Where To Install Security Cameras

Where To Install Security Cameras – If you have or are looking for a security camera, you already know that security cameras can really help stop burglaries and protect your family and property from thieves and burglars. However, no matter which security camera you choose, its effectiveness can be affected by where you place it. So knowing where to place security cameras around your home is important.

Installing security cameras plays an important role in ensuring adequate surveillance. So where should home security cameras be placed? People new to the industry will benefit from security camera placement software and apps that help you place cameras where you want them and adjust them until you’re happy.

Where To Install Security Cameras

About 34% of burglars break in through the front door, so you definitely need a security camera. In fact, this is the most important security camera installation outside the home. Place your camera on the second floor level to prevent thieves from damaging your camera. If it’s just one level, you can attach your front door security camera to the screen to protect it from tampering.

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About 22% of burglars enter your home through the back door, so it would be beneficial to use a camera here. This includes the side doors. In fact, you should install a security camera on every door you have in case of entry. Additionally, try to keep it away from people or things that may throw at the camera.

About 23% of the thieves will enter the house by entering through the back window, from the street. They reduce their chances of getting caught by avoiding any passing vehicles. So you can point a camera at the windows outside the street to protect them from thieves and vandals.

Quick fix: Place the camera above the front door and windows from the street (about 9 feet above the ground) to cover vulnerable areas around your home and prevent possible vandalism. Also consider installing a camera in the back door, garage, basement, driveway or second floor for an extra level of security. But think again if you want to put the camera in your house behind a glass window, which can cause window light and other problems. Some places you can install CCTV cameras

Once you secure your front door, back door, and exterior windows with security cameras, you prevent about 80% of burglars from entering your home.

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To make your home safer, there are a few areas to consider in your security camera layout:

How many security cameras do I need to cover all these areas? This can be your next question with a clear idea of ​​where to install home security cameras.

In fact, no one can say for sure because it depends on the type of security camera and how you can detect outdoor cameras.

Also check out our video to learn the best places to install a home security camera:

Best Places To Install Security Cameras In Your Home

Before you start installing your home surveillance system, make detailed plans for the perfect location of your home security camera. You can begin the process of installing a home security camera by asking the following questions:

All of these questions are relevant and can be seen as home security camera placement guidelines, helping to determine the best places to install home security cameras.

Security cameras are also at risk of being tampered with if there is enough of a criminal record against them. Ask yourself if you want thieves to know you have cameras or not. If you do this, you may want to consider placing cheap cameras (dummies) in easily visible places and hiding your most important cameras, so that if a thief destroys the visible cameras, you will be able to see this in on tape using a hidden security camera. while committing the crime.

The security of the camera inside and out determines whether your camera will work properly. Check out these common mistakes to avoid when considering where to place your home security cameras.

Things You Need To Know Before Installing Security Cameras

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not securing their security devices, which means surveillance cameras can be easily hacked. So where should outdoor security cameras be placed to prevent possible vandalism? Generally, placing the camera 9 feet above the ground will be fine.

Installing security cameras indoors and outdoors can be a little different, because outdoor security cameras are more prone to damage in bad weather or stolen by thieves.

Cameras can’t multitask. You need to decide what function you want your camera to do when considering a location. People often forget that a camera can’t capture a face, a license plate, and the house across the street at the same time if they don’t have a plan for where to place their home security cameras. Designing a home security camera placement plan is essential for each camera to play its best role.

Many people place their cameras at the highest point of their property, thinking that this is the best place to put a CCTV camera to see the whole area. While this will give you a great idea, you won’t get a complete look at every aspect of the crime. You may only get a number on the camera instead of recognizing a person unless you install a PTZ security camera that sees details and a wide viewing angle without compromising video quality.

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Many of you may fail to consider whether the camera has WDR enabled when looking for exterior cameras (especially doors and windows), resulting in images that are difficult to recognize.

What is WDR in CCTV/IP cameras? When one part of the image is very dark but the other part is bright, you cannot see any detail in the dark without WDR (wide dynamic range) in the camera, as the picture below shows.

So, when making a decision about where to place your home security cameras, make sure that the door cameras have the WDR feature.

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Wherever you place your home security cameras, be sure to address the problem of nighttime surveillance lighting. If yours is not a vision security camera, you need to provide enough light to record clear images even in the dark. However, placing the cameras near bright light will ruin the image. And an outdoor CCTV camera exposed to direct sunlight will cause spots in the image.

Do you have a good idea where to place CCTV cameras at home? Then you are only one step away from a safe home: find the best home security camera to monitor all these important places for you.

Powered by a rechargeable battery, the Argus 3 Pro is portable and easy to install without cables! You can put it anywhere, like the front door, the back door, the windows outside the street, anywhere.

A battery-powered camera, thanks to its simplicity, ease of installation and affordable price, has become the first choice for people to improve home security. It will start recording if there is any movement, so you know everything important for the past days, weeks, and even months. When it is connected to the solar panel, you don’t have to think about recharging the battery.

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Additional Tip: Motion detection will be more accurate if you point the camera in a direction away from the potential intruder, rather than facing it. For example, the best location for a home security camera should look like this:

Do you want to check out other types of cameras before making a final decision? Check out this list that covers all types of security cameras (bullet cameras, dome cameras, PTZ cameras, wireless cameras, and more) and the best options for home security.

This security camera layout guide informs you about these common mistakes and recommends places to install home security cameras. Additionally, be sure to consider a few things when considering where to place home cameras, such as the rules regarding security camera placement. It is very important to consider where to legally place surveillance cameras. You may have doubts like:

“My neighbor is watching my movements in my backyard. The outdoor surveillance camera was under the roof and the fence was only 6 feet between us. It records everything from my toilet activities and I feel like I have no privacy.

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Normally, pointing a security camera at someone’s property (roof, windows, lights, etc.) would violate someone’s privacy, which is considered illegal. Investigate the use of residential surveillance cameras to see if a home security camera has been found to be illegal.

If you still have questions about where to place your home security cameras, leave us a comment below.

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