Why Are Chainsaws So Hard To Start

Why Are Chainsaws So Hard To Start – Battery electric motors have outperformed their gasoline counterparts in some of our garden tool tests. Does this dominance carry over to chainsaws? We tested the battery model against the gas model to see which one is better.

We bought two chainsaws: a Stihl MS170 2-stroke ($295) and a Stihl MSA 200 C-B Cordless Chainsaw ($1005 as a kit). There’s an obvious price difference, but almost half the cost of an electric chainsaw kit is the battery and charger, with the chainsaw alone costing $545.

Why Are Chainsaws So Hard To Start

From a distance, apart from the battery model having a thinner guide, there is no noticeable difference between the two. However, upon closer inspection, the Cordless Beast has tool-less chain adjustment (which is not the case with a gasoline engine), an opening battery hatch, and no fuel tank.

Reasons Why Your Chainsaw Won’t Start (tips To Fix)

When testing the chain brake (the plastic cover in front of the handle) it turned out that the battery model is slightly more sensitive, which is better for safety.

Our experience took place in a derelict Lower Hutt garden with many trees in need of attention. The biggest challenge was an old magnolia tree that had to be cut down to the trunk. At over 40cm in diameter, it was at the top end that any chainsaw could handle. The battery sometimes slowed noticeably when cutting a large tree, and the gasoline screamed without noticeable moments of slowdown.

A uniform 160 mm thick branch was chosen for comparison. We measured the time required for five identical cuts. This petrol model was done in 55 seconds and the battery took 65 seconds. For a large job, you’d spend a lot of time cutting if you went the battery route.

The battery-powered model doesn’t have the noise or vibration of the gasoline model at idle, but starts with just a push of the trigger. Best practice is to engage the chain brake or remove the battery completely when leaving it unattended.

Bushranger Cs5610 Chainsaw

I was very pleased with the performance of the two stroke and would not be disappointed if I bought one for Christmas. It was hard to get out of the cold, but it was nice to know I could do bigger jobs. Filling the tank was quick and easy instead of waiting for the batteries to charge. If I lived this lifestyle or chopped firewood on a regular basis, this would be my choice. However, jobs around my house usually require a bit of pruning, so if I were to buy one, I’d go with a cordless chainsaw. It was better for the environment, was very easy to start and use, and did not require as much maintenance as a gasoline engine. Although the battery is more expensive, like many cordless garden tool systems, it can be replaced with other Stihl garden equipment, making the extra cost more affordable.

Our guide to how to use a chainsaw and the dos and don’ts in your garden.

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By subscribing, you agree to our terms and conditions and privacy policy. You can always opt out, I’ve given my weekend to yard projects and the first thing on your to-do list is to cut and remove some dead tree branches. Grab the chainsaw from the garage and pull the starter rope, but nothing happens. Try again, but your chainsaw won’t start and the engine won’t start. Why does this happen and how can you fix the problem?

Take a look at your chainsaw. Do you use gasoline or electricity? When was the last time you owned it? How old is it and how well maintained is it?

Gasoline chainsaws consist of many interconnected parts. Damaged spark plugs, clogged carburetors, broken springs, bad ignition coils, and other failed components can keep your machine from running smoothly. Old fuel, sticky oil and dirty filters can also prevent a clean start.

Common Problems With Your Chainsaw And How To Fix Them

PROYAMA 58CC Top Handle Gas Chainsaw 16 Inch 20 Inch Gasoline Farm Chainsaw Tree Garden Ranch Dual Cycle

After considering the most likely culprits, it’s time to troubleshoot. First, create a spacious and safe workplace. Adjust the saw chain brake to keep the chain stationary and the machine away from objects and people. Wear tight clothing to reduce the risk of injury if you accidentally restart the chainsaw. You should also wear gloves, safety glasses, steel-toed boots, and any other protective equipment you would normally use when working with a saw. Find your owner’s manual, then get all the tools and supplies you might need for disassembly and maintenance. Compressed air, carburetor cleaner, fuel, oil, and stabilizer are good to have on hand.

If you have an old gasoline chainsaw that you’ve used before, do a quick check for misaligned, loose, worn, cracked, or missing parts. If the fuel/oil mixture in your chainsaw is more than 30 days old, you will need to drain the tank and start over. Use high quality fuel and oil in your machine. In the future, you can stabilize the fuel by purchasing additives that will prevent its breakdown.

Consider the ambient temperature. It is easy to submerge the engine in the summer. When the temperature is lower, open the throttle to allow more air into the fuel mixture.

Chainsaw Maintenance Tips

If your chainsaw does not start after following these basic troubleshooting steps, take the time to thoroughly clean and service the unit.

Owner’s manuals are a valuable resource for identifying chainsaw parts, especially if you are new to chainsawing. You can learn how the saw’s components fit together by looking at the diagrams and instruction sets that describe them. Guides can help you learn about the features of your equipment and help you gain confidence in servicing, maintaining and repairing your equipment.

You’ll need to read your owner’s manual to learn the specific mechanics of your chainsaw, but most gasoline chainsaws have common elements that can help with difficult starts. Check for these broken parts that can keep your chainsaw from running smoothly and reliably.

A chainsaw engine needs airflow to start and run. The air filter prevents debris from entering the engine. It can easily become clogged with sawdust, so remove the air filter and check for dirt and debris. Shake or tap to loosen stuck particles; Then clean the inside of the filter with compressed air. Replace the filter if it is sticky, greasy, torn or damaged beyond repair.

Senix 18 In 49 Cc 4 Cycle Gas Chainsaw In The Gas Chainsaws Department At Lowes.com

HEPA 1127120 1621 MS290 Air Filter for Stilh 029 Super 039310390290 MS310 MS390 MS290 Farm Boss Chainsaw Parts (6 Pack) for Stilh 029 Parts 029 MS290 Air Filter

A clogged carburetor will prevent proper fuel flow. If debris gets into your fuel tank, or if the contents are oxidizing, there is a good chance that this decayed material will clog the passages where the fuel is discharged as it flows through the carburetor. Remove the fuel, remove the carburetor, spray with carburetor cleaner and clean the deposits. Adjust the carburetor to factory settings according to the owner’s manual. If the carburetor is in bad condition, replace it.

Carbhub Carburetor for Stihl 021023 025 MS210 MS230 MS250 Chainsaw Carburetor with 112360 1650 Air Filter Induction Fuel Line Tuning Coil Kit Replacement for Walbro WT286

The air-fuel mixture that drives the chainsaw’s internal combustion engine is ignited by an electric spark. If the spark plug fails, the fuel will not burn. Check the chainsaw spark plugs for damage, corrosion or dirt. Used spark plugs can also have carbon deposits or burnt electrodes that prevent them from working. You can try cleaning the contacts with sandpaper or a steel brush. Test the spark plug by creating an arc between it and a piece of metal. In general, spark plugs are cheap. If in doubt, replace the spark plug.

Sachs Dolmar Wont Start Hot..help Needed ?

If your new or repaired spark plug does not fire, the ignition coil may be faulty. The ignition coils provide the voltage that creates the spark plug. If the spark plug is damaged, the ignition coil will operate at a higher voltage. The added resistance can cause the coil to overheat and reduce its performance. Over time, damaged ignition coils can stop working. You can test the coil with an ignition coil tester or replace it.

When you pull the drive rope, the action engages the pulley system

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