You Re Going To Jail

You Re Going To Jail – Opened in 1898, the Tegel Correctional Center is the oldest prison in Berlin and has perhaps the worst conditions. Another part – Penitentiary I – was originally closed in 2012 after the prisons were found to be illegal: the cells were too small; 5 square meter space, without separate toilet. The prisoners who lived there were then paid salaries. The building was demolished in 2018. Part of the closure is due to conditions that violate human rights.

JVA Heidering is the newest and most modern prison in Berlin, but it is not the most popular. He has poor social workers/prisoners and is in Brandenburg, making it difficult to visit relatives. The most popular prison is probably Plotzency. They have a gardening program that the inmates really like. However, getting in is not easy.

You Re Going To Jail

Generally, women are stuck with apathy, withdrawal and depression. Fights between female inmates or assaults on officers are rare. Therefore, they often have more freedom than male prisoners. Children as young as three years of age can live with their mother if certain conditions are met. The Women’s Correctional Center works with youth welfare offices that deal with these cases, who also have child care responsibilities while incarcerated.

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There is a stereotype that German prisons are like hotels – big TVs, yoga classes, etc. Is this true?

Inmates can access televised classes and games, but it’s not like a hotel. Cells are small and do not require consistency. Clients tell me that being in an open prison is more comfortable than being at home. There is no need to look after the children after work, the wife is happy with them on the weekend and they can go to work. But I don’t think many would willingly give up their freedom. Although this is good for some homeless people. They get a roof over their head and warm food on the table.

In Tegel prison I only ate in the canteen. The food is very good and so is the service. But I think it is not so good for the prisoners. At least my customers are not happy about it. However, most of them gain weight…

Prisoners in Berlin don’t have to dress up like you see in the movies. They are provided with Anstaltskleidung (institutional clothing), but you can wear your own clothes. Every prison has a time and day when relatives donate clothes to inmates. Some change dirty clothes and get new clothes from their relatives every week.

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Yes, there is illegal work in all prisons. One of my clients once told me that it’s easier to get drugs in prison than on the street. The police try to prevent it – but they don’t always succeed.

On your Instagram page you mention the rumor of a lawyer who cheated on a prisoner’s wife while disguised as a student – do lawyers often go to these extremes?

Some lawyers try to do things for their clients in prison, but this is not unusual. Lawyers must also pass a security check before going to jail. I once asked a policeman to open a bottle of water and see if it was water or alcohol.

In the American game you often see prisoners breaking into gangs – does this happen in Germany too?

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Yes, it happens. Groups form for various cultural reasons and there are hierarchies based on types of crime. For example, sex offenders are often under jurisdiction.

Unlike the US where prisons are high or low security, Germany has both open and closed prisons. The latter are much safer. On the other hand, in the first case, prisoners are believed to complete their sentence with care and less protection than their surroundings. Normally cells are not locked at all. Prisoners are often allowed to find work (outside prison). Sometimes – usually after work hours – they may even spend the weekend at home.

There are eight prisons in Berlin. Five of them are male prisons: Tegel, Heidering and Moabit Correctional Centers are closed, while the Plotzensee Correctional Center combines detention and open detention. The Berlin Open Prison Center is – you guessed it – open. Berlin Women’s Correctional Center is the only women’s prison with detention and remand. For juvenile offenders, the Berlin Juvenile Detention Center and the Berlin Juvenile Preparation Center also combine open and closed prosecution.

Sandra Korzensky moved to Berlin after studying law at the University of Bielefeld. The criminal lawyer worked for two prominent firms in the city before starting his own in 2017. In addition to working with inmates through his organization, he offers legal advice through his Instagram page. Starting this fall, Volusia County will operate its jail as a hotel. : Guests are charged for lodging, meals and laundry at the county jail.

How To Tell Your Client They’re Going To Jail

Following the lead of at least 50 other Florida counties, Volusia seeks to recoup some of the costs of keeping people behind bars awaiting trial or sentencing.

“We feed them every day. We take care of them every day,” said Department of Corrections Director Dr. Mark Flowers.

Volusia County already charges inmates a fee to pay for treatment. The new fee affects a larger group of inmates.

Flowers explained that under Florida law, counties can monitor and charge fees for booking people in jails and/or their daily cell occupancy. The money can be taken from the prisoner’s pocket,” he said.

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He gave an example: “If prisoner Rua takes money from his family, we can go in and take it.”

The City Council debated and decided to impose a $30 “payment fee” for first correction and jail time.

Flowers refers to the booking fee as a “one-time” fee, but the fee may be charged “one time” for each booking.

For example, if a person suspected of shoplifting is arrested and taken to jail, the person may be fined $30 for going to jail. If a person gets out after being charged with a crime and is arrested for two thefts, the person can be fined an additional $30 “one time” for the new offense.

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Also, for each day a person stays in jail — before being released on bail or released by a judge — the jailer can be charged $5 “per day.”

Flowers noted that the federal law that allows counties to charge jail fees does not define “food,” but called it “expenses related to the food, clothing and health care of inmates.”

Marua agreed that the council would not take any new money from anyone in custody. Based on the experience of other districts, the collection fee is estimated to be around 35 percent.

Florida’s law, which allows states to fine inmates who spend time in prison, requires consideration of the inmates’ “financial condition” to “pay all or a reasonable portion of their daily expenses from their personal income and property.”

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Some prisoners are poor and have nothing to pay. Some have sources of income, such as disability benefits, that the district cannot maintain because such expenses are deductible under federal or state law.

“The loan will accrue up to three years due to non-payment of fees, after which it will be waived off,” the letter said.

County Councilman Ben Johnson — a former county sheriff — said there are many who can afford to pay for their care.

Marua later told The Beacon that he knew of inmates who received incentive checks sent to taxpayers in 2020 and 2021. The county can and will seek these funds to reimburse the cost of inmate maintenance.

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Statistics compiled by the county Department of Corrections show 18,936 inmates were admitted during the 2020-2021 school year. Based on this figure, with an assumed 35% collection rate, paying $30 in installments would generate approximately $195,000 in annual revenue.

Based on the 578,312 inmate bed days recorded by the Department of Corrections during the same period, the county could receive $1.01 million a year with a per diem assessment, according to data presented to the council.

The council voted 6-1 to impose a prison sentence. Councilwoman Barb Girtman disagreed. He is fighting for a living wage of $1.50 a day.

“I’ll be honest with you, Miss Girtman,” said Flowers. “Some of them are poor, but they don’t hesitate to get money for honey buns from their mothers and grandmothers and their five- and six-year-old daughters.

Going To Jail? Now, You’ll Pay $5 Per Day For Your Stay

The jail fee will come into effect from October 1. District Attorney

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