Zombies Slot Review

Zombies Slot Review – Press and hold your phones, gamers; Here’s one for you, an online slot from casino game maker AvatarUX that doesn’t have the word PopWins attached to it. Before you run out to see if pigs fly, don’t worry; Many outbreaks are still occurring. It’s Zombie aPOPalypse MultiPop and it has a new studio mechanic called, you guessed it, MultiPop If you’re a fan of single cell multipliers, addictive multipliers, free spins where the multiplier persists, and brain-hungry zombies crawling past stacks of bonus purchase options, check it out with us.

You know with zombies on the prowl, things get a little messy. So it is in Zombie aPOPalypse MultiPop, set in a smoky, bright and uninviting space in the heart of the city that looks torn to pieces. Basically, it’s a place you really don’t want to be. You ask yourself, would it be better to live in this scenario, subsisting off the cellar, feeding on leftovers, always looking over your shoulder, always running from the dead, or would you give up and become one? Hopefully that’s a question we’ll never have to think about. However, in the middle of this dystopian scene is the Zombie aPOPalypse multipop game grid that starts each spin of the base game in a 5×4 configuration, paying 2,048 symbols either way to win.

Zombies Slot Review

Players then choose a bet from 20p/c to £/€40 using any device to keep them alive. Zombie aPOPalypse MultiPop is very volatile, producing an RTP value of 96.0% during regular play. Some players may have the option to purchase free spins if they wish, but it is not mentioned if this affects the RTP. Another possible way to play is to activate the Anti Bet Style option, which increases your stake by 25% and doubles the chance of triggering the free spins.

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Symbols pay from three to five and are divided into the low Q-A, locks of hair (yes, hair), balloons and hats as funds, and five-letter symbols as high. Five-a-side wins are worth 0.4 times the royal bet, 0.5 times the mid bet and 0.75-2 times the high bet. It is important to note that Five pays in one direction, not both. Finally, for this section, Zombie aPOPalypse does not use MultiPop wildcards.

Let’s examine the process of what happens when a winning combination is formed, thus activating many features of Zombie aPOPalypse MultiPop. The first thing that happens is that the winning symbols are pulled from the grid by the waterfall mechanic and new symbols are inserted into the empty cells. If another win is generated from the new symbol, the cascading process will begin again until a new win is made.

Also, a +x1 multiplier is added using the multipop feature to positions that contain winning symbols. This multiplier is tied to a single cell, not a symbol. If wins occur in the multiplier room, the value is increased by +1 up to a maximum of x5 in the base game. Multipliers are reset between paid spins of the game

When the cell reaches x5, the contagious multiplier is activated. Here, 4 to 12 positions are randomly selected to increase their multiplier by +1. Focus on cells that do not yet have a multiplier

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Landing 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols in the base game awards 10, 12 or 15 free spins. After that, players have the option to wager up to 20 winning free spins or go to the bonus round and collect. During the free spins, what changes is that the grid grows to 5×5, with 6,250 ways to win (an element that pays out both ways). Also, individual cell multipliers do not reset between free spins and can now max out at x10. If all cells on the grid receive the multiplier, an additional +2 free spins are awarded.

Press the Buy Bonus button to buy instant access to the bonus round. A trigger of 10 free spins is worth 100 times the bet, while 15 free spins are worth 500 times the bet.

OK, so Zombie aPOPalypse isn’t a billion light years away from the MultiPop PopWins concept, but it’s proof that AvatarUX is pushing the boundaries and itself to try new things. Of course, there may be some naysayers who say that Zombie aPOPalypse MultiPop still looks, like your regular Popwins game. However, Zombie aPOPalypse has some pretty impressive stuff going on in MultiPop, so we wonder what else AvatarUX might have in store for the future.

It’s not just the gameplay that has changed from what we know and are used to in PopWins slots. The comic artwork is fantastic, and the theme and execution are out of character for AvatarUX. Zombie aPOPalypse MultiPop is more subtle, less direct with zombies than games like Lost Vegas or Wild Walker, but it’s certainly not a ridiculous zombie carnival of the dead. There’s an edge, an underlying creepiness, a gritty unease that you won’t find in many previous versions of Avatar UX. Did Avatar UX look at competitors like Nolimit City and decide to challenge the Lords of Chaos at their own game? Maybe because Zombie aPOPalypse MultiPop has echoes of NLC, like, say, Book of Shadows meets Infectious 5 Xway. Clearly not, but the fact that we are comparing these two studies is intriguing in itself.

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The game certainly has its moments and Zombie aPOPalypse MultiPop comes with many exciting ideas. As we’ve seen in the past in games like Fruit Party 2, stacking multipliers into every single grid frame possible for a 5×5 game with thousands of modes is a headache. During testing, the game can be thrilling and winnings are possible up to 20,000 times by betting on cards. Sound is good too. The music may not be to everyone’s liking, but the random sound effects, especially the gurgles, are a bit eerie and deepen the experience.

Put everything together, Zombie aPOPalypse MultiPop is a beautifully designed online slot that reveals a side of AvatarUX that few would suspect. Players who are used to games like CherryPop or CritterPop probably won’t notice this unless their memories of those games come from Lilith’s hell. Either way, the team has surprised us with a darker, more dangerous, confusing, yet playable slot than ever before, which will ensure an appetite or two for what’s next on the AvatarUX drawing board. Try 100 Zombies online slot for free in demo mode without download or registration and read game reviews before playing for real money.

It’s a city of the dead and you have to build a life with an average RTP and volatility without getting caught by 100 zombies.

100 Zombies is set in a terrifying city of the future, ruled by the living dead of a biological disaster. A brave group of heroes must fight for survival. With your help, they can reach early morning.

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If zombies are your jam, then this slot might be for you. Just remember it’s not just your coins, it’s your Brian.

100 Zombies’ graphics are one of its main strengths. Fun cartoon horror and comic book-style heroes make up an engaging cast of characters. Meanwhile, the green haze in the background gives the game a realistic atmosphere.

Each character is animated when part of a winning combination, each animation emphasizes the character and helps sell the player into the world creating endorphins.

, and increased with the strange moans or groans of a zombie. There’s a nice variety of winning sounds and sound effects and rolling noises that slot loops manage to avoid getting stale.

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100 Zombies is a five-reel, four-row slot with a full 100 paylines (hence the name).

There is a high-low bet feature that allows the player to increase their winnings and increase the volatility of the game. Unlike most games, where a simple double or zero coin flip is obtained, the high/low format means that not all draws are 50-50. If the dealer’s hand is low, the odds are good for the player.

There is a free spins bonus (details below). Pretty much everything you’d expect from a standard show slot, but not much more.

Scatters appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 only. Hitting three scatters anywhere will trigger the free spins bonus. It comes with 10 free spins and can be re-triggered.

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The betting range on the sites we tested ranged from a minimum bet of $0.20/£/€ per spin to a maximum of $200.00/£/€ per spin.

The volatility of this game is moderate, making it a

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