Which Mouse Pad Is Best For Gaming

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Finding the best mouse pad might not be the first thing on your mind when it comes to making your plan as good as it could be, especially if you have things to think about, like looking for other components, of the best gaming mice. and mechanical keyboards for recommended gaming headsets and monitors. That said, however, mousepads are a crime under your control. Since this is where you’ll be placing your mouse all day, you want to make sure it’s the best quality for the most comfortable experience possible; That’s where this collection of our favorite picks comes in.

Which Mouse Pad Is Best For Gaming

We took the time to travel with seven or more mice that we personally put to the test to come to these firm judgments. There’s a good mix of cheap and expensive models to suit all budgets and needs, and alongside these we’ve put together a handy guide so you know what to look for and answer any mouse questions you may have. block and add it to the word list under the most important words.

Best Mouse Pad For Gaming

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a good mouse pad. The SteelSeries QcK Medium is our most affordable option, offering a good gaming surface in a decent size (32x21cm, 13×11″) for less than ten euros. The stitched finish is durable, but this is an understandable omission given the price.they are left with a very useful fabric, a pillow that is easy to carry on the LAN and that fits even in reduced conditions.

Alternatively, if you’re in the US, consider PureTrak’s smaller Talent Series mousepads, which don’t come with a stitched edge but offer a nice thickness (6mm) that’s perfect for uneven surfaces and interesting things. design Apart from the strong smell on the first day, we had no problems playing CS:GO or Hades. The SteelSeries QcK Medium remains our overall pick, but at $13, these 12.6″ x 10.6″ mouse pads are a worthy upgrade option.

Thicker mouse pads provide greater comfort and help ensure a flat surface even on uneven desks, so the 5mm thick Corsair MM350 Champion Series is a natural choice here. We tested the 45 x 40 cm (18 x 16″) X-Large size, which offers more than enough space for 180-degree CS:GO movies at 400 DPI. The stitched edge is light and smooth, protecting the mat of the mouse without compromising comfort Overall, this is a solid choice for anyone looking for a good balance of speed and control in games of all kinds.

If you prefer designer mousepads, we recommend this green camo “Hail” mousepad from Sades. It is the same size as the Corsair MM350 Champion Series, 45×40 cm, and offers the same flat edges and a good surface that combines speed and control.

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The most popular mouse pad among professional CS:GO players is the Zowie G-SR. The large size of 47 x 39 cm (18 x 15″) provides enough room to play at all sensitivity levels, while the slightly rough surface is perfect for increased control, allowing you to stop the mouse on a dime when you see that an enemy’s head sticks out.you’ll want to press the mouse a little harder.agility, but in games where precision is everything, this mouse pad is adequate.unfortunately, this mouse pad has been hard to find recently, we hope to return with this advice in the future.

If you prefer a solid metal pad, the Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris is a good choice that offers a good mix of speed and control. Unlike most RGB boards on the market, this one has a USB pass-through port, which would be a convenient place to plug in a wireless mouse dongle. The MM800 is large enough for most people, 35 x 26 cm (14 x 10”).

The best full-size trackpad we’ve tested is the Fnatic Dash XD. At 95 x 50 cm, it fits even on a narrow table while providing enough room to rest your arm on its surface. The stitched edges of the mouse pad are the best we’ve tested and are almost impossible to feel, unlike smaller mouse pads that tend to lift or scratch at their peripheries. The surface of the Dash is designed to provide a good mix of aim and precision, making it a good choice for ultralight mice set to low sensitivity, a setting preferred by CSGO pros. The branding here is minimal, with a small but expressive Fnatic logo in one corner adding a touch of class. If you like the sound of the Fnatic Dash but don’t want a desktop, a smaller 49 x 37cm option is available: the Dash L. Both versions offer great performance and are linked below.

Glorious is known for its cheap but well-made gaming pads, and the extended range offers more than enough room for a keyboard, mouse and other peripherals at 28 x 91 cm (11 x 36″). XXL Long Stretched to 46 x 91 cm (18 x 36″) or ridiculous 3XL Extra -61x122cm (24×48″). notes offering a “professional” option, which leaves a mark, and white color.

The Best Gaming Mouse Pad In 2023

Neon Rider is an iconic look for CS:GO, and now it’s also a cool RGB mouse (and to match the Sensei Ten mouse, of course). This desk pad is relatively short at 90 x 30cm, making it easy to fit even on narrow desks, while offering a comfortable 4mm thickness. The SteelSeries Engine software allows you to choose from multiple effects and sync light between the board and other SteelSeries peripherals such as headsets, keyboards or mice. The top of the mouse pad doesn’t top our previous picks, but it offers a good mix of speed and control that should be fine for playing competitive games at the highest level or enjoying a Warzone environment with a group.

Whether you prefer a neutral design or a larger size, our previous pick, the XPG Battlefield XL, is still another great option at a great price.

Materials: Different mouse pad materials will affect the feel, durability and portability of the pad. Soft materials like fabric can be folded, saving space and giving you a comfortable place to rest your arms. Currently, hard materials such as metal or plastic cannot be bent, but they provide a flat surface that can withstand wear and tear.

Thickness: The thickness of a mouse pad affects how it feels when you use it and how comfortable it is often. While materials such as plastic or metal can be very thin, fabrics and other soft materials can range in thickness from 2 mm to 5 mm or more. Thicker pads are flatter and more comfortable, but smaller options can fit under the keyboard more easily.

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Size: Mouse pads usually come in many sizes, from compact models no bigger than a mouse to desk mats that can be a meter wide or more. As a general rule, the lower the DPI of the mouse, the bigger the pad you need. For DPI below 1000, we recommend a larger or larger pad.

RGB: Some mouse pads have lights built into the edge of the mat to enhance their appearance. This lighting can be monochromatic, but the usual choice of many colors and effects is available. More premium tablets have software-controlled RGB, which can have multiple lighting zones, which can be connected to other RGB-equipped computers or peripherals for a compatible display.

Wireless charging: A minority of mouse pads come with built-in wireless charging, which can be used to charge wireless mice of the same brand or Qi-compatible mobile devices such as smartphones or headphones. This is useful, but these mouse pads are often premium options due to their extra weight.

The best gaming mousepads have a finely tuned surface, so you can choose between smooth options optimized for speed or a rough surface that provides better control. Using a gaming mouse pad ensures that the mouse feet do not wear out too quickly or unevenly, which extends the life of the mouse. Gaming mousepads are also offered in larger sizes, providing more foot space, perfect for mice used at low DPI settings. Other features such as perfectly flat edges, RGB lighting and wireless charging are also available.

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Start with the material. Plastic or heavy metal pads are good for use on uneven surfaces like rough desks, while fabric pads are comfortable and machine washable. From here you can determine whether your playstyle emphasizes speed (fast-paced games with constant mouse movements like Fortnite) or control (strategy games like CSGO). size

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