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Where To Watch Filipino Shows – Constantly connected to the internet, Filipinos have become major consumers of global content. You’ve definitely watched a lot of westerns and K-dramas. But sometimes, you want something closer to family – you know, the kind of documentary that tells the story of your life or someone you know. A Pinoy movie is like a hot cup of cocoa or a warm blanket when watching foreign content. Fortunately, watching a local movie is easy thanks to various Pinoy movie sites. Gather your friends and get some popcorn because you have an upcoming movie marathon. But first, read this helpful guide. Pinoy Movie Sites Where You Can Watch Philippine Movies Where Can You Watch Philippine Movies? You have many options! This means you can easily choose a platform that suits both your taste and budget. Here are the best Pinoy movie sites worth checking out: Netflix Price: Mobile: ₹149 monthly Basic: ₹369 months Standard: ₹459 months Premium: ₹549 months Don’t go wrong with You Can Netflix, one of the world’s largest streaming services. Their local library has a wide variety of online Pinoy movies, from popular romantic comedies to critically acclaimed. Recently, Netflix has also started hosting local TV series, most notably the ever-popular “Ang Probinciano” series. RECOMMENDED Netflix Pinoy Movie “Saving Sally” – Starring Ryan Ramos and Enzo Marcos, this 2016 film tells the story of an artist’s journey through a comic book artist’s rigors to find the love of his life. The movie has a combination of beautiful animation and excellent acting by the two lead actors. This is a fun and meaningful movie that everyone in the family can enjoy. “Kita Kita” – Do you want to cry all your tears? The love story of a blind tour guide and her neighbor in Japan will definitely touch your heart. Starring Alessandra De Rossi and comedian Empo Marquez, the film builds an emotional story against the enchanting landscape of Sapporo in Hokkaido, Japan. “Bybust” – If you’re looking for heart-pounding action, this is the movie for you. Starring Anne Curtis and mixed martial artist Brandon Vera, the film tells the action-packed story of a failed human trafficking operation and a woman’s struggle for survival. “Four Sisters and a Wedding” – “Bakit Parang Kasalan Ko?” You’ve seen the GIF, so it’s worth checking out where it came from. A comedy with lots of heartwarming moments and lots of laughter. If you’re looking for a family-oriented movie to watch with friends, this instant classic is a solid choice. “The House of Us” – If you’re a fan of Kathleen who watched this movie, you might remember all the feelings you had the first time you watched it. The House of Us is the story of a young couple in a long-term relationship. The characters of Bernardo and Padilla lived in a happy house. But their different priorities will definitely set them apart. Many of their conversations will make you realize that sometimes life is too real. Read more: [Brand battle] Netflix vs iFlix: Which streaming service is better? Apple TV+ Monthly Price: ₱249; Get 3 months free if you buy a new Apple device: ₹399 – ₹549 per movie Rent: ₹149 – ₹169 per movie Think Apple only has outstanding laptops and smartphones? The technology giant entered the broadcast market with Apple TV +. What makes it a reliable force in the streaming industry is that it packs premium features at an affordable price point. Shows are broadcast in 4K, and the platform itself features HDR-rated images. Although the Apple TV+ catalog is thought to be full of Western content, it is actually full of Pinoy movies. Surprisingly, some of them are classic! Recommended: Watching Pinoy movies on Apple TV + “Feng Shui” – “May inuwi si nanaya, si nanaya, sa bahay…” Who can forget this ominous hymn? Considered a contemporary classic horror movie, Feng Shui scared a generation and certainly didn’t make people want to look at the Bagua. We won’t spoil it for you, but after watching this movie you will never be able to look at the Chinese zodiac the same way again. “On the Job” – a rare neoclassical action thriller in Philippine cinema. If you’re looking for a book with subtle social commentary, Eric Mattie’s In Action is the book for you. It’s basically a story about assassins and law enforcement officers caught in a brutal power struggle and an intricate web of lies and corruption. “Sana Moulit Muli” – Before Kathniel, Lizquen and Aldub there was Aghalia (Agha Muhlach and Lea Salonga). And his award-winning masterpiece will have you looking at long distance relationships from a different perspective. “Sana Maulit Muli” also explores cultural differences and how they shape romantic relationships. Yes, that’s the truth, making it a bittersweet watch. “Jowable” – Looking for a movie that will make you laugh out loud and at the same time make you wonder why you’re still single (just kidding!?), then Jovable is a must see! The movie, starring Kim Molina, is about the adventures of a woman who longs for a sincere and meaningful relationship. We know you can relate! WeTV iflix Price: Free/VIP Membership (₹99 per month) WeTV iflix is ​​best known for its K and C series. But this is actually one of the Pinoy free movie sites where you can stream local titles. However, if you want a comprehensive and ad-free experience, you can use WeTV VIP. The premium subscription isn’t very expensive, so you might want to try this plan. Recommended: Pinoy movies to watch on WeTV iflix “Block Z” – because zombie movies never go out of style. Starring today’s young actors led by Julia Barreto and Joshua Garcia, the film tells the story of a group of students battling zombie hordes. If you don’t mind a scare, this movie will be the perfect choice for your next date. “Miracle in Cell No. 7” – We know the original made you cry. But you might want to keep your textures ready because the Philippine adaptation starring Aga Muhlach and Zia Wagor is equally poignant and tearful. The film is about a mentally ill father named Lito, played by Muhlach, who is accused of wrongfully murdering the daughter of a high-ranking politician. Lito’s daughter, Yesha, is abducted into Cell 7, where she is reunited with her father. iWantTFC Price: ₹119 per month ABS-CBN may have stopped streaming [1] but its spirit lives on in the streaming platform iWantTFC (merger of iWant and TFC, both platforms on ABS-CBN platform). It has an extensive catalog of ABS-CBN shows and Star Cinema movies you already enjoy. iWantTFC has a free tier with access to its library, but the headers in the free tier are nothing to mock. If you’re a devoted Kapilmila fan, you won’t need any other Pinoy movie sites. Recommended: Pinoy movie “Mano Po” to watch on iWantTFC – Enjoy the first episode of the popular series about a powerful Filipino-Chinese dynasty. Witness the acting prowess of Maricel Soriano, Kris Aquino, Richard Gomez, Ara Mina and Eddie Garcia and experience the drama of Pinoy like never before. “Corazon, Ang Unang Asang” – Have you ever wondered who the first Asang was? Let this movie give you an imaginary answer. Starring Erich Gonzales as a brave celebrity Corazon, this movie aims to bring horror into your living room. “My Ex and Whys” – Get back to great movies with this gem from powerful couple Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano. This movie tries to answer the question: Is it okay to start all over again with an ex? And he answered the question by giving us a heartwarming story about Lizquan’s ex. “Seven Sundays” – WeTV iflix has its own feelings too. The movie features a strong cast including Dingdong Dantes, Aga Muhlach, Enrique Gil, Cristine Reyes and Ronaldo Valdez. If you miss your family, watch this movie next time. Signal Play Price: Signal Play Basic: Free Signal Play Premium: ₹75 per month Signal is not just the leading local cable provider in the Philippines. It has also launched its own streaming platform for subscribers. With Signal Play, you can now stream all channels directly from your desktop or phone, as well as more exclusive content from their library. Recommended: “Ang Babaeng Allergic Sa Wi-Fi” pinoy movie to watch on Signal Play – Imagine not being able to take advantage of modern technology. That’s the driving force behind this brilliantly written movie. Starring Sue Ramirez, this movie carefully reflects how the Internet has changed the way we understand and communicate about love. “Born Beautiful” – Starring in this sequel to the popular 2016 movie “Die Beautiful”

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