft tissues. Small consumption of lower strength household bleach usually causes nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. Ingestion of a concentrated char product can cause serious harm, permanent damage to the gastrointestinal tract and death. Accidental injection of dilute sodium hypochlorite solution into oral tissue during a root canal procedure causes severe oral pain, inflammation, and tissue damage and scarring. Intravenous injection of sodium hypochlorite leads to chemical burns and tissue death.

If you inhale bleach, move to fresh air immediately and ventilate the affected area thoroughly by opening doors and windows.

Some Americans Are Tragically Still Drinking Bleach As A Coronavirus ‘cure’

Inhaling bleach is unlikely to cause cancer, but it can cause irritation to the nose and throat. After inhaling charcoal, symptoms may include difficulty breathing, coughing, and a burning sensation in the nose.

Bleach and ammonia are not the same. Along with bleach, ammonia is a common cleaning agent. Ammonia is found in products such as Windex glass cleaner. A mixture of bleach and ammonia, used together, produces chloramine gas indiscriminately. Chloramine gas is irritating to the respiratory system and causes throat irritation, burning in the nose and coughing. People exposed to large amounts of chloramine gas or those with lung conditions such as asthma or COPD may experience severe symptoms and require medical evaluation after inhaling chloramine gas vapors.

Chlorine gas is produced when bleach is mixed with toilet cleaner. People who experience any symptoms after inhaling chlorine gas should move to fresh air immediately. Ventilate the affected area thoroughly by opening doors and windows. Seek medical advice or contact monitoring if symptoms persist or more serious symptoms develop. Examples of severe symptoms include chest pain, choking, difficulty breathing or feeling unwell.

If lower concentrations of household bleach are ingested, irritation of the mouth, throat and digestive tract may occur. This can cause nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. Ingestion of a concentrated whitening product can cause permanent damage to the gastrointestinal tract and can lead to death. If someone swallows bleach, get help online with webCONTROL or call Control immediately at 1-800-222-1222.

Did 4% Of Americans Really Drink Bleach Last Year?

Bleaching baths can be helpful in treating atopic dermatitis (eczema) in children and adults. Atopic dermatitis is a disease characterized by itching and rash. It affects up to 20% of children and 5% of adults worldwide. In many patients with atopic dermatitis, Staphylococcus aureus is present on the skin and in the nose, and the presence of this bacterium can cause recurrent skin infections as well as a general increase in the inflammatory processes associated with – eczema. Because sodium hypochlorite is effective in killing Staphylococcus aureus, researchers investigated whether bleach baths could help reduce the severity of atopic dermatitis in infected individuals. Some studies have shown that bleach baths are effective in treating symptoms and

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