Who Invented The Shot Clock

Who Invented The Shot Clock – Today’s NBA is a fast game, where teams never come close to breaking the shot clock. This is the opposite of how the game was played in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Teams take their time, trying to find the best matchup possible in the half court. The shot clock almost always runs down before teams take their shots at that time.

Who Invented The Shot Clock

Both playstyles are good, and it all depends on which playstyle suits you. My question is, do any of your fans know who invented the shot clock?

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If you’re not sure, no problem, you’ve come to the right place. The man who invented the shot clock in the NBA is a man named Danny Biasone.

On February 22, 1909, Dante Biasone was born in the town of Miglianico, Chieti, Italy. He lived there until he was 10 years old, when his parents moved him and his older brother to Syracuse, New York.

As a New Yorker, Biasone decided to change his name to fit in better with the children in the community, so he changed it to Daniel and his friends called him Danny. Biasone attended Catholic Vocational High School, where he played football. He was the team’s star quarterback, but his play did not earn him a college scholarship.

After high school, Biasone worked several odd jobs to make ends meet as she needed to support her new family after marrying her high school sweetheart. At age 27, Biasone and a business partner opened an Italian restaurant. They saw the success of the restaurant, but Biasone wanted to go a different route.

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In 1941, five years after opening the restaurant, Biasone sold his share of the restaurant and invested the money in a bowling alley. The bowling alley was a huge success, and it made Biason rich.

With his new wealth, Biasone went out and bought himself a professional basketball team in the National Basketball League (NBL). The team Biasone bought was the Syracuse Nationals.

In their first season, the Syracuse Nationals finished the season with a 21-23 record, and they made the playoffs. The Nationals lost 3-1 in the opening round of the East Division to the Rochester Royals.

In 1949, the NBL was absorbed by the NBA, and the Syracuse Nationals officially became an NBA franchise. In their first season in the NBA, the Nationals found success.

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The Nationals finished with a 51-13 record, and they reached the NBA Finals. Syracuse, unfortunately, lost to the Minneapolis Lakers, 4-2.

During the league, basketball games have many low-scoring games. It ended with a game between the Minneapolis Lakers and the Fort Wayne Pistons.

The date was November 22, 1950, and the Pistons defeated the Lakers 19-18. These types of games are not appealing to fans, and the league knows something needs to be done.

The problem is that the league doesn’t know what to do. Danny Biasone, on the other hand, has an idea. He and his general manager, Leo Ferris, came up with the idea of ​​using a shot clock to speed up the game.

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How many seconds should be on the shot clock? What is fair in the game? Those are the questions Biason thinks about, and he provides solutions.

Used to study the game, and he noticed that in a high-scoring, exciting game, both teams had more than 120 shot attempts. So, Biasone used some old math skills to come up with the perfect number.

Biasone took the number 48, which is how many minutes an NBA game is, and counted the number of seconds in 48 minutes, up to 2880. Then he divided 2880 by 120, which is the number of shots taken. get both teams. Include the name, and the answer he gets is 24.

“I’m not looking for a specific time,” Biasone said of the correct number on his shot clock. “I was just looking for a number. There was no number. Twenty-four seconds later it came out.”

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And so, the 24-second shot clock was born, and the NBA benefited greatly from this great idea from Biasone. Today’s teams can’t dribble time like they used to, which forces teams to play faster. This leads to higher scoring games and more fun for the fans.

The commissioner of the NBA at the time, Maurice Podoloff, called Biasone the “patron saint of the NBA” for essentially saving the league. It was reported in 1950 that the NBA would be bankrupt within three years. So, Biasone really saved the NBA.

As for Biasone, his Syracuse Nationals won the 1954-55 NBA championship. After the 1962-63 season, Biasone sold the Syracuse Nationals to Irv Kosloff and Ike Richman, who moved the team to Philadelphia and started the 76ers.

After selling his team, Biasone returned to his bowling alley business, where he would remain and manage the business until his death at the age of 83. In 1982, Biasone was awarded the John W. Bunn Lifetime Achievement Award from the NBA. . This award is given to a person who has made a significant contribution to the game of basketball.

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In 2000, Biasone was posthumously inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame as a contributor to the game. It was long overdue, as he should have been inducted into the Hall of Fame last year.

So, for all you NBA fans who don’t know about Danny Biasone, the man who invented the shot clock, you’re in for a treat. Without Biasone, the NBA would not survive, so for that, we thank Danny Biasone.

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Dante Biasone was born in the town of Miglianico (population 4,529 in the 2004 census) in the province of Chieti in the province of Abruzzo on February 22, 1909. When he was 10 years old, he emigrated with his parents and brother. Syracuse, New York. When they became American citizens, he changed his name to Daniel, so his friends called him “Danny”.

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Although Danny was the star quarterback at Catholic Vocational High School, he was not offered a college scholarship, and his parents could not afford to send him without help. Danny married his high school sweetheart Rachel. They have no children. He then began working a series of odd jobs until, at the age of 27, he saved enough money to open an Italian restaurant with a partner in 1936. He sold the his share of the restaurant in 1941 and bought a bowling alley that made him rich. .

Five years later, he sent a $5,000 check to the National Basketball League (NBL) headquarters in Chicago to purchase a franchise. In the fall of 1946, his Syracuse Nationals began play with Leo F. Ferris (1917-1993) as general manager and Alfred (Al) Nicholas Cervi (1917-2009) as coach. In 1949, the NBL was absorbed into the National Basketball Association (NBA).

The faster, more exciting play brought about by the shot clock has attracted many fans to professional basketball.

By the early 1950s, basketball had become a lackluster sport. The team leading in the 4th quarter is just biding their time, passing the ball back and forth, dribbling away from the opposition, while the crowd crowds, boos and heads for the exits. In order not to forget the game, Donny created a 24-second shot clock by dividing the approximate total of 120 shots per game over the past three seasons into 2,880 seconds in a 48-minute game. The NBA adopted it as a rule starting in the fall

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