Wolverine Slot Machine

Wolverine Slot Machine – Wolverine is a 5-reel, 25-stall payline slot based on the popular Marvel comic book. The game offers different options and different denominations, as well as a progressive jackpot that suits the needs and requirements of all players.

Mainly developed by Playtech to recreate the atmosphere of the book. The game not only brings players a great experience with amazing features, but also some of the best bonuses in the business, plus lots of free spins and great prizes.

Wolverine Slot Machine

The Wolverine slot game provides not only good graphics, but also a great experience for players to interact with everything that happens on the screen. There are a variety of symbols, including flags, wilds, scatters and good icons. All players get different bonuses when they hit certain combinations.

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This is the sum of the slot symbols, with the addition of obolos symbols, wild and scatter cards, as well as two special bonus symbols.

Wolverine symbols include J, Q, K and A, which may be considered the most prominent when it comes to this type of slot game. There is also a symbol representing military dog ​​tags with the name Wolverine engraved on them, as well as an icon with Wolverine claws.

Another standard symbol used in the main game is the DNA chain of the main character, and another symbol of Wolverine himself.

Players get different prizes every time they manage to hit all the above symbols in a certain combination.

Bionic Wolverine Claws

The natural symbol is represented by the Wolverine symbol. The symbol completes the player’s winning combination thanks to the power of the Wolverine symbol.

The Wolverine slot game has very subtle features – single wild, double stack and triple stack wild symbols appear on all reels. Hitting these five symbols gives players the chance to increase their bet.

The game scatter is probably one of the most important prizes in the Wolverine slot. This is represented by the Wolverine symbol.

A broken symbol cannot be replaced by another symbol. If it appears on the drive, the player has the opportunity to multiply the bet. The symbol is also available for some foreign countries that receive large prizes and large gifts.

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When the Berserker’s Wrath icon appears at level 5, the Berserker’s Wrath feature is activated. In case the Berserker’s Wrath symbol hits above the confusion, 2 to 4 symbols will change into wild symbols. And when the special icon lands in the middle, 3 to 5 wild symbols will appear on the screen.

There are other options. When Berserker’s Wrath appears on the bottom reel, 2 spins are automatically placed on the reel. If any of these three options occur, the player will be awarded 1 free re-spin reel.

The free spins feature is also available for the Wolverine slot game. The Diamonds Free Games feature, represented by a special Syringe icon, is unlocked after hitting 3 or more of these symbols anywhere on the reels.

By getting the required number of diamond symbols in one spin, the player gets 12 free spins. The bonus game is displayed in a separate window that looks like a pool of diamonds with a total of 12 levels displayed in it.

Wolverine Anime:

The number of free level threads depends on the number of Diamond Syringe icons collected. If the player manages to hit 3 special icons, they get 4 levels of the bonus feature. If they get 4 pins, they are awarded 8 free spins. And last but not least, if the player manages to land 5 syringe symbols anywhere in the mess, a total of 12 levels are opened in the bonus part.

The diamond bonus game is actually about shells. Every time the Wild symbol appears on the reels, a diamond is injected into it and freezes the next free spin. Free spins are deducted once after each spin in the bonus game. When the Syringe icon is tapped, it results in a free Diamond level increase.

All exciting slots are always associated with progressive jackpot amounts on all four levels. These are power, special power, super power and maximum power jackpot. Access to all four types of progressive jackpots can be won at any time in the main game. A wheel that does not win will not be included.

In general, the bigger the bets a player makes, the better their chances of hitting the game’s jackpot. Here, entering the four jackpot levels, as mentioned above, is guaranteed to win.

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The Progressive Jackpot level of Wolverine slots is standard for these types of slot games. It is presented differently from the rest of the main game. The screen is divided into 4-5 grids of a total of twenty squares, behind which the various jackpot symbols are hidden.

Players must click on the path to try to reveal and match 3 identical jackpot symbols to win the Jackpot game. The screen is also equipped with a flash reaction to remind players how much time they need to make a choice.

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Wolverine is one of the first four pinball games released in 2010, originally released on Pinball FX2. Based on the iconic Marvel mutant, this map challenges the player to fight four deadly Wolverine opponents.

The Making Of X Men: Children Of The Atom

Four enemies of Wolverine must be defeated during the game by completing missions, there is a wizard mode on the last page suitable for all players. Each mission starts differently, and all missions except the Silver Samurai Multiball must be completed.

The unlikely setting, although Sabretooth began to warn, the previous mission would give it importance. The police will choose where they left off, win or fail Sabretooth.

After completing all four missions, the Ultimate Page will be ready for both discs and all missions will be suspended until the player starts assist mode. In this multiball winning ball, all shots will give you 500,000 points, and closing all the balls in the board game will give you 100,000 points to hit the target. Wizard scoring mode can be multiplied up to 3 times for completing diamonds. After wizard mode, all mission progress and multipliers will be reset on the last page.

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Wolverine Progressive Jackpot Slot

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