When Was Deodorant First Used

When Was Deodorant First Used – People around them always cared about their smell. “That’s why we’ve had smells as long as humans,” says Cary Castiel, a researcher who studies the history of CHF’s loss of smell. But it wasn’t until the late 19th and early 20th centuries that technology and chemistry began to mature, Castiel said.

Today, most Americans don’t even think about using deodorant. In fact, about 90% of residents throw things away. But in the late 1800s and early 1900s, deodorants and antipyretics were new, and their manufacturers had to convince potential customers (all women) that not only did they smell good, but body odor and sweat were unacceptable. They did this by exploiting women’s fears, a method that was later used successfully with men.

When Was Deodorant First Used

In this episode, we explore some of the funniest, most disturbing, sexist and weirdest ads in deodorant history, and discover that today’s ads are different than ever before.

When Was Deodorant Invented And Why?

Secret Business >> You are a bear. You dominate. You are intelligent and humble. Yes, the numbers are correct. Yes, expectations can be adjusted. Because you killed him.

Michelle: This was the secret deodorant of 2017. Two women in an elevator come up with a business plan. One of them raises his hands and pretends to be a bear, while another woman talks to him. The text at the end reads: “Times of extreme stress call for the protection of a great sweat.”

Bob: This ad is ridiculous. But it’s encouraging. The message is clear: women can be confident and strong. As long as they use secret deodorant, of course.

Michelle: As long as there has been deodorant, there have been deodorant ads. They tell us a lot about the history of scents and how we think about sex. Let’s go back to the old deodorant ad that caused quite a stir in all our minds.

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Sarah R. Odorno print ads >> Women’s hands! Poets praised his grace. Artists have captured its beauty.

Bob: The ad is full page. Above are women’s and men’s minidresses, wearing evening dresses and hugging the balcony. However, like most ads in those days, the rest of the page is text! It looks like a magazine article. It lasts a long time around a woman’s arm.

Sarah R. Odorono Print Ads >> You must be the sweetest, most beautiful thing in the world. But, unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Michelle: The ad makes it clear that in order for it to be fully palatable and attractive to men, women must ensure that they don’t sweat and smell. It was a lot. Not only was this woman a stinker, she was a stinking soul. In case it wasn’t clear from the ad, the product was originally marketed as a deodorant specifically for women. Apparently the men were free.

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Sarah R.

Jean Ritzinger >> What it really is, it’s about worrying about the idea that our bodies and bodies can betray us, that they can betray us in ways that we don’t even know about.

Michelle: This is Gene Retzinger. He is a professor of media studies at the University of California, Berkeley, and uses the ad in his advertising history course. The phrase “psychological warfare” is used to describe it.

Jean Retzinger >> This kind of feeling takes you away from your body and even requires you to distrust your own perception and trust your relationship with your body. Your body betrays you at every opportunity. One of the things that will happen is that it will only create the concern in some part of the consumer.

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Michelle: When the ad appeared in 1919, deodorant was still relatively new, and brands like Odorono didn’t have to convince consumers that they needed their brand, they had to convince them that they needed it. It stinks.

Bob: Although deodorant is still a relatively new product, people have been trying to make themselves smell non-human forever.

Carey Castel >> People often worry about their smell. That is what we have smelled for as long as we have been human.

Bob: This is Carrie Castiel. Here he is a researcher at CHF, studying the history of deodorization.

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Michelle: During the Victorian era, more people lived together in cities than ever before. The Victorians were very aware of offending others, but they didn’t talk about it.

CARRIE CASTEL >> You certainly aren’t drinking tea with your girlfriends and talking about someone else who smells like onions. I also get frustrated with things like getting wet in public. You have to hide any weird body features that make you stand out.

Bob: So all these people living close together and trying to smell nice and decent, and perfume just doesn’t cut it.

KARI CASTILL >> What happened in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was that technology and chemistry met people’s dreams.

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Michelle: Perfume only masks the smell. However, deodorants will identify the root cause of the odor. This is what the first model did in the 1880s. It’s called MOM, and it’s actually built down the street from CHF. Here in Philly. It is mostly a cream made with fragrance and zinc oxide, which kills odor-causing bacteria. But smell wasn’t the only problem plaguing Victorian women.

Carey Castiel >> You’re not even supposed to shower in public, so sweating in public would also be a faux pas for a woman.

Michelle: Even with deodorant like my mother, Victorian women still had to hide their sweat. One way to cover it is to wear formal armor that creates a barrier between the arm and the dress. They worked well, but were not very comfortable. But when Odorono came around, the smell was beyond control. Sweating stops completely. It was the first antiviral drug.

Cari Casteel >> was another product that many women really wanted. In fact, one of Odorono’s early ads stated, “Odorono makes clothing armor unnecessary.”

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Michelle: Unfortunately, there is a price for convenience in not sweating. But we’ll get to that in a minute. But first, Bob, we’re talking about two different things here, right? Deodorants and antipyretics. You world, tell us what makes the difference.

Bob: Start with deodorizing. It is important to know that sweat is odorless because it is produced on the skin. And sweat does not develop odors until it starts to interact with environmental bacteria on the skin. And not the sweat itself, but the odor products. The best way to control this process is to kill the bacteria so they don’t work on the sweat and cause fermentation. But you still get hydrated skin when you sweat. Antivirals have therefore been shown to block the pores of the sweat glands. So the liquid itself does not reach the surface of the skin.

Michelle: Thanks for the chemistry lesson, Bob. Now I want to go back to how Odorono was. It’s an interesting story.

Michelle: Knowing what we know now about the early adopters of deodorant, it’s not surprising that the first antiperspirant was made by a teenage girl with the help of her father. Edna Murphy, a high school student from Cincinnati, brought an antidote to the crowd.

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Carrie Castiel >> The story begins with Edna’s father, Abraham Murphy. He was a surgeon who had a hard time working on his patients because his hands were sweating so much, so he tried to come up with a plan that would prevent his hands from sweating so he could hold the tools more effectively. Money.

Bob: He made an aluminum chloride solution. Aluminum chloride narrows and blocks the pores of the sweat glands, which reduces sweating.

Cary Castile >> Edna is suffering from hyperhidrosis, so she decided to try it on her arm. When it seemed to work, he went and started talking to his friends. You must do all these things.

Cary Castell >> I think in 1912 he bought some Ima from the Atlantic and said, “Smell, oh no!” Started promoting the new product called the sales were good, not extraordinary, but he had enough money to buy a shop and a separate place to start producing Odoronos. From there, I think it just started to explode.

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Bob: Odorono was really successful, but it was a business. The solution is 25-40% aluminum chloride.

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